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A White Runner at Atlanta’s Kennesaw Mountain is an Unexpected Minority

first_imgI’m half way up Kennesaw Mountain, one of the last bumps in the Appalachian chain, just north of Atlanta, when it hits me: I’m the only white person in the forest. It’s a strange, but awesome realization, particularly given my location.I’m running the main trail that switchbacks up the north face of the 1,808-foot hill, climbing 700 vertical feet in under a mile. It’s a hump of a run, and judging by the crowd, it’s also one of the most popular trails in the state. Families are hiking together, groups of runners are chatting, kids are struggling to hold onto dogs, while clusters of women power walk with their hands on their hips. And it plays out like a scene from the United Nations—Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, and Middle Easterners. I hear at least three different languages as I climb slowly up the hill.I grew up at the base of this mountain, spending countless weekends hiking the trails and playing in the fields. Picture kids climbing on cannons and teenagers throwing Frisbees in the grass. This was the ‘80s in the South, so picture lots of jean shorts and mullets on those kids. And I’m talking about “white” kids here. When I was young, Kennesaw was a predominantly rural town—a few new neighborhoods scattered between farms. We had one park, one elementary school, one restaurant (a Dairy Queen), and one black family. Mine was a childhood full of sandlot baseball, forts in the woods, and Sunday dinners with the priest. And a hell of a lot of racial tension, most of which seemed to be held over from the Civil War.When you grow up on the edge of Atlanta, it’s hard to avoid the Civil War. The ghosts were lurking around ever corner. Kennesaw Mountain was one of the pivotal battles in the war. My brothers and I would find 150-year-old bullets in our backyard. One of my mother’s favorite places to walk was the Confederate Cemetery, where thousands of nameless white headstones rose from the rolling grass, like rows of teeth. In elementary school, we took the same field trip every year, walking from our school to the Southern Museum of Civil War History in downtown Kennesaw.You could say the Civil War never actually ended in Kennesaw, Georgia. It was just on pause. Older folks referred to the conflict as “The War of Northern Aggression.” The town’s annual summer festival centered around a massive battle re-enactment. For decades, the most looming figure in Kennesaw was a guy named “Wild Man.” He owned a Civil War relic shop downtown, dressed every day as a Confederate soldier, and wore two guns strapped to his hips. Imagine seeing that guy in line at the Dairy Queen. Meanwhile, the KKK still handed out flyers at the stoplight when I was a kid. At this point in history, they weren’t allowed to wear their white masks anymore, but they could still disseminate hate speak.The predominantly white town and its surrounding county fought hard over the years to keep Atlanta’s public rail system from reaching its borders. Here’s how that particular train of thought has played out in the past: Poor people ride public transportation, and by poor people I mean minorities, and by minorities I obviously mean criminals…It’s as if Donald Trump was advising our city council. But wait, it gets better: Kennesaw made national news when the city council passed a law requiring every homeowner to own a gun in 1982. (Good law-abiding citizens that we were, my father bought a 22-caliber rifle, which he immediately disassembled.) Some people still call Kennesaw, “Gun Town, USA.” Awesome.So yeah, given the town’s history, I’m surprised to be the only white person on Kennesaw Mountain as I run the rocky doubletrack through Civil War earthworks and past historical placards. I spend a lot of time on trails all over the country, and the fact is, most people I see look just like me. They’re generally in better shape and have less gray in their beard, but we’re the same shade of pale. A 2013 participation report by the nonprofit Outdoor Foundation shows 70% of outdoor recreation participants are white. The national park service reports only one in five visitors as being “nonwhite.”I don’t doubt the validity of these statistics one bit, but if you did a participation study of Kennesaw Mountain on the days that I’ve run there over the last few years, you’d probably find inverse numbers. Maybe each day that I’ve run on that mountain is an anomaly, but I’d say one in five visitors are white. Maybe. Probably more like one in 10, which is incredible for a couple of reasons.First, as the demographics of the U.S. evolve, the outdoor industry, National Park Service, and various recreational groups are scrambling to find ways to encourage minorities to take up backpacking, visit parks and buy mountain bikes. They develop outreach programs and advertising campaigns dedicated to certain racial groups. Because, you know, when the U.S. is made up of mostly “nonwhites,” who will buy all of the performance layers with thumbholes?The Outdoor Industry could learn something from the diversity at Kennesaw Mountain. Mainly, participation in outdoor recreation has more to do with access than “cultural identification.” This particular trail system sits 20 miles from downtown Atlanