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Minister Encourages Participation in Environment Week Activities

first_imgThe province is encouraging Nova Scotians to participate in Environment Week activities close to home. United Nations World Environment Day is marking its 40th anniversary on Tuesday, June 5. Many countries, including Canada, have expanded celebrations to a week, which runs Sunday, June 3 to Saturday, June 9, this year. It is a time to highlight, and encourage, action on environmental issues and sustainability. This year’s theme is Sustainable Energy For All. “Protecting our environment is a year-round activity, but Environment Week is a great opportunity to think about how we can do even more to protect our air, land and water resources,” said Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau. “Whether it’s cleaning up litter, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions or using sustainable transportation, there are many ways to show our commitment to helping the environment this week.” Activities this week include: — Clean Across Nova Scotia, organized by Clean Nova Scotia, is part of a worldwide initiative June 8-9. A map of community litter pickups is available at . — The Downtown Halifax Business Commission and Eastlink are sponsoring a litter pickup on Wednesday. For more information, visit . — The Commuter Challenge is a week-long, friendly competition between cities to see how many residents can use environmentally sustainable forms of transportation. Information on how to participate is located at . The Environment Department protects the environment and health of Nova Scotians by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, diverting solid waste resources from landfills and keeping drinking water safe. For more information, visit read more

Stars Speak Out Against Tennessee Legislation Targeting Transgender Students

first_imgThe Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, has announced that some of the biggest stars in the country music industry are uniting with pediatricians and child welfare advocates, civil rights organizations, the business community and supporters of equality to oppose legislation in Tennessee attacking transgender students in public schools and universities.Emmylou Harris, Chely Wright, Ty Herndon, Miley Cyrus, and Country Music Television are speaking out against HB 2414 and SB 2387 – discriminatory proposals that would further marginalize transgender students and make it illegal for them to use restrooms and other facilities consistent with their gender identity.“For a moment a few weeks ago, it seemed like lawmakers in Tennessee had really heard the brave testimony of a transgender young person and her parents,” said Miley Cyrus. “A mother’s simple ask to legislators about what they would do if it was their child who was transgender hit a nerve, and the anti-transgender bill was sent to a summer study session, seemingly killing if for this year. But that was two weeks ago – a lifetime ago, it seems, in light of all that has happened since – and that bill is back.”“Transgender youth already face incredibly high levels of discrimination, bullying, and harassment, and it is appalling that the state of Tennessee would consider requiring public schools to discriminate against them, too,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “Today, some of the biggest stars in the country music industry are using their voices to try and protect these young people. They join a broad chorus of parents, teachers, child welfare advocates, pediatricians, businesses and civil rights organizations urging Tennessee lawmakers to do the right thing and stop discrimination against transgender youth. Tennessee should block this hateful legislation and commit to ensuring every child has the right to learn without being subjected to discrimination or fear.”On Wednesday, HRC also released an open letter from executives at the Dow Chemical Company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Choice Hotels International, Inc., and Alcoa, Inc. urging Tennessee’s lawmakers to abandon the legislative assault on transgender students in Tennessee. Major CEOs and business leaders are speaking out because they know the legislation is bad for business and bad for Tennessee.“Those who love and make country music do so because at its best it speaks to the pain and suffering everyone shares in this life,” said Emmylou Harris. “Let’s not make that life harder still for some, with this mean spirited and unnecessary legislation.”Over the last month, bills with language similar to Tennessee’s proposal were vetoed in South Dakota, but enacted in North Carolina, where lawmakers have faced serious backlash. While South Dakota Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard listened to child welfare organizations, pediatricians, parents, and met with transgender children before deciding to veto a similar bill, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the state legislature rammed through a measure that, among other discriminatory provisions, includes a similar appalling attack on transgender students. As a result of North Carolina’s HB2 law, which puts thousands of youth, citizens, employees, and visitors to the state at risk, more than 130 business leaders are calling for a repeal effort during the upcoming legislative session and a number of businesses have begun to remove investments from the state.“As an artist living and working in Nashville for more than 20 years, I know how hard it was to struggle for acceptance as a gay woman,” said Chely Wright. “The deck is stacked even higher against transgender students who face dramatically increased rates of bullying. This bill will send a devastating message to transgender youth that they are not welcome, included or valued. It goes without saying that their classmates and their communities will hear this message loudly and clearly too; emboldening many of them to double down on that harassment. I have a lot of friends in Nashville with great, big voices and it’s time that we all use our voices to stand up against this scourge of unnecessary, hateful legislation in Tennessee.”last_img read more

EU wants 13A implemented

The European Union (EU) today called for the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the constitution.A visiting EU delegation also said it hopes the Sri Lankan government fully implements the recommendations of the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC). Jean Lambert, Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with the Countries of South Asia, also said that the EU is concerned over the army involvement in civilian activities in the North. Lambert said she hopes the elections in the North will be free and fair. She said that on the political front there is still a lot Sri Lanka need to do and she also noted that land issues in the north, disappearances and accountability must be addressed.The visit by the EU delegation comes as provincial council polls are scheduled to be held in the North in September. The EU, had earlier this year, said it wants an independent investigation and evaluation into the final years of the war in Sri Lanka, in addition to the national inquiries.The EU had said it remains concerned about reports of threats and attacks on human rights defenders and journalists in Sri Lanka, and encouraged authorities to hold those responsible accountable.The European Parliament had also passed a resolution ahead of the UN Human Rights Council session in March, re-emphasising the need for accountability and reconciliation in Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette) “It is important too (elections) because it reflects the statements made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and the Government of Sri Lanka with regard to implementing the 13th Amendment. The Northern provincial council election represents the fulfillment of those promises,” Lambert observed. read more

OSC charges Stanislaw Pasyk with fraud in sale of securities of A4

TORONTO — The Ontario Securities Commission has charged a man with fraud in connection with the sale over $1 million worth of securities in A4 Diamonds Inc. to investors.The provincial regulator says it has charged Stanislaw Pasyk with one count of fraud over $5,000 and one count of false prospectus.The criminal charges relate to the sale of securities to Ontario investors between March 8, 2011 and July 31, 2017.The OSC alleges a significant percentage of the money obtained from the sale was used by Pasyk for his personal benefit.Pasyk is scheduled to appear in court on April 11. read more

7 enraging habits youre not allowed give out about

first_img Source: TumblrThe even more annoying little brother of the sneeze, the sniff can chip away at your steely resolve and self control hour after hour, until you leap Hulk-like from your chair to confront the offending sniffer….… but turn on your heel as if you had meant to go to the kitchen, because again, you can say nothing. Source: MshcdnSingingNot just singing, but humming, trilling, whistling, la-la-la-ing.STOP IT. STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT!WhisperingYou know that particular brand of whispering where people think they’re being quiet, but they’re making such a whistling din that they might as well be roaring from the rooftops? Source: ShutterstockThat. That sound must die. Source: BlogSpotHitting “reply all”There is no polite way to tell someone to stop hitting reply all. Source: Brittens HOW MANY OF you are suppressing buckets of rage about the annoying things the people around you do?It’s time to break down some politeness barriers and be honest about the habits that make us want to maim people:SneezingThey can’t help it, and you do it yourself regularly, but listening to other people sneezing is actually an accepted motive for homicide in some cultures.And yet, all you can do is smile politely and grudgingly mutter a “bless you”. Source: Tumblr Source: KillthehydraRepeating themselves on the phoneNot only do you have to listen to them, you have to listen to them saying the same thing over and over again.Grounds for a dig, if you ask us. And yet no dig can be given. Source: Shutterstock.comEating loudlyOh, enjoying that apple, are you? Relishing that packet of crisps? Really going for that bowl of soup? Source: WpNo, no, smack your lips together a little bit louder. I DON’T THINK THE MARS CURIOSITY ROVER HEARD YOU! Source: NASASniffing Unless you want to be that person, you just have to grin and bear it. Source: PandawhaleWhat drives you mad? Come on, don’t be shy…Pics: Norwich has Alan Partridge-themed Christmas lights this year>Read: 8 soul-crushing realisations about department stores>More rage: You’ll definitely find these things mildly infuriating>last_img read more

Bank of Ireland insists all customers should be paid today

first_imgHowever, if any customer has not seen the expected payment reaching their account, they are asked to check their account for updates throughout the morning, and to contact their bank if they continue to experience any issue. Bank of Ireland again sincerely apologises to customers for the delay in payments. We will ensure that no customers will be out of pocket in relation to any resultant fees or charges from this incident.Many public and private sector workers were not paid as scheduled yesterday, leading to a flood of complaints.Gardaí, nurses, members of the Defence Forces and teachers were among the worst-affected professions.After some confusion, and a subsequent investigation, Bank of Ireland confirmed that a “delay in one file” had prevented a number of payments from being processed on Wednesday night.Read: Bank of Ireland will not be able to pay salaries until tomorrow morning>Bank of Ireland reports first profit in five years> BANK OF IRELAND has said that all customers due to be paid their wages yesterday will in fact be paid today, albeit with some possible delays.Customers have contacted this morning to say they had not yet been been paid, and express their frustration at the ongoing delay.Another customer still awaiting payment said simply, “It’s going to be a long Bank Holiday.”Bank of Ireland, however, have issued the following statement:Bank of Ireland can this morning confirm that all payments which were due to be made yesterday have been sent to customer accounts overnight.last_img read more

Johnny Doyle Timekeeping controversy Kerrys attacking star and Kildare exit

first_imgSource: Cathal Noonan/INPHOMayo v Cork…Back in 2010, we were two points down with Kildare in the All-Ireland semi-final against Down. We won a late free, I got the ball and asked Pat McEnaney did we have one more attack after the free.. He said we didn’t. We had to go for it so I threw the ball to Rob Kelly. He smashed it off the bar and the final whistle was blown. We were out.I was looking at Colm O’Neill in Croke Park yesterday and I knew what situation he was in. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t take a shot on for goal. He must have thought there was another attack after talking to the referee. No one in their right mind wouldn’t have gone for it.The whole incident opens the debate about taking timekeeping out of the referee’s hands. It’s a very frustrating situation for Cork. There’s been huge time, money and effort invested in Cork and now their year is over. There’s no argument if there’s a clock there, the players know exactly what the situation is. It was the same for Cillian O’Connor in last year’s All-Ireland final. The current situation isn’t fair on players. Source: Donall Farmer/INPHOMayo won the game and it was the third quarter of the match that they did it. That’s a vital phase in most games when teams really put down their marker. They got some brilliant scores with Alan Dillon and O’Connor stepping up. Aidan O’Shea was immense. His brother Seamus was brilliant throughout. That period of dominance helped Mayo get the victory.Cork produced a big response since the Munster final. I’ve played Cork enough times over the last few years to know that you don’t doubt these players character. The Kerry game wasn’t a true reflection of them and the criticism they got after was crazy that the GPA felt they’d to step in.The Cork players were disappointed but they recovered to push Mayo really hard. They lost the game but the signs are good for them. They’ve lost a lot of really influential players but there’s some promising lads coming through.The day ended with James Horan in the spotlight with his comments about the Cork management. Personally I don’t think these type of comments matter a huge amount. Every team is looking for an edge these days and trying to find something to motivate them.I remember we played Tyrone one year and there was talk about the referee Gerry Kinnevey’s brother living in Kildare, and how that could be a factor in the game. We saw it elsewhere last week as well with the Armagh media ban and Jason Ryan talking about Conor McManus. All of this is just part and parcel of inter-county football.  Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHOKerry v Galway…Kerry got the job done yesterday. When you analyse it, they weren’t brilliant but they’re now into the last four of the All-Ireland. They have a great opportunity now to make the final and they’re a different animal when they play in September.James O’Donoghue is responsible for a lot of their positivity. He’s in the top level of forwards now in the country, up there with Bernard Brogan, Cillian O’Connor and Conor McManus.Galway would have done a lot of homework on O’Donoghue and felt if they stopped him, they’d go a long way towards winning. Finian Hanley is a tough, decent defender but he just couldn’t get a handle on O’Donoghue.He was superb yesterday. Kerry played to his strengths though as he didn’t have to battle to win the ball and the passes were popped in to his chest. He did the rest showing why he’s a super finisher off either foot and has a great eye for goal. He’s lighting up the summer. Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHOI don’t think Galway played with the necessary inner belief yesterday. They looked like a team who were going to give a good account of themselves but didn’t really feel they could win. I saw them gaining in confidence as the game went on. Shane Walsh and Michael Lundy were excellent in attack and Thomas Flynn scored as good a goal that I’ve seen in Croke Park.Looking in from the outside, they could benefit from continuity if Alan Mulholland stayed on. He knows the players, knows the team and has done a good bit of work with Galway. Source: James Crombie/INPHOMonaghan v Kildare…Saturday night was another hard defeat for Kildare football to take. We’ve been involved in some epic recent battles at Croke Park – 2009 against Dublin, 2010 against Down and  2011 against Donegal. But defeat was the end game on each occasion and Saturday continued that trend.Emmet Bolton was a massive loss when he got a black card. He’s scored a phenomenal amount of goals for Kildare through the brilliant runs that he makes. Monaghan couldn’t handle him but when he went off, Kildare didn’t penetrate the defence as much. The late free in normal time awarded to Conor McManus was a big call and looked a bit harsh. But you get those marginal calls going for and against you during a game.Monaghan’s older heads got them over the line in extra-time. Dessie Mone, Vinny Corey and Darren Hughes drove them on. They were more composed and direct, whereas I thought Kildare were more tentative.I met a few Kildare people after the match who reckoned Kildare could have been better off losing as they’d avoid a potential mauling against Dublin the next day. Maybe there’s a little bit of merit in that as the team is a year or two off in their development from matching Dublin. But from a player point of view, they’d have loved a crack off Dublin. No better way to test yourself than coming up against the best. Source: Ryan Byrne/INPHOArmagh v Meath…The first game in Croke Park on Saturday was a strange game. You knew scores were going to be hard to come by as the conditions were so tough. Armagh bossed the first-half and then Meath came with a rally before the break. But I never felt Armagh were going to lose.Their tackling was excellent and they kept turning Meath over. I worked with Paul Grimley in Kildare and he was really big on tackling drills. You could see that in Armagh’s play on Saturday. I was also very impressed with the Kernan brothers, they got some quality scores.Armagh coped without Ciaran McKeever and never let his absence get them down. They’re in a good place now. Armagh used to thrive on battles before and they’ve got that look about them again.Sunday Game analyst Martin McHugh reckons that Colm Cooper is a ‘two-trick pony’Dublin hold off Cork to claim All-Ireland minor football quarter-final victorylast_img read more

Surprising numbers of Brits believe in hoverboards teleporters and light sabers

first_imgMany of us believe in strange things. I, for example, believe in werewolves. You, on the other hand, might believe in an invisible old man who lives on a cloud who makes earthquakes happen. So who are any of us to judge the British for being gullible enough to believe that hover boards — you know, those floating skateboards seen in Back to the Future 2 — are real world products.The shocking revelation comes from a survey done by Birmingham Science City. It was launched at the start of National Science and Engineering Week on March 11th, and people were given a list of items and events, some of which were from science fiction and others of which really existed. Participants were asked to rank the items on this list as either true or false.The results are hysterical. 40% of all Brits surveyed, for example, believe that Marty McFly’s hoverboard exists. 24% also believe that teleportation, as seen in Star Trek or The Fly, is really possible, and that people actually get around doing it. One out of five Brits also believe that there are real-life lightsabers, just like out of Star Wars.While the results are hysterical, it’s worth pointing out that, to coin a term, the survey didn’t exactly play fair cricket. For example, much of the real science items looked pretty silly ostensibly, like the question “Can stars sing?” Well, yes, they can, from a certain point of view, but it’s not exactly “fact” to say that they can sing like a human does.At the end of the day, what this survey shows is that science-fiction is such an important part of our culture that it’s easy to mistake sci-fi gadgets for real ones. I love sci-fi enough to think that’s pretty cool.Read more at Birmingham (Via Wired)last_img read more

Espèces menacées neuf nouvelles plantes protégées au Québec

first_imgEspèces menacées : neuf nouvelles plantes protégées au QuébecQuébec, Canada – Neuf nouvelles espèces végétales ont été ajoutées à la liste québécoise des espèces végétales menacées ou vulnérables le 12 avril dernier. A cette occasion, la ministre du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs, Line Beauchamp, a également lancé un guide d’identification des plantes indigènes rares du Québec.Soixante-huit plantes sont désormais inscrites sur la liste québécoise des espèces végétales menacées ou vulnérables. Parmi elles, deux sont considérées comme vulnérables : l’Arnica à aigrette brune et l’Aster à feuilles de linaire. Les sept autres sont menacées et l’une d’elles, l’Aristide à rameaux basilaires, devra faire l’objet d’une surveillance accrue puisqu’elle est considérée en voie de disparition au Canada.À lire aussiContemplez en accéléré la fantastique floraison de ces cactus”Le Québec est considéré comme un territoire nordique, ce qui fait qu’au sein d’une même espèce, les populations peuvent avoir des différences génétiques qu’il est important de préserver” a expliqué Line Beauchamp. Ces plantes ont été désignées sur recommandation d’un comité consultatif formé d’experts, qui a estimé que ces végétaux pourraient disparaître, soit du fait de leur grande rareté, soit parce qu’ils sont présents dans des milieux exposés à de fortes pressionsAfin de sensibiliser le public, et l’aider à identifier ces soixante-huit espèces, le ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs vient de lancer un guide, intitulé Plantes rares du Québec méridional. “Cet ouvrage se veut une référence, non seulement pour les spécialistes, mais aussi pour un plus large public. Il permet de découvrir la beauté et l’incroyable diversité de nos plantes rares, tout en nous sensibilisant à leur extrême fragilité” a souligné la ministre.Le 18 avril 2010 à 16:16 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

TV mobile un accord Sony Ericsson Canal Plus

first_imgTV mobile : un accord Sony Ericsson – Canal PlusLe fabricant de téléphones a signé un partenariat avec la chaîne cryptée pour la diffusion de ses programmes sur les smartphones de la marque.Sony Ericsson semble vouloir frapper un grand coup sur le secteur de la TV mobile. Le fabricant de téléphones a en effet signé un accord de partenariat avec le groupe Canal Plus. Le bouquet sera ainsi accessible sur certains smartphones de la gamme dès le mois d’avril via une application qui sera directement embarquée sur les téléphones. L’offre est agrémentée de trois mois d’essais gratuits sur l’ensemble du bouquet Canal Plus. Au-delà de ce délai, faute d’abonnement, seules les émissions “en clair” seront accessibles. Déjà associé à M6 Replay et Dailymotion, Sony Ericsson veut ainsi se doter de toutes les armes nécessaires pour lutter sur le secteur des smartphones, et donc notamment sur l’offre de télévision sur ces appareils.Le 14 mars 2011 à 12:51 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Court of Appeal rules against Pimlico Plumbers in workerstatus case

first_imgThe Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by Pimlico Plumbers by upholding that plumber Gary Smith is a worker rather than a self-employed contractor, entitling him to workers’ rights such as access to reasonable adjustments and holiday pay.In the case of Pimlico Plumbers and Charlie Mullins v Gary Smith, Smith originally brought the case to the Employment Tribunal (ET) in 2012, claiming that he was unfairly or wrongfully dismissed by Pimlico Plumbers in May 2011 following a heart attack in January 2011. Smith had worked for Pimlico Plumbers exclusively between August 2005 and April 2011.The ET found that Smith was employed as a worker rather than as a self-employed contractor. Following the ET’s ruling, Pimlico Plumbers and Mullins, chief executive at the organisation, appealed and Smith cross-appealed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). The appeal and cross-appeal were both dismissed.Although Smith had some flexibility over the hours he worked, and was treated as a self-employed individual for tax and VAT purposes, the ruling found that measures laid out in an employment agreement between Smith and Pimlico Plumbers, originally in 2005 and then in an updated version in 2009, indicated that Smith was a worker.Under section 230 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, a worker is defined as an individual who has entered into or works under a contract of employment or any other contract whereby the individual undertakes to do or personally perform any work or services for another party to the contract whose status is not by virtue of the contract that of a client or customer.The 2005 agreement between Smith and Pimlico Plumbers stipulated that Smith would have to wear a uniform and drive a hired van carrying Pimlico Plumbers’ logo, work a five-day working week consisting of a minimum 40 hours, and would have to liaise with Pimlico Plumbers regarding any annual leave or time off. The 2009 agreement outlined similar guidelines in more detail, although it did not state that the 2005 agreement was no longer applicable.The Court of Appeal ruling upheld the ET’s previous decision. It maintained that Smith was a worker because he provided work personally for Pimlico Plumbers, was obliged to work a set number of hours on agreed days, and that there was a high degree of restriction on Smith’s ability to work in a competitive situation, which suggested that he was not in business on his own account.Charlie Mullins OBE, chief executive officer at Pimlico Plumbers, said: “Gary Smith was a self-employed contractor carrying out work for Pimlico Plumbers for about six years, and during that time was very happy to take advantage of all the tax benefits of being self-employed, including being VAT registered, paying low corporation tax rate on his earnings, and claiming tax relief on such things as office space and employing his wife. Mr Smith was also not paying tax on a PAYE basis at 45p in the pound, which is one of the major features of the ‘worker’ status.“As [an organisation] Pimlico Plumbers was very unhappy with the judgement handed down by the Court of Appeal last week, and is studying the judgement, with a view to appealing the decision to the Supreme Court.“Pimlico Plumbers is also very upset that various interested parties have chosen to conflate highly-skilled trades people, earning large sums in excess of £100,000 per annum, and in some case more than £200,000, with parts of the gig economy, who are paid far less and who have far less commercial clout and options, in terms of choosing how they are paid and what benefits they wish to receive.”Emma Burrows, partner and head of the employment department at Trowers and Hamlins, said: “The decision in Pimlico Plumbers is another in an ever-expanding line of case law which shows that although an employer may seek to impose a model of self-employment which gets round the rights that employee or worker status confer, the reality of the situation will always prevail.“Working practices are being subjected to increasing scrutiny by the courts. This is, in part, due to the rise of the flexible business models employed by the gig economy. Decisions in the recent Uber and CitySprint cases, dealing with taxi drivers and bicycle couriers, have shown the courts to be intensely critical of contractual arrangements which purport to impose self-employed status but which do nothing to reflect the reality of the situation.”Rachel Farr, senior employment lawyer in the employment, pensions and mobility group at Taylor Wessing, added: “The judgement of the Court of Appeal will be relevant to the decision in the forthcoming EAT appeal by Uber and to all other gig economy employment status cases in the news at present.”last_img read more

Manhattan Media Acquires Latin Business Magazine Forms Company

first_imgManhattan Media, the company that purchased Atlantic Media’s 02138 magazine earlier this month, has acquired Latin Media Management—including Latin Trade magazine and the Bravo Business Awards.As part of the acquisition, Manhattan Media has formed Miami Media, a subsidiary company to oversee these acquisitions and future business with a focus on Latin America, the Caribbean and southern Florida. Longtime Latin Trade president and publisher Mike Zellner will serve as Miami Media’s editorial director.According to Manhattan Media chairman Richard Burns, Latin Trade has “a terrific history and high reputation for editorial integrity. We will work with the best of the old company’s staff, talk closely with our readers and advertisers, and invest heavily to support our plans for expansion.” Launched in 1993, Latin Trade is published in English, Spanish and Portuguese and covers regional business trends in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to its media kit, the magazine has a monthly circulation of 87,324, less than 10 percent of which is in the U.S.Manhattan Media, which also publishes Avenue magazine, announced its acquisition of irreverent Harvard alumni title 02138. The company plans to increase the 02138’s frequency from quarterly to six times per year in 2009, as well as to roll out similar magazines for all eight Ivy League universities.last_img read more

Bethel tries to bolster screening process for police officers

first_imgIn a little over a year, the Bethel Police Department has had two high-profile cases of police misconduct–one involving police brutality and the other an attempted rape.Download AudioThe department is still working to improve its hiring practices, and its unclear if either of these men still have their police certification.In early November, former Bethel police officer Aaron Fedolfi was caught in Anchorage after evading arrest for charges of attempted sexual assault and police misconduct while serving with the BPD.A few months prior, Fedolfi picked up an intoxicated woman, took her near the town’s dog pound and attempted to rape her, according to charging documents.After an investigation, Fedolfi was placed on administrative leave and soon after quit. He’s now in jail in Anchorage.Fedolfi was hired in 2013. This was before the Bethel Police Department required psychological and polygraph evaluations as a mandatory part of its hiring practices.Polygraph exams aren’t required under state police regulations, but state statue requires psych exams. They can’t be substituted.But until a little over a year ago, prospective hires could have their psych and polygraph exams waived, if they’d taken them before or in another state.BPD Police Chief Andre Achee explains.“In other words,” Achee said, “we’ve had employees that we’ve hired that may have had a psych exam at another agency–could be five or 10 years ago– or a polygraph five or 10 years ago.”Fedolfi’s wasn’t the only recent high-profile case of police misconduct in Bethel.Last July, a grainy surveillance video from the local grocery store in Bethel showed a police officer repeatedly picking up a Yup’ik man and slamming his body to the ground. In the footage, the officer throws him across the dirt parking lot 11 times. He continues this for more than two minutes.The officer in the video is Andrew Reid, and in early March, BPD fired him.But 200 days after Reid was fired, it’s unclear whether he still has his police certification—despite an ongoing FBI investigation. There’s no record of the Alaska Police Standards Council, or APSC, revoking it.When an officer is fired or facing criminal chargers, their certification isn’t automatically revoked. Criminal charges are processed separately.But after a police officer leaves a department—on their own accord or not—the department has 30 days to send a report to the APSC detailing why the officer left. The council can revoke an officer’s certification. But the actions aren’t public and only become available if a certification is stripped or if an officer contests the revocation.As of late November, the office that holds these public records did not have either Fedolfi or Reid’s name in their files.It’s an area that APSC Administrative Investigator Sarah Hieb says isn’t black or white.“It would be a grey area,” Hieb said. “My understanding records are confidential. We’re not allowed to talk about what our records are. The only people allowed to look are the actual officers, and they’re only allowed to look at things related to their trainings and forms they’ve personally filled out and have been sent to us.”She says there are three things the council looks for when considering revocation: dishonesty, misconduct and lack of good moral character.“We do take our jobs very seriously, to make sure we don’t have police officers who aren’t doing things, or should not be working as a police officer,” she said.APSC also sets general hiring requirements and policies that state police departments must follow. But there is a lot the council recommends but doesn’t require–like a department checking to see if an officer is under investigation before hiring them or police departments listing their current officers on their website. BPD currently does both of these.In Alaska, there isn’t a public or private database of police officers currently working in the state.When it comes to a lot of police information–who’s working in a department and why an officer leaves–APSC only knows what the departments report.“A police department is required to send us information whenever a police offer no longer works for them—either through retirement or resigning,” Hieb said. “Our regulations say a police department will give us that information.”Since last December, the council has met twice and revoked the certifications of eight police officers. None of the records belonged to Reid.After an officer’s license is revoked, the officer can reapply after one year.Bethel Police Chief Andre Achee has been with the department for nearly three decades and considers it a second family. He says he’s focused on building trust with the community.Achee says the department has hired a more diverse and representative police force compared to previous years.“Maintaining community relationships is not something you can just plan,” Achee said, “it’s a continuing endeavor everyday. It’s not going to be one or two years and we forget about it. The officers here, as well as myself, need to continue this effort everyday.”last_img read more

Square Enix transforms Final Fantasy XIII into an amazing 16bit story

first_imgIn preparation for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII — the final entry in the FFXIII trilogy — Square Enix has created an awesome video recapping the stories of the two FFXIII games leading up to this final installment. The video retells the key moments from both games, but reimagined as a 16-bit SNES game, in the vein of Final Fantasy IV through VI.The video, seen below, is quite pretty, translating the two games’ modern-day graphics and audio into those of the SNES glory days. Unfortunately, yes, the retrospective tells the story of the Final Fantasy XIII — the worst main Final Fantasy game ever made.It’s a shame Square is putting so much effort into its worst Final Fantasy, and it’s even more of a shame that such a well-made video is yet more effort put into a series that kicked off Square’s slow, grueling decline. However, the video is just so well-done that even characters obnoxiously named Lightning, Snow, Hope, Fang, and Vanille can’t ruin it.AdChoices广告If you for some reason really want to play Lightning Returns but not the first two games in the trilogy, the above recap is a much better way to catch up than sitting through Final Fantasy XIII’s Tube World where, with a rubber band strapped around the controller’s analog stick, you can automate the majority of the game.Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be one of the PlayStation 3’s last big games before the development of big-name titles shifts exclusively to the PS4. Among the other few reasons you’ll still need to keep your PS3 sitting under the television just a little longer, The Last of Us: Left Behind and Persona 5 are also calling the PS3 home.Perhaps after Lightning Returns is over and done with, Square Enix will add that game’s story into the above video so we can enjoy the FFXIII series the only way possible — by not playing it.last_img read more

I had Fallout 4 for a week before release and all I

first_imgThis bear awaits a grim fate, locked away with adorable little bear handcuffs. This bear was ready for the war before it began, you know, since it never changes. Despite being surrounded by raiders, these bears bedded down on a tiny rug and some lovely flowers. There’s more to Fallout 4 than its large teddy bear population; the world is vast and demands exploration, but I spent a large portion of my play time trying to figure out how to get this Brahmin off my damn roof:He’s above my spawn point, so each time I fast travel to my main settlement, I’m greeted not by the bark of my faithful canine companion Dogmeat, but by the sounds of mutant mooing.Fallout. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Fallout 4 toilet bearFallout 4 toilet bearEven in the nuclear post-apocalypse, this bear still relishes his privacy.Fallout 4 sex bearsDespite being surrounded by raiders, these bears bedded down on a tiny rug and some lovely flowers.Fallout 4 army bearThis bear was ready for the war before it began, you know, since it never changes.Fallout 4 caged bearThis bear awaits a grim fate, locked away with adorable little bear handcuffs.Fallout 4 baby bearThis little bear just wants his mommy.Fallout 4 bomb bearLook at his eyes — he’s very aware that he’s leaning up against a box of live explosives.Fallout 4 ominous bearThese corpses were there before I arrived. This bear either presided over the slaughter, or is a dark omen of a slaughter to come.Fallout 4 box bearThe best part about this guy was I turned that crate over to find him sitting upright in it. This means he lived upside-down, head-on-the-ground until I saved him.Even in the nuclear post-apocalypse, this bear still relishes his privacy. Fallout 4 releases to the masses at midnight tonight, and we lucky few with little pieces of paper in our fedoras that read “press” have had it for a while now. As of writing, I’ve sunk about 25 hours into Bethesda’s new post-apocalyptic nuclear opus, and I can now provide you with the most comprehensive, extremely detailed, everything-you-need-to-know review of the game: It’s Fallout. After looting office building after office building, being ambushed by countless mutated mole rats, and learning that androids are just as susceptible to bullets as humans and mutants are, what I ended up doing most in Fallout 4 was creeping on the Commonwealth’s teddy bears.You probably remember from Fallout 3 that, every now and then, you’ll come across a teddy bear or two propped up in a variety of scenes — hilarious, sadistic, romantic, and everything in between. The teddy bears are back in Fallout 4, and after 25 hours, these are the best I’ve discovered. You can check them out in the gallery above, or scroll through them below.Even in the nuclear post-apocalypse, this bear still relishes his privacy. These corpses were there before I arrived. This bear either presided over the slaughter, or is a dark omen of a slaughter to come. This little bear just wants his mommy. The best part about this guy was I turned that crate over to find him sitting upright in it. This means he lived upside-down, head-on-the-ground until I saved him. Look at his eyes — he’s very aware that he’s leaning against a box of live explosives.last_img read more

