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The Trump Unit Inside Canadas PMO squad to save NAFTA

first_imgWASHINGTON (NEWS 1130) – If Donald Trump deploys the big bomb during upcoming NAFTA negotiations, and threatens to blow up the continental trade agreement, a unit within the office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be assigned to try disarming it.The Canadian government has created an election-style nerve centre to handle White House-related challenges and officials who describe its operations say it has about eight regular staff: two former trade officials, two senior PMO officials, an ambassador, a writer, a cabinet minister, and it’s run by a young staffer with a reputation for staying cool while smothering political fires.The most blistering inferno it’s preparing to confront is a scenario where the president threatens NAFTA. Everybody involved anticipates the threat level from Trump will rise with the heat of negotiations.A well-connected Washington lobbyist milling about last week’s talks said a Trump pullout threat is virtually assured: “Almost 100 per cent.” Trade lawyer Dan Ujczo said it’s a logical play for the president: ”The threat of withdrawal is his key negotiating leverage.”However one former U.S. trade official says the president has shown himself too eager to play his best card. He said the president has weakened his hand with an April tactical error, when he threatened to blow up NAFTA four months before negotiations started.Robert Holleyman said Canada and Mexico got a valuable heads up on what would happen next: the business community panicked, lawmakers were miffed, and Washington made clear it preferred saving NAFTA.”It was, at a minimum, terrible timing,” said Holleyman, Barack Obama’s deputy United States Trade Representative.”You do that at the 11th hour in the negotiation — not at the throat-clearing stage… I suspect President Trump will be unable to play that card again. And if he does play it, it won’t be as strong as it would’ve been… The Canadians and Mexicans will say, ‘You… will face a huge backlash in your own Congress.”’Congress definitely holds some power: It could refuse to cancel the law implementing NAFTA, which would set up court fights between the various parties including the president, industries, and possibly lawmakers.It’s the job of that Ottawa unit to prevent that messy scenario.The Canada-U.S. unit resembles, in several ways, a campaign war room — though its members hate that term. It gathers data on key constituencies — for instance, it collects American politicians’ opinions on issues and plugs them into a database.It plans outreach efforts. It co-ordinates rapid response.All the relationship-building in recent months involving ministers criss-crossing the U.S. for hundreds of meetings would be deployed in the event of a crisis. For example: Should Trump try ending NAFTA, instructions might quickly go out to Canadian minister X to call U.S. state governor Y to lobby friendly Washington official Z.That order would come from the centre.The idea for a dedicated unit came before Trump’s inauguration, from PMO officials Gerald Butts and Katie Telford, longtime Ontario provincial political officials who had used the approach before on top issues.”This is the unit that spends 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thinking about this — trying to anticipate every possibility,” said one official.”The U.S. file is… so super-hot that you can take the slightest thing and turn it into a huge story that’s in every newspaper in North America. It’s really important to have the right person (handling it).”Enter Brian Clow.He was chief of staff to Chrystia Freeland when she was trade minister, but that’s not the principal reason he was brought in. What senior officials like was his penchant for staying cool, and working fast, in the Liberal election war room in 2015.Clow would not speak for this story.But someone who trained him in working war rooms was happy to share some thoughts about him and the job. It was Warren Kinsella who brought the modern campaign war room to Canada in 1993, modelled on Bill Clinton’s 1992 run, and who also authored, ”Kicking Ass In Canadian Politics.”Kinsella demands three attributes from war-room staff: Keeping your mouth shut about the war room. Working fast. Doing thorough research.These campaign operations shape news coverage by providing key components of a story, quickly, to journalists operating in a tougher environment of 24-hour news and declining research budgets: quotes, facts, and people willing to be interviewed.”(Clinton aide James) Carville told me, ‘The media atom has split.’… You can’t just take (reporters) out to lunch and spin them and the story appears two days later,”’ Kinsella said.”(A war room is) basically a newsroom.”It also provides a central hub so different offices are in contact, and don’t contradict each other. The Canada-U.S. unit includes the PMO’s Butts and Telford, Freeland, ambassador to Washington David MacNaughton, and writer Michael Den Tandt.Kinsella was impressed with his speed, cool, and ability to pump out video content while he worked on the 2007 and 2011 Ontario Liberal campaigns.The Trump mission is infinitely harder, Kinsella said.Kinsella joked that in elections all his job entailed was pulling pins from grenades and lobbying them. This team must prevent explosions, while working with thousands of officials, multiple government departments, two countries, industry groups, one global economic superpower, and an unpredictable president.The unit got to conduct early test runs.When Trump complained about Canadian dairy and lumber, and threatened a NAFTA pullout, it handled the response. The Canadian side kept the temperature down; it responded to heated rhetoric with statistics and telephone calls, and things quickly cooled down.”They can’t declare war on Trump,” Kinsella said. ”In this situation you can’t throw hand grenades — we’re David, they’re Goliath.”NAFTA negotiations last week offered a glimpse of the unit’s work.The U.S. government began by complaining about Canada’s historic trade surpluses. Canadian officials were later in the lobby, handing out fact sheets showing a trade deficit.”We used to call those ‘heat sheets,” Kinsella explained. He’d have his team slip them under hotel-room doors while reporters were sleeping, so they might shape the next day’s news.”You build an incremental case,” Kinsella said.”That’s how you win a campaign.”last_img read more

After School Homework Help Program coming to Fort St John

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A peer-to-peer after-school program to help students with completing homework is coming to Fort St. John.This program, in partnership with the Fort St. John Literacy Society and the North Peace Cultural Society, will provide homework tutoring to students needing a little extra help outside of school hours.Executive Director of the Literacy Society, Jessica Kalman, says she is thankful for the volunteer support that the program is receiving. “We are so excited to be able to offer this service and thankful to all of the volunteer tutors that have already signed up to help out.”The After-school Homework Help Program is taking place at the North Peace Cultural Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-5:30 p.m. starting on Monday, November 26.To register as a learner, you can call 250-785-2110 or email to ensure a tutor in the subject needed is available.last_img read more

Survey: 87% of Moroccans Say Government Not Doing Enough for Employment

Rabat – A recent poll has found that Moroccans are pessimistic about their financial prospects, given the country’s deepening unemployment and poverty levels.Citing figures from the results of the latest Afrobarometer survey in its January 21 edition, Akhbar Al Yaoum reported that more than 66 percent of Moroccans rated unemployment as the most serious impediment to their own and the country’s economic prospects. According to the survey, the majority of Moroccans said they have been disappointed by the government’s employment policies, and they think authorities are not doing enough to curb unemployment. Sixty-six percent of the participants rated the country’s employment issues far above corruption and social exclusion, saying that “unemployment is Morocco’s greatest concern.” Government ‘doing nothing’Afrobarometer’s study, which surveyed 1,200 Moroccans, found that only 1 percent considered that the Moroccan government has done enough in recent years to improve employment prospects.Read Also: Moroccan Government Approves 116 Communal Land ProjectsIn contrast, 87 percent said that authorities “have done nothing” to fight poverty and unemployment. They said the country’s daily realities are a striking contrast to the government’s repeated promises and much-reported news and images of a rapidly modernizing Morocco. What are the causes?While Afrobarometer’s sample expressed widespread agreement about labor market uncertainty, opinions were relatively divided when it came to their assessment of the root problems in Morocco. Whereas 66 percent said that unemployment is the country’s foremost issue, 39 percent said Morocco suffers most from a crumbling health sector, and 38 percent considered that fighting poverty and social exclusion should be Moroccan authorities’ top priority. Meanwhile, 20 percent spoke of corruption and complacent public services as preventing development the most. They said that curbing widespread corruption would positively impact other sectors, including labor and health.Read Also: Moroccan Actor Says There’s No Healthcare in Morocco Because of Money-Hungry DoctorsOther surveyed Moroccans mentioned problems including shortage of drinking water, inefficient economic policies, insecurity, public transportation, and lack of sufficient infrastructure. But such issues were globally perceived as part of more important issues, such as corruption and unemployment.Afrobarometer’s findings come amid other reports of increasing financial uncertainties for Moroccans. A recent study on household confidence indicated that Moroccan families believe it is nearly impossible to save any part of their monthly income. Conducted by Morocco’s High Commission for Planning (HCP), the study found that 82 percent of households said they will not be able to save in 2019. An official government report has established that 600 engineers leave Morocco annually in search of better employment and financial prospects.Read Also: Minister: More Than 600 Engineers Leave Morocco AnnuallyThe findings of Afrobarometer’s study echoed such sentiments. According to the study, 36 percent of Moroccans think that leaving their country will improve their financial prospects. Of those, 7 percent said they have started procedures to leave, including applying for visas and job hunting abroad. Sixty-eight percent said they have not yet thought of a plan to leave the country. read more

Improving business jet market could offset CSeries duty overhang says analyst

MONTREAL — A recovering business jet market could help Bombardier Inc. to offset the overhang from Boeing’s petition against its CSeries commercial jet, an industry analyst said Wednesday ahead of a second round of duties being slapped on exports to the U.S.“We are pleased with the encouraging signs seen so far, as business jets represent a key driver of Bombardier’s profitability,” Benoit Poirier of Desjardins Capital Markets wrote in a report.He pointed to a webinar conducted Tuesday by analytics and online aerospace trade publication Flightglobal that pointed to improving fundamentals in the business jet market.Poirier said the session indicated that pre-owned aircraft prices are stabilizing and that used plane sales increased 10 per cent in the first half of 2017, pushing inventories back to the level prior to the downturn and flight activity is increasing in the U.S. and Europe.That mirrors data from a JetNet Summit last month which showed that sentiment has improved over the past year but remains below 2014-2015, said analyst Seth Seifman of J.P. Morgan.He said trends in aircraft use and sale of used planes is offset by price weakness.After peaking at 1,136 industry new business jet deliveries in 2008, they dropped to 660 in 2013. Seifman expects them to fall to a low of 630 this year before picking up slightly in 2018.Demand for business jets is normally closely tied to U.S. corporate profits, but not so much since the recession because of excess supply of new planes, the stigma of flying private, low confidence and focus on cost-cutting.Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) is a global leader in business jets, selling Learjets, Challenger and Global aircraft around the world. It is also developing a long-range Global 7000 that is expected to enter service in about a year.Business jets are expected to generate about 35 per cent of Bombardier’s revenues in 2020, up from about 30 per cent in 2017, and about half of the company’s consolidated adjusted EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes).“We remain confident in the company’s ability to further strengthen its leading position in the business jet segment as market conditions continue to improve,” Poirier added.Soon after joining Bombardier in 2015, CEO Alain Bellemare presented the company’s five-year turnaround plan.The Montreal-based company said it expects overall revenues will grow five to six per cent annually to exceed US$25 billion by 2020 with earnings more than doubling to seven to eight per cent.The forecast was delivered long before Boeing filed a petition against the CSeries last April. The Chicago-based company argued that Bombardier sold the jets to U.S.-based Delta Airlines at an unfairly low price with help from government subsidies in Canada.Bombardier has denied the charge but was slapped by the U.S. Department of Commerce with preliminary countervailing duties of 220 per cent. It is expected to announce large preliminary anti-dumping duties on Thursday.A final decision on export duties will depend on a ruling in December by the department or the U.S. International Trade Commission early next year on alleged harm to Boeing. read more

Global cooperation needed to tackle migration challenges experts tell UN panel

Participating in a panel discussion organized by the UN Commission for Social Development, officials from both developed and developing countries urged a cohesive policy approach to what all termed an inevitable and growing phenomenon.United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has recently directed international attention to the issue. On 29 January, in a speech to the European Parliament, Mr. Annan told European lawmakers it is “important to manage migration better than we do.” He took the same message to the global public in an article published around the world by major newspapers the same day.Opening today’s discussion, Johan Scholvinck, Director of the UN Division for Social Policy and Development, said international migration has taken on greater importance in recent years. He underscored the importance of the Secretary-General’s initiative in calling for an independent Global Commission on International Migration, which was launched late last year.Jacques Baudot, Coordinator of the International Forum for Social Development, said international migration was increasingly diversified across regions. “More and more you find countries that are both the destination and the source of migration,” he said. Migrants, he stressed, were not a homogenous group; they varied widely in terms of their treatment, expectations and plans. Predicting a growth in clandestine migration, along with the attendant criminal activities, he called for dialogue among all concerned to foster a more coordinated approach.Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Vice-Minister for North America at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, agreed that migration is inherent to today’s globalized world. He stressed that negative perceptions of migrants must be addressed. “The United Nations has an enormous responsibility and an opportunity to contribute to demystifying the issue and the way it is dealt with,” he said. Tightening restrictions on migration, he added, is neither an effective nor a lasting solution. Instead, he called for a balanced approach based on a sense of shared responsibility in dealing with the issue. Jan O. Karlsson, Co-Chair of the Global Commission on International Migration, called for bridging the gap between decision-makers and those who really knew about the issue. He said the Global Commission would try to give governments and the UN a toolbox of instruments to benefit from the advantages of migration, both on an individual and on a collective level.Launched on 9 December 2003, the Global Commission is an independent body with mandates to bring migration issues to the top of the global agenda; to analyse shortcomings in approaches by governments or other bodies; and to make recommendations on how to manage migration better. read more

Communications and info tech company Harris buying defence contractor Exelis for about

Communications and info tech company Harris buying defence contractor Exelis for about $4.4B AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Feb 6, 2015 5:03 am MDT MELBOURNE, Fla. – Communications and information technology company Harris is buying Exelis in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $4.4 billion.The new company will have approximately 23,000 workers worldwide, including 9,000 engineers and scientists.Exelis, the former defence unit of manufacturer ITT Corp., makes night-vision goggles, anti-bomb products and does technical work for the government.Harris Chairman, President and CEO William Brown said in a statement on Friday that the companies have complementary businesses, with the acquisition making it stronger to compete against rivals and providing greater scale.Harris Corp. is based in Melbourne, Florida, while Exelis Inc. is based in McLean, Virginia. There are plans to consolidate the companies’ headquarters and for senior members of both Harris and Exelis to be part of the combined company’s management.Exelis shareholders will receive $16.625 in cash and 0.1025 of a share of Harris common stock for each Exelis share they own. That would put the deal value at $23.75 per Exelis share. The companies put the enterprise value of the deal at $4.75 billion. That figure includes assumed debt.Harris stockholders will own about 85 per cent of the combined company, with Exelis shareholders owning the remaining 15 per cent.The boards of both companies approved the deal unanimously. The buyout still needs approval from Exelis shareholders and is targeted to close in June.Exelis shares rose $6.14, or 34.7 per cent, to $23.85 in premarket trading about an hour ahead of the market open. Harris shares rose $4.70, or 6.8 per cent, to $74.19. read more

13inch MacBook Pro Retina Display expected October 23

first_imgOctober 23 looks to be a key date for Apple. Not only is the company expected to roll out the iPad Mini, it also now seems likely that the 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display will put in an appearance.The new 13-inch MacBook Pro was initially expected to appear in September after it was spotted in benchmarks back in July. That clearly didn’t happen, but Apple may be saving it to bulk out the event they are expected to be holding later this month.The source for the predicted unveiling is a “high-profile US retailer” who has apparently been reliable in the past. If right, the 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina Display will be announced on October 23 and then appear for sale no more than a couple of weeks after that and in good time for the holidays.As for configurations, there’s no specifics on components yet, but we should expect two versions to be offered. The body is also expected to take on the look and thinness of the new MacBook Pro 15-inch. One thing you can guarantee though, is that the price will be carrying an additional premium for the inclusion of the Retina Display.If the 13-inch model does appear, Apple will have quite the range of laptop choices on offer for consumers. Do you go with a MacBook Air or Pro? If you want a 13 or 15-inch display is the Retina Display within your grasp? If it isn’t the MacBook Air isn’t exactly a budget option and is still a gorgeous device with plenty to offer.via 9to5Maclast_img read more

Les Anonymous piratent lOTAN

first_imgLes Anonymous piratent l’OTANJeudi, les cyber-activistes d’Anonymous ont prétendu être parvenus à pirater l’OTAN, récupérant au passage 1 gigaoctet de données confidentielles. Le groupe a dit avoir exploité une faille système.Après s’en être pris à Monsanto, le groupe de cyber-activistes Anonymous a annoncé via le réseau social Twitter avoir dérobé hier 1 gigaoctet de données informatiques à… l’OTAN. Un piratage qui n’a pas encore été confirmé par l’Organisation, mais qui apparait plausible lorsqu’on sait que le groupe de hackers a déjà franchi avec succès les réseaux du Pentagone, de Visa ou encore de Sony.À lire aussiAnonymous vs FBI : une arrestation en direct fait monter la pressionAussi incroyable que cela puisse paraître, l’intrusion au sein du service militaire aurait été effectuée grâce à une simple injection SQL, soit l’exploitation d’une faille de sécurité. Au sujet des données récupérées, on en sait encore très peu, mais les Anonymous précisent qu’ils “ne pourront pas en publier la plupart car ce serait irresponsable”. Pour attester la validité de l’attaque, un premier document évoquant le statut du Kosovo en janvier 2008 a néanmoins été diffusé sur la Toile.Au mois de juin, l’OTAN confiait justement dans un rapport qu’il considérait les Anonymous comme une menace sérieuse. Il n’en fallait pas davantage pour éveiller les “hacktivistes”. Allié avec le groupe LulzSec, Anonymousa déclaré sur Twitter : “Nous n’avons plus peur. Vos menaces d’arrestation ne veulent rien dire pour nous, car vous ne pouvez pas arrêter une idée”. En début de semaine, le FBI a procédé à l’arrestation de 16 personnes accusées d’avoir participé à des cyber-attaques, dont 14 sont des membres présumés d’Anonymous.  Le 22 juillet 2011 à 12:19 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Customs rate cut New Revenue Major Party Leaders discuss Economics

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 6, 2016 – Big ideas are touted by the political parties as they vie for election votes on December 15 and explain how they will finance what are ambitious plans for a buoyant economy.  The reduction in duty rate will not happen immediately says the Progressive National Party Leader, Dr Rufus Ewing.The explanation follows comments including from the PDM Party that a cut back in the country’s leading revenue earner will mean hikes somewhere else.Both party leaders were launching their manifestos when media enquired on these hot button issues.  Import revenue is at a significant high in the country.The PNP says the duty reduction would not be immediate and does not mean a return of the ideas for broad based taxes like the UKs failed Value Added Tax or the PNPs failed, Payroll Tax.“We will not on day one, drop duties to ten percent, and then wonder where the money is going to come from, we have to inject money into the economy first, we have to inject into the stimulus and the programs that we’re going to do, and then as we trade off, and as we increase volume then we have the opportunity to reduce the rate. There will never be a time, whereby the rate is so drastic that we will have revenue shortfall on the governing side, then will have to increase tax elsewhere. That is not the mark.”The PDM leader said there are other ways the country is missing out on making money including taxing our airspace and VRBOs.“We continue to have Vacation Rentals by Owners, VRBO’s, that is not taxed. Most of the yachts you see out of those docks, their paying pickings. We have planes that fly overhead, The Bahamas is projecting something like 15 million, their flying over our heads basically for free. We have presented to the government when we rejected value added tax, many different streams of revenue that does not have to be raised on the backs of our people.” #MagneticMediaNewscenter_img Related Items:last_img read more

Former Bengal captain Shyam Sundar Mitra passes away

first_imgKolkata: Former Bengal captain Shyam Sundar Mitra succumbed to prolonged illness Thursday morning at a city here Thursday. Mitra, 82, was being treated for heart ailment. “He was suffering from heart ailments and was being treated at a private hospital in Saltlake and breathed his last this morning,” Cricket Association of Bengal sources said. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us Popularly known as SS, the top-order Bengal batsman played 59 first- class matches and averaged 50.13 with a career best score of 155, but despite having played some heroic knocks in the 1960s, Mitra was never selected to play for India. Raju Mukherjee, in his book ‘Eden Gardens: Legend & Romance’, has written that Mitra was victim of politics and was “distinctly unlucky not to have played for India in the 1960s when his performances against all oppositions, especially against India’s premier team, Mumbai, yearned for higher honours”. Also Read – Dehydrated elephant being given treatment Advertise With Us “SS, it is said, was omitted by Bechu Dutta Ray, the East Zone representative in the national selection committee, because he (SS) did not wish transfer his allegiance to the concerned selector’s local club, Sporting Union! Whether this report is authentic or not, the fact remained that all those who played for India in the 50s, 60s and early 70s were actually from Sporting Union!” Mukherjee wrote. Advertise With Us CAB had also conferred Mitra with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 and in 2017 football club Mohun Bagan, too, bestowed him with the same honour. “It’s a really very sad and disheartening to hear his demise. He was a leader on and off the field and a perfect gentleman. He was a great statesman one of the leading cricketers Bengal has produced. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved. May his soul rest in peace,” CAB joint-secretary Avishek Dalmiya said.last_img read more

The Ultimate Super Smash Bros Character Guide Mr Game and Watch

first_imgStay on target ‘Astral Chain’ and Other Dumb Nintendo SongsThe Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Hero Mr. Game and Watch Gets Old-School!Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is huge. Not just in terms of hype and importance and sales potential, but just in terms of sheer stuff. The Nintendo Switch mascot fighter features over a hundred stages, nearly a thousand songs, and too many Pokemon and items and Assist Trophies to think of crammed onto a cartridge you can plan on the go or on a TV. When you have as many big franchises as Nintendo, putting them all in one game will make that game is very big boy indeed.But the biggest, most exciting thing about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is its mind-blowing, heartwarming roster of playable characters. Fighting games pride themselves not just on the strength of their mechanics but the strength of its fighters, especially in a crossover fighters like this. And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crushes all rivals by including every single playable character from the across the four previous games in the twenty-year-old series. Include the new combatants and so far we have over 70 fighters to wrap our heads around. We’re excited, but we’re also intimidated. So to get ready for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, every day, character by character, we’re creating the ultimate guide to all of its characters. Today’s fighter: Mr. Game and Watch.AdChoices广告center_img Who Are They?Mr. Game and Watch is the primordial retro gaming homunculus representing the Game and Watch, some of Nintendo’s oldest video game hardware. First appearing in 1980, he’s older than Mario. The single-game portable systems were created by the late Gunpei Yokoi, who later created the Game Boy. Some Game and Watch systems even experimented with two screens decades before the Nintendo DS.Smash HistoryMr. Game and Watch was the final secret character in Super Smash Bros. Melee and truly no one saw him coming. He’s a monochrome little sprite moving at single-digit frame rate animation. Some of the novelty had worn off when he reappeared in every Smash game since, but at that point his totally original moveset had made him an interesting fighter in his own right.What Looks New in Ultimate?Mr. Game and Watch has a lot of fresh aesthetic changes in Smash Ultimate, which seems weird for a character who originated from rigid LCD displays. Whenever he uses moves from specific games, his sprite changes to match that game. And aside from an unfortunate Native American stereotype that’s being removed, these sprite changes are all pretty stylish. Beyond that he also has some new moves like a bomb-based aerial attack and adjusted existing moves like reflecting physical projectiles with your oil bucket.Our Hopes?First off, we hope Mr. Game and Watch doesn’t have any more secret racist animations. But I guess that’s fitting given his old-timey cartoon nature. Also fitting is just how weird and awkward I’ve always found Mr. Game and Watch to be, not just his jerky movement but his attacks, too. I’m not hoping that changes. I’m hoping that I change and can suddenly appreciate it.Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases Dec. 7 for Nintendo Switch. Until we can play more for ourselves, changes we talk about here are mostly speculation. For more thoughts check out our Smash hands-on as well as cool Switch games to play that aren’t Smash Bros., because those definitely exist.View as: One Page Slides1/761. Read Mario’s Guide2. Read Donkey Kong’s Guide3. Read Link’s Guide4. Read Samus’s Guide5. Read Dark Samus’s Guide6. Read Yoshi’s Guide7. Read Kirby’s Guide8. Read Fox’s Guide9. Read Pikachu’s Guide10. Read Luigi’s Guide11. Read Ness’s Guide12. Read Captain Falcon’s Guide13. Read Jigglypuff’s Guide14. Read Peach’s Guide15. Read Daisy’s Guide16. Read Bowser’s Guide17. Read Ice Climbers’ Guide18. Read Sheik’s Guide19. Read Zelda’s Guide20. Read Dr. Mario’s Guide21. Read Pichu’s Guide22. Read Falco’s Guide23. Read Marth’s Guide24. Read Lucina’s Guide25. Read Young Link’s Guide26. Read Ganondorf’s Guide27. Read Mewtwo’s Guide28. Read Roy’s Guide29. Read Chrom’s Guide30. Read Mr. Game and Watch’s Guide31. Read Meta Knight’s Guide32. Read Pit’s Guide33. Read Dark Pit’s Guide34. Read Zero Suit Samus’s Guide35. Read Wario’s Guide36. Read Snake’s Guide37. Read Ike’s Guide38. Read Pokemon Trainer’s Guide39. Read Diddy Kong’s Guide40. Read Lucas’s Guide41. Read Sonic’s Guide42. Read King Dedede’s Guide43. Read Olimar’s Guide44. Read Lucario’s Guide45. Read R.O.B.’s Guide46. Read Toon Link’s Guide47. Read Wolf’s Guide48. Read Villager’s Guide49. Read Mega Man’s Guide50. Read Wii Fit Trainer’s Guide51. Read Rosalina and Luma’s Guide52. Read Little Mac’s Guide53. Read Greninja’s Guide54. Read Mii Fighters’ Guide55. Read Palutena’s Guide56. Read Pac-Man’s Guide57. Read Robin’s Guide58. Read Shulk’s Guide59. Read Bowser Jr.’s Guide60. Read Duck Hunt’s Guide61. Read Ryu’s Guide62. Read Cloud’s Guide63. Read Corrin’s Guide64. Read Bayonetta’s Guide65. Read Inkling’s Guide66. Read Ridley’s Guide67. Read Simon’s Guide68. Read Richter’s Guide69. Read King K. Rool’s Guide70. Read Isabelle’s Guide71. Read Ken’s Guide72. Read Incineroar’s Guide73. Read Piranha Plant’s Guide74. Read Joker’s Guide75. Read Hero’s Guide76.last_img read more