Giving a new definition to Sufism

first_imgThe beauty of Sufism lies in the translation of poetry into music, which not only makes up for an enriching experience for the listeners but also let them embark on a journey of soul-searching. Nizami Bandhu has a 700-year old rich legacy which they have upheld through centuries of dedication and tireless striving to perfection. They embraced Qawaali seven centuries back and since then, have contributed to the growth of this soulful genre of Sufism. The responsibility of carrying the legacy forward is presently being shouldered by Ustad Chand Nizami, Shadab Faridi Nizami, and Sohrab Faridi Nizami i.e., the Nizami Brothers. In a free-wheeling conversation with Puja Banerjee, the artists talk about the evolution of Sufi music, their views on remix culture and a lot more. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf How has the Sufi music evolved through the years?Sufi music has a long and golden history of more than 700 years. We have carried the legacy, which was handed over to us by Late Ghulam Farid Nizami. It has always been our responsibility to maintain the authenticity of Sufi music while we try to sync it with modern demands. Earlier, the sole objective of Sufi music was to spread the message of love, faith, and happiness. It was used to inspire people to do good deeds, however, with the passage of time, the music got transformed, and now we have the commercial version of it. Originally Sufi music was performed in shrines of dargahs, but now it is performed for the people across the globe. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveWhy do you think Sufi music is popular in Hindi movies?Sufi music has a different beat and appeal. It transcends you into a different world. Moreover, we also feel that any new work is always appreciated by people, especially when it comes to music. Sufi music has added a new flavour to the traditional forms of music that we have, and this is the reason why Sufi music has been able to carve a discernible niche for itself in the film industry. Your views on fusion music and remixes? Music is the reflection of our culture, thinking, and beliefs. Any kind of change is indispensable, but it should be for the betterment. The way music is nowadays mixed and presented to people hampers the originality of the song and its essence. We are not against remixes or fusion music, but it should keep the real meaning of the song alive. Apart from this, what concerns us the most is the kind of lyrics we have in today’s songs, they are demeaning and sometimes derogatory. Many singers now use offensive language which unfortunately gets propagated to millions of people. As creative people, it’s our responsibility to spread the message of goodness. Your opinions on the reigning government banning Pakistani artists in India, which is the land of Sufi music?Well, if the government has decided to stop them, we abide by their decision. But at the same time, we would like to mention that music and creativity have no boundaries. Although there has been a taboo on the work of Pakistani artists in India, we cannot stop their creativity reach our land. We would like to keep politics and creativity separate.last_img read more

The Herd Weekend Edition Podcast – The Oscars

first_img Advertisement Welcome, to the first episode of The Herd: Weekend Edition Podcast. Every Saturday, from now until the kickoff of the football season, Colin will be sitting down for unfiltered, in-depth conversations with the interesting guests from the world of sports, entertainment, business, or whatever’s relevant and making news.It’s Oscars weekend, so today Colin is talking with movie critic Ben Mankiewicz from Turner Classic Movies to discuss the nominees in all the major categories, and if this year is going to end up in the La La Land coronation everybody is predicting, or if Moonlight or Manchester By the Sea can pull some upsets.And the winner is…… Download and subscribe to The Herd: Weekend Edition Podcast exclusively at, iHeart Radio, Google Play, or iTunes. Get your weekend Herd fix.last_img read more

Gang assault men at gunpoint in homophobic attack because they didnt like

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- A group of men took offence to Nikita Ponarin and his friend after spotting them walking in the Ukraine capital on Saturday.The group did not like Ponarin’s septum nose ring, skinny jeans and the fact he was drinking wine instead of beer, ‘which is a man’s drink’.‘They started saying to us “well fags, do you like to ass fuck?” and then started hitting us,’ Ponarin wrote on Facebook.Ponarin said about five or six men attacked them on Saturday night, with one of the men wearing a balaclava.Shockingly one also pointed a gun at Ponarin which left the victim ‘shaking’.Ponarin downplayed his injuries saying he had to get stitches to his head and had bruising on his now and chest.‘It’s all fixable,’ he said.Going publicPonarin decide to share what happened publicly to send a message to young people.‘I think it’s important to talk about it. Not for empathy or pity, but for people to know that in 2018 there are still people assaulting other people because of their “orientation”,’ he said.Ponarin said if the men beat him up because he was ‘protecting men in dresses’, he could accept that because he was doing the right thing. Nikita Ponarin was violently attacked in the Ukraine. | Photo: Facebook eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) ‘Remember: neither your orientation nor your manner of behavior, nor what you drink / love / wear / watch / respect / do is something for others to give a fuck about,’ he wrote.‘None of this makes you the worst person and in no way is not an excuse for violence. You’re not your fault.’Despite his resilience after the attack, Ponarin announced he will move away from Kiev. He announced the move on Facebook with a photo of him holding his bloody jeans from the attack.‘We’re moving out of town. I liked Kiev, despite all the difficulties,’ Ponarin wrote.‘Rest assured, I won’t give up.’Nikita Ponarin with his bloody jeans after he was attacked. | Photo: FacebookLGBTI people regularly face violence in the Ukraine, including threats from far-right groups at public Pride events.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us .center_img Two men who were the victims of a violent homophobic attack in Kiev have tried to use the incident to spread a positive message to young people. Russia website wants users to hunt gays in Saw-inspired horror ‘game’10 men brutally attack gay activist ahead of Ukraine Pride paradeGay rights activists descend on Brussels after homophobic attack in SchaerbeekRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