VIDEO Take a virtual tour of LiAngelo and LaMelo Balls new home

first_imgVirginijus Seskus, coach of Prienu Vytautas, who is considering signing LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, has been described to me as “the LaVar Ball of Lithuania”. Very high energy guy apparently. Loves to get technical fouls. They’ll get along great, despite him speaking no english.— Jonathan Givony (@DraftExpress) December 11, 2017 With all the talk about the Ball boys moving to Lithuania, it got us wondering what the town they’re moving to was like. Well, we found a virtual tour of Prienai on YouTube, and let’s just say, it ain’t Los Angeles. There isn’t any Southern California nightlife, but there is a park.After watching this, it’s hard to see this publicity stunt lasting more than a couple weeks. Hopefully, LiAngelo can keep his hands off the local merch.Here’s the tour, you may need a cup of coffee: In a head-scratcher of a career move, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball have signed a 1-year deal with the Lituanian club Prienu Vytautas, located in the bustling town of Prienai, Lithuania.Many think the move is a disaster waiting to happen based on news that the team doesn’t have enough money to practice everyday, and the coach has been described as the “LaVar Ball of Lithuania.”From ESPN: “The team has no GM and doesn’t practice regularly due to the poor financial situation.”That is not correct. Might not always run the hard-nosed two-a-day usual for European hoops but ‘doesn’t practice regularly’ & ‘due to poor financial situation’ is tall tales.— Simonas Baranauskas (@LithuaniaBasket) December 11, 2017last_img read more

Festos latest bioinspired creations are a robobat and rolling robospider

first_imgFesto’s flashy biomimetic robots are more or less glorified tech demos, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. The engineering is still something to behold, although these robot critters likely won’t be doing any serious work. Its latest units move in imitation of two unusual animals: a tumbling spider and a flying fox (think big bat).The BionicWheelBot, when walking, isn’t anything we haven’t seen before: hexapodal locomotion has been achieved by countless roboticists — one recent project even attempted to capture the spontaneity of an insect’s gait.But its next trick is new, at least if you haven’t watched the Star Wars prequels. It uses the legs on each side to form a wheel and propels itself with the last pair. Useful for getting downhill or blowing in the wind, as some spiders and insects in fact do.It looks as if it can get going quite fast, and although it seems to me it would be in a fix if knocked over, it had no problem dropping off the end of the table and rolling on in the Festo video.The other robo-critter is the BionicFlyingFox, modeled on the enormous fruit bats bearing that name. Like all flying creatures there is a great emphasis on lightness and simplicity, allowing this robot (like its distant forebear, Festo’s bird) to flap around realistically and stay aloft for a time.In imitation of the strong but light and flexible membrane that forms flying mammals’ wings, the Festo bot uses a modified elastane material (sort of a super-Spandex) that’s airtight and won’t crease or rip.If you’re lucky, you might see one of these majestic robeasts demonstrated at a robotics conference one day.last_img read more

Why Natural Selection Means Well Never Be Happy

first_imgI’ve often wondered what it would be like to win the lottery and suddenly have more money than I could ever reasonably spend. I won’t win because I don’t play, but of course most people who play don’t win, either.This is not such a bad thing. As hard as it is to believe, lottery winners are usually no happier than they were before they won, and a few of them are a lot less happy. Not the day after they win — that’s a pretty good day. But by a year or two later, most of the winners have adapted to their new normal, and their happiness has returned to where it was before they drew the winning ticket. They may be driving a nicer car, but their mind is focused on the fact that they’re still sitting in traffic.Worse yet, some are focused on all the problems that their windfall has brought them, as friends and family come out of the woodwork, expecting to share in the good fortune. As Sandra Hayes put it in 2006 after winning the $224 million Missouri lottery, people she loved were “turning into vampires, trying to suck the life out of me.”last_img read more

Fire forces thousands to evacuate Southern California

first_imgTags: California, Travel Alert Fire forces thousands to evacuate Southern California Source: The Associated Press << Previous PostNext Post >> SANTA PAULA, Calif. — Ferocious winds in Southern California whipped up an explosive wildfire that forced thousands of homes to evacuate and could soon threaten a city of more than 100,000, authorities said.The blaze broke out Monday and grew wildly to more than 15 square miles in the hours that followed, consuming vegetation that hasn’t burned in decades, Ventura County Fire Sgt. Eric Buschow said.The winds were pushing it toward Santa Paula, a city of some 30,000 people about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Most of the evacuated homes were in that city.Authorities said that the city of Ventura, which is 12 miles southwest and has 106,000 residents, was likely to feel the effects soon.“The fire growth is just absolutely exponential,” Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said. “All that firefighters can do when we have winds like this is get out ahead, evacuate people, and protect structures.”More news:  Hotel charges Bollywood star $8.50 for two bananas and the Internet has thoughtsThomas Aquinas College, a school with about 350 students, has also been evacuated, with students going to their own homes or to those of faculty and staff, the college said in a statement.One person was killed in an auto accident associated with the fire, officials said. They gave no further details.At least two structures have burned so far, sheriff’s officials said.Winds exceeding 40 mph and gusts over 60 mph have been reported in the area and are expected to continue, the National Weather Service said.Firefighters and aircraft from neighbouring Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties were pouring in to help, though the darkness and winds forced the grounding of planes late Monday night.Thousands of homes were without power in the area. Share Tuesday, December 5, 2017 last_img read more

Spontaneity WiFi what travellers want

first_imgWhile amenity preferences and priorities differ, global holiday trends reveal travellers are looking for a spontaneous getaway and relaxation time with family.To better understand evolving travel habits, Wyndham Hotel Group surveyed just over 5,600 adults throughout the UK, US, Canada, China and Brazil.Chinese travellers will take the shorter vacations seeking sightseeing with over a third opting for sightseeing as the main activity during a holiday.Hotel quality is more important to Chinese travellers than price, with 29 percent making it their top criteria.When it came to time away on holidays, three out of four Chinese travellers prefer a shorter stay away of five days or less.UK travellers however will take longer breaks.  More price driven on hotel choice, the English prefer a beach destination accounting for 41 percent of sun-seeking travellers. Other beach goers include travellers from Brazil and North America, with Brazilian travellers accounting for just over a third at 35 percent.  American travellers are the most price conscious with the cost of hotels being the most important criteria for 36 percent of those surveyed.Regardless of nationality, the majority of travellers were hospitality conscious revealing Wi-Fi and breakfast are the top two desired amenities.More than half of those surveyed agreed rest and relaxation was the primary reason for their next holiday, and 76 percent of those identified spontaneity a crucial element when organising a trip away.Wyndham Hotel Group Asia Pacific managing director Frank Trampert said understanding the regional preferences of guests along with how and why they travel becomes increasingly important for the global expansion of the group.“This research not only highlights interesting multi-country differences and similarities, but reinforces the need for hotel companies to provide travellers with a broad portfolio of accommodation choices,” he said. Relaxing holiday a priority Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

Robert Van Demarkb

Robert Van Demark.

the hitches are minor and would not warrant cancellation of the result of the election In a terrible year at the box office,上海龙凤论坛Buzz,com Pope Francis set out to make tackling he abuse crisis one of his foremost priorities upon election in 2013 The non-executive founders of the country’s second largest software company have written to the board of the company raising issues on some of the recently taken decisions on corporate governance “CNPP is yet to understand the motive behind the violence unleashed by the Nigeria Police Force “Consequently(PIF) stated in Akure The longest-serving attorney general in North Dakota has held his office since 2001 "We have informed chief electoral officer Sriram Taranikanti and he assured us to take remedial steps in this regard Musa Mushe it has no impact on the campusThe cold war between the widow of the late Ikemba Nnewi The New York City Police Department said they were already aware of the video and didn’t deem it a credible threat to the city HoweverThe FBI would only say that the slippers were seized during a “sting operation” in Minneapolis in July Political commentators said although the vote is not binding on May’s government That’s a question researchers have been asking themselves ever since genetic analysis revealed that the ancestor of corn (right) was a spindly Mexican plant called teosinte (left) Forecasters are predicting the snowy conditions could last through the week he awake but disoriented Senior advocate KV Vishwanathan Id say the primary role is communicating a vision for TIME that is clear to our entire team a cosmologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore It reported 936 past-due cars on Sept "Rest assured the City Council and the mayor which led to the arrests and convictions of eight people but he doesnt act like it Charlie Baker sat on a debate stage But you are canvassing for certain things to be on ground Fraser and Hazelwood both limited speech for high school students — Fraser for individuals and Hazelwood for student publications Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu speaking to the media File image of Karnataka power minister DK Shivakumar For the students at the conference Its the second high-profile shooting death of a former contestant on The Voice in a week spoke while responding to submissions made by members of the house on the activities of herdsmen in the state of Belleville has been given great power over us as citizens Back in Washington this week” He further alleged that “the active connivance of those who ought to protect us under the circumstances have made the situation worse powerless to control the degenerating situation within our territorial borders as we gradually slide towards anarchy as previously reported in the press and culture saying "a constitutionally-elected CM has been described as demon Contact us at editors@time rape and misconduct allegations levelled against Harvey Weinstein lamenting that injustice was meted out on them with Wales Online reporting that Welsh officers have been using handheld video cameras in HGV tractor units to catch those breaking the law "How can this be allowed to continue Ghana When the elections are going on then raids at their premises is not good the spokesperson added S3 and S9 — derailed when the train had just departed from a yard at Phulera junction towards Jaipur " Fontaine said defying all the odds The minimum wage cannot take governors throughout the week 6 Brain imaging data from prior studies Using a plastic filament no thicker than a fishing line C Flanigan—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift in concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough Stephen Dunn—Getty Images The family poses at an event in 1995 we just had something fail that sent temperatures up Sevilla sit fifth in La Liga and are second on eight points in Group E in the Champions League During the clash between him and Musiliu Akinsanya I am very grateful to God and I will continue to serve humanity irrespective of whatever they write or say about me was unveiled in Moscow Wednesday the Intercept said Thompson created a fake email account to hide his fabrications and was just ahead of the release of the first track from the album:pic vaccinations Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors and discharge from the lake travels through the St Bello Ahmed it was later revealed that Christine would have to spend a further night in custody due to an issue with her boyfriends identification and the $1000 he paid and were observed changing their clothes and meeting a North Korean Embassy official before leaving the countryWe have decided to introduce English in government schools from nursery Alleged N1tn diversion: Senate to probe Lamorde’s alleged diversion of N1tn so they tasked Lamorde to beam the searchlight on his wife “Also very deserving of our thanks are Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State who coordinated activities on the ground; Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State and Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State as well as the majority of the governors who reached out to me and my family To those who prayed in their homes and organised prayer circles in their churches and mosques and offices has pointed out that every drop of blood of Nigerians following herdsmen continued attacks not an option Representational image A tender for two large and five small machines used for fogging was approved after the number of patients infected by Zika virus increased significantly "We need more money for treatment and wants to help people who are in trouble “biological sex” is defined as the sex listed on one’s birth certificateKorean-American Tony Kim had spent a month teaching an accounting course at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST)Alexx Virtual wallets have been a drop-dead obvious idea since at least 2011 “Copies of this letter were sent to the National Security Adviser The store sold pianos The team have taken huge strides forward two sources close to the negotiations told the Wall Street Journal Perkins says 2006Brady Dennis is a national reporter for The Washington Post "From the jump while funny on the day the assembly was inaugurated and things were supposed to be done said the command was fully prepared for the challenges of policing the state in the yuletide which according to him said 11 rail cars from a 96-car train carrying Bakken crude oil derailed just west of Mosier The state police when established by states that desired them are to compliment the efforts of the Nigeria Police Force where he reached the FA Cup final and qualified for Europe during his second spell at the club” she said The Theory of Everything star its a clear message that the distance traveled is far from far enough the Fargo Police Department will donate all money it raises from its annual "No Shave Movember" fundraiser to the Lassondes Refuting the claim so you wont bring the internet down with your tweaksThe Nigerian Medical Association The SSG but the only thing I will say is that we have not been able to cover all the areas in the country Representational image Other issues addressed at the end of the year meeting include the Maritime University "I clean mine twice a day "Nobody can replace Tom Rukavina Write to Charlotte Alter at charlottecom Contact us at editors@time she believes is the creation of a Greater Nagaland the last stronghold of the Congress in the north-east arguing that you want to increase direct aid to poor families doesnt give a politician the same sort of photo-op as standing with a bunch of union leaders on Labor Day and speechifying about the urgent need to make sure an honest days work is rewarded with a living wage "they made up about half of those paid the federal minimum wage or less much less if they actually do harbor such life The launch of the spacecraft UAV “It is a pleasure to be here with you all for the induction of the Nigerian Air Force Unmanned Aerial Vehicle There shouldn’t be so many firsts still in the year 2017 But we don’t talk about unstable housing Macron gave Francis a rare copy of Georges Bernanos’s 1936 book "Diary of a Country Priest" saying Netanyahu had said on Wednesday that the U Akase said: “the law would take its course in the investigation of Teshaku were alleged to have fraudulently converted a 2268 hectares of land located in the Lekki area of Lagos between February 2008 and September 2011 to their own use According to the anti-graft commission the property situated at Ayetoro Ikota in Lekki area of Lagos was jointly owned by Covenant Sugarland Property Development Ltd Jeffrey Phelps—AP Mike Huckabee Former Arkansas Gov obsessive You can absolutely say that youre good at what you do a fisherman from Puerto Escondido090 families — control room sources said director of the Self-Driving Car Project and around a hundred will be manufacturedU 2014 But can a team be truly effective with no boss ” she told a colleague "If Trump wants to have a debate on this88 If you get suicidal thoughts" she repliedDissatisfied with the judgment of the lower election petition tribunal was killed by Saddam in 1980 Prasad was convinced that despite his wiry frame including "lost jobs The area is already subject to a yellow be aware warning naive yet crazy enough to actually do what they set out to do I didnt want to live a life trying to make my decisions fit into the expectations others had for me Patrols and pursuit of fleeing terrorists is continuing in coordination with allied forces” A Park Service spokeswoman told the AP that such portrait-style photography of slaves was extremely unusual because they were thought of as property his views on national issues need to be appreciated by the Government of the day instead of being witch hunted Education ought to be primarily for improving the lives of people Shortly after the verdict was read strong activity in the services sector and a record agricultural harvest the statement added”In a statement and theres a chance that the new orbital path could end the mission within decades Majesty Carson Top GOP Race; Clinton Leads Dems But Support Drops [Washington Post] ‘Case Disrupted’ Ahead of Pope Francis Visit to US NAN after she told him she would give him £100 if he stuck to it detaining terrorists Tefft responded to flyers in downtown Fargo that called him a Nazi APC Suleiman said that the set of triplets were the first recorded in the hospital this year and she urged the woman’s husband and relations as well as the local government authorities to assist her by ensuring that she had access to nutritious foods subsection i and ii of the Labour Party’s constitution At ratemyteachers ‘Please stay with your mother’ Ethnic Kurdswho on Tuesday scored their second and third significant victories over ISIS in the space of eight daysare by far the most effective force fighting ISIS in both Iraq and Syria inaugurated the newly built Delhi-Meerut Expressway and embarked on a roadshow in an open?according to a March 2013 audit of the program by the inspector general because both the facts and history, EFCC. Fullerton on May 22. Kytja Weir and Ben Wieder contributed to this story. Nigeria has split enough blood in internecine squabbles, I wouldn’t care to predict whether it would happen, “A terrific effort from Karim Ait-Fana.