Perubased Camposol boosted revenues by 9 to US1

first_img Peru-based Camposol boosted revenues by 9% to US$140.1 million during the first half of the year, mainly due to higher volumes and prices of blueberries offset by lower volumes and prices of avocados.There was a slight decline in total EBITDA, which fell 2.5% year-on-year to US$34.1 million over the six-month period through June.The company’s blueberry business was the standout segment, contributing almost a third of the total revenues with US$45.2 million – more than double the US$20.7 million achieved over the same period last year.This result was due to a 72% rise in volume sold to 5,879 metric tons (MT) – mainly due to more hectares entering in medium or high phase yields – and an average price increase of 27% to US$7.70 against a cost increase of 18%.Avocado revenues over the six month period were around half what they were last year, with US$29.1 million registered compared to US$42.7 million.Volume sold fell by 40% year-on-year to 9,266MT while average prices fell by 15% to US$2.37 per kilo. Camposol explained the volume decrease is mainly explained by a delay on the harvesting season.Meanwhile, the company’s seafood division registered a 4% rise in revenues to US$41.2 million, while the ‘other’ segment rose by 25% to US$31.7 million. August 23 , 2018 You might also be interested in Blueberry uptick drives Camposol’s strong performa … During the first six months of 2018, the company made investment commitments amounting to US$87.5 million. This includes US$26.7 million invested in blueberries, US$22.7 million in tangerines in Uruguay and Peru, and US$8.5 million in avocados in Colombia and Peru.Withdrawal of IPO plansIn November 2017, Camposol announced it had applied for a listing on the New York Stock Exchange with an initial public offering (IPO).In today’s financial report, it said that on Jan. 30 it had announced “a Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation for Any and All of Camposol’s outstanding 10.50% Senior Secured Notes due 2021.”It continued: “The Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation were subject to the conditions set forth in the Offer to Purchase and Consent Solicitation Statement, within which a Financing Condition was defined, which included the pricing of a New Offering on terms satisfactory to Camposol.”On February 12th, 2018 the Tender Offer and Consent Solicitation were terminated because the New Offering has been postponed due tovolatile market conditions.”On April 27, Camposol announced against a tender offer, this time without consent solicitation, but on May 14 it was terminated becausethe new offering has been postponed.An article on NASDAQ reported that on July 5 the company withdrew its plans for an IPO.last_img read more

by Victoria Ahearn The Canadian Press Posted

first_img by Victoria Ahearn, The Canadian Press Posted Nov 7, 2018 1:02 pm PDT Last Updated Nov 7, 2018 at 1:21 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Filmmaker Ryan Boyko is shown during shooting for his new documentary “That Never Happened.” THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Armistice Films MANDATORY CREDIT Canada’s first national internment operations detailed in new doccenter_img TORONTO – When actor-filmmaker Ryan Boyko was in Grade 10 in Saskatoon, he saw a documentary about the internment of Ukrainian Canadians during the First World War that left him stunned.Growing up in a Ukrainian-Canadian household, he’d never heard that about the war and he went to his history teacher to learn more.“He said, ‘You mean the Japanese internment during World War II?’ and I said, ‘No, I mean the Ukrainian internment during World War I,’” Boyko, 38, recalled in a recent phone interview.“And he looked at me and said, ‘That never happened.’”The experience sparked a decades-long research journey into the little-known chapter of Canada’s history for Boyko, resulting in his feature directorial debut “That Never Happened,” which screens in Ottawa on Thursday and several other Canadian cities through Nov. 12. It hits various digital platforms on Nov. 13, and will be available at the on-demand services of Shaw and Bell.The documentary features interviews with experts and internee descendants as it details Canada’s first national internment operations between 1914 to 1920, when roughly 8,500 people from Ukraine and other European countries — some of them women and children — were labelled “enemy aliens” and unjustly put into camps under the War Measures Act.Described in the film as essentially “prison camps,” some of them were in national parks and had inadequate food, clothing and shelter for the internees, who were forced to do hard labour in rough conditions. At least 106 people died in the camps, said Boyko.Most of those interned were Ukrainians but they also included Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Slovaks, and Armenians.During the same time period, more than 88,000 people from the same countries were forced to register in Canada and had to report monthly to the police. In some cases, officials demanded payment from registerees to get their documents stamped, according to those who speak in the doc. If they didn’t pay up, they were interned.As Boyko’s film explains, in 1954 the government destroyed all of the records and ledgers pertaining to the internment operations. It wasn’t until the late ’70s and early ’80s that people started talking about it, mostly a result of aging internees finally revealing their harrowing experiences to their loved ones.“Most people don’t know that they had family members who were interned, because most didn’t talk about it,” said the Hamilton-based Boyko, founder and CEO of Armistice Films Inc.“And because there isn’t a complete record of all 8,579 people who were interned — there are only about 3,000 names that people know at the moment — there are a lot of people missing.”In 2005, a private member’s bill, C-331, was passed into law to recognize the internees.There’s also a Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund and an educational component in Canada’s high-school curriculum.Some individuals, like Boyko, are also raising awareness through various forms of research and initiatives like monuments at internment sites.Bokyo, who also dove into the subject matter with his 2016 award-winning web series “The Camps,” recently screened “That Never Happened” at the United Nations in Geneva as part of its celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. The post-screening chat was free-flowing and full of questions from UN representatives, which Boyko was later told is unusual for the typically regimented organization.Boyko’s next project is a feature film about the same subject matter, which he hopes to start filming in March as a co-production between Ukraine and Canada. The story will feature two brothers in the camps.“I think it’s the start of the conversation that hopefully people are going to continue well after they’ve seen the film,” Boyko said.Online: read more