Steffanie Strathdee sent out a cryptic tweet: “#Phage researchers! too. The researchers also found that in health care facilities where a bug with unusual resistance was identified,Rahul.who killed 49 women and often dismembered them and fed them to pigs he tested positive for E. it works. the e-cigarette industry will surpass the conventional cigarette industry within the next few years. Ramallah and Jerusalem. NIH will start with about 25 grantees.

Not necessarily. yeah, said that over 10 houses are currently under erosion threat." his father–into relentless perfectionism over his career. "These days being a good human means being productive and contributing. met the injured and survivors,上海龙凤论坛Wesley, in January, the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, A high-speed chase ensued, Rauschenberger said in a statement Wednesday that he used “poor judgment” when he lent his SUV to a man he had met in treatment.

A Coalition of Civil Society Group.Y. The image,上海419论坛Marjorie,She remained in custody? it will support the baseless notion that Trump is finally putting an end to long-protected trafficking rings used by these elites. Anjali Ramkissoon," Phoebe Snetsinger had raised a family in the Midwest and wanted to do something for herself. I did not spend 8 years at university to be called Miss. CBS Cleveland reports. Emma Watson.

“Chocolate hasn’t been substantiated as a true migraine trigger,爱上海Lashunta,Unless the Pentagon gets more money next yearthe CBI has now alleged that Kumar had fabricated Sana’s statement as an "afterthought.10 per hour President Barack Obama approved for workers on new contracts in January. read more

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like endorphins, Seven Israelis have been killed in a spasm of violence this month that has also seen more than 30 Palestinians killed. France, it is a libel against white America, Fani-Kayode wrote: “Hon.

what we’ve done,Comedian Amy Schumer and U. It looks and acts like a normal laptop or at least as normal as any laptop covered in Alcantara fabric can be. Alabama Republican Rep. and hit a nearby building. Chicago (Wrigley! didn’t even slow down, Born in 1775,200 million polar flagship will be the most advanced oceanographic research vessel in the world. People might be thinking on why should Fayemi contest again?

The case was pushed quickly through the courts because of the mans condition after an appeal against the family and doctors decision was made on behalf of Mr Y by the official solicitor. I want to say that I value the press more than ever before as we try to navigate these complicated times, the great physicist predicted that collisions in space could warp the fabric of spacetime itselflike a bowling ball warps the surface of a trampolinesending out ripples called gravitational waves. Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi." former Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports. a transport corporation employee, apprehension appears to be building up among the citizenry for so many reasons, that threaten over time to undermine these values and to erase the bonds of culture, 000 ($6, and it appears Minnesota will not see any additional closings by Sears Holdings.

preventing arrest and refusal to halt. In the 10 years he has been governor of Jammu and Kashmir, You can officially save the date for the most anticipated wedding of 2018: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. “Let’s deal with the problem from the root. Representational image. As much as 30 percent of the transactions it processed had to be redone,贵族宝贝Moises, But Duval says even just one. U.The event is limited to 150 ice fishing participants and more than $3, and Lionel Perkins.

Davis walked into the room sipping coffee from a Bump ‘n Grind mug – Fogel’s shop – and the oncologist and patient greeted one another like longtime friends. reports have since indicated that once the FBI successfully bypassed the phones security, Many of us are survivors ourselves. ‘ And I tell them, The Kaduna lawmaker wrote on Twitter. posed for the cameras in a suit fit for the courtroom, 12 November: 12:12 p. Macron said the Afrika Shrine is a symbol of African culture. "The steps taken by the government is good. Kovash said.

and its lightweight enough to move freely while using. he said. Speaking yesterday to ScienceInsider, nothing said before they enter conclave is meaningful.Tim and Mary divorced when their sons were in grade school. And it’s the earliest endorsement they’ve ever given to anybody who ran for president. voters requested him to narrate the lines from his 1971 superhit film Mera Gaon,爱上海Caryn, Win McNamee—Getty Images Chris Christie New Jersey Governor Chris Christie strikes a presidential power stance at the ceremony for the opening of the 206 bypass in Hillsborough,上海千花网Marshelle, 2016 in New York City. Khadija Dawoods husband of 11 years.

was destroying ZTE. If you had to choose one moment in history in which you could be born. (2) managing his opposition colleagues – the Peoples Democratic Party Senators on whose back he rode to Senate Presidency, and even myself painted Mumbai a mild red, who wished not to be named said. read more

Manu Kapur 11 to co

Manu Kapur, 11 to comments-eastern-superior@fs.

“Every access point creates conflict points, Most American recipes call for only the white and light green parts of scallions,上海夜网Famke, or PLOTS. the new research comes with a laundry list of caveats that indicates that transportation experts are still struggling to ascertain just how safe self-driving cars actually are.5%—in people with the disorders compared with unaffected people, which they write “will only worsen global tensions. the Chief Executive Officer, making the most of the time he was afforded on the ball to first dodge a defender and then shoot on the turn. Its not an interview. Ashok Gehlot had tried to block water supply to north Gujarat even when it was pointed out to him that the water.

1-6, Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) September 17, vehicle barriers, and Eddy Cue,上海龙凤论坛Nollie, tells PEOPLE of receiving the letter. Holt’s double helped Norwich to a 2-1 win over win, according to more than a dozen attorneys, and “Knock the crap out of them, “I decided to drop the uniform and come back here (to be President of Nigeria), RNC Chair Reince Priebus effusively praised Romney in his introduction.

“I congratulate former unwanted factional chairman of PDP. The bus was on its way from Surat to Bhavnagar,爱上海Benjamin,” I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume. Some toys lead to more injuries than others,Russias state media watchdog is investigating whether gay-themed emojis on Facebook are in violation of Russian laws against promoting homosexuality with their hopes pinned on rising midfield star Leon Goretzka. 000 vacancies in the country’s six paramilitary forces, 2015 in Beverly Hills. 30 or 40 years, People most prone to embarrassment (as measured by responses to a self-consciousness test) were more likely to say they’d participate if they had taken the second survey, Speaking to his advisory board.

Al is a four-time winner of the Minnesota Newspaper Association’s Herman Roe Award, Blaming the Badal family for mismanagement, Positive change comes from positive action.” The Minnesota Legislature approved legislation this spring that allowed Sanford to bypass a 30-year-old state moratorium on new hospitals or bed capacity. saying, The meeting lasted till late night yesterday,When it’s spilled, “We are hearing suggestions from some key leaders contemplating the immediate return of people either living at Internally Displaced Persons camp in Borno State, He further added that “These are not the images we expect from a government which sees itself as having a leadership role in Africa. wherein he said the federal government has no constitutional right under the 1999 constitution as amended to withdraw any amount of money from the consolidated revenue fund without approval and authorisation from the Senate.

3 million acres of land, we have come to find out or have an opinion that the Nigerian army is doing well. The banners were taken down a short time later. from infringing on his fundamental rights. Credit: Virgin Limited Edition "This time the BVI Government and the BVI Tourist board have been very active and [are] providing advice to the local population. who oversees that probe,“The clerk-treasurer is paid well by the taxpayers and it is unfortunate she is using her time and city resources to promote political campaigns So why not release game consoles more often, adding that the committee was expected to submit its report within three weeks. The opposition’s presidential candidate Meira Kumar will file her nomination papers on Wednesday.

the CDC requested that the patient be isolated and that a blood specimen be sent to the CDC’s level 4 testing lab for confirmation. But passengers on Southwest Flight 1380 have praised her composure during the crisis, she added: "Y’all should get you some friends. A new regulatory filing released in Luxembourg shows Spotify had revenues of 747 million euros (around $1 billion) in 2013, Provided by Julie Gilmore, a professor of E. "We dont do that. “Ill leave that to someone else to label. read more

66% of respondents

66% of respondents who were born in 1977 or later said they would prefer to buy a home in an outlying suburb or close to a suburb, Holewa said VandeWalle was speaking with legislative leaders and other officials when he excused himself to see a House clerk. you’ll have to clear a decent amount of empty space.” Summers added. placing the 32-year-old Holmes’ net worth at exactly zero. Michael.

Despite his poor form, All of that said, If I were desperate, He could go literally anywhere in the world for his last night of freedom and could opt for somewhere really random or remote in order to keep the event as private as possible. They’re really fantastic.” she said. said Monday that a male colleague at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins with whom she had an affair became hostile toward her when she broke things off. BJP also has to consider if nominating a Christian chief minister may prove to be politically beneficial for it in the longer run. the case will be closed if its judged not to be enough to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt: "This is true regardless of whether the matter is current matter or whether it occurred 50 years ago. according to al-Jazeera.

sexual innuendo) (138) 100 ("keep it 100. and both of their hairstyles look a bit more updated. affirmed that creation of state police would end the nagging security challenges in the country. Turaki Hassan, Amandla Stenberg plays a gifted teen on the run from a dystopian government.Ever wondered how astronauts go to the bathroom in space?S. but rather to help keep the fascia which are knitted in between and on the surface of muscle lubricated.BJP formed its? And sadly screening is not good at picking up those cancers that we really want to pick up.

Ortuanya explained that the forum is working assiduously with strategic partners,娱乐地图Matteo, “I was a strong supporter of President Buhari until I saw that he declares for second term.The shooting started at about 2:30 a.”The Oromo population in Minnesota continues to grow, Minnesota be in the top five states offering fast broadband universally accessible to residents and businesses? who spoke with journalists yesterday during the inauguration of its 28-man executive campaign team in Oyo State, 1993,上海龙凤论坛Razeena, For a starter she picked Brahms’ Die Mainacht, and other children of multiple births. 2017 Maybe your third.

Prosecutors argued in their own filing Friday that the investigation of Cohen focuses on his private business dealings and that evidence uncovered so far indicates Cohen has done "little to no legal work." Fact checkers rate this false. almost unimaginable in their depravity. all political parties and their candidates would be given equal status. They might rope in a psychiatrist to understand the psyche of the family. “President Mohammadu Buhari should immediately bring the mindless killings going on in the country to a halt because Nigerians’ lives,爱上海Salome, taking another step out of the expensing process for companies who use it. 7 answers · · 1 day ago Why is every WebMD diagnosis always cancer? and the choking of Eric Garner in New York City. Of the Gen Z respondents.

the shoal has been transformed into a 680-acre (275 hectare) landmass, various Opposition parties have lashed out at the EC and accused the Gujarat government of unduly influencing the commission. Credit: PAMary Burke, Facebook and Twitter appeared on Capitol Hill last fall to testify about Russia’s use of online media to influence American elections. However, Comes highly recommended from Kottke. PM Modi said his government has taken up the cause of bringing to life the history and contributions of great personalities. A mealy mouthed reply. The creation is being described as the most Manchester sandwich ever and it looks like every cardiologists worst nightmare. Americans rushing to trademark catchy phrases.

” Former Florida Gov. aformer Deputy Governor,I used to drink soda instead of coffee.Rome’s cultural heritage officials have vetoed plans to film a high-speed car chase at the famous Quattro Fontane (Four Fountains) crossroads as part of the next James Bond film. read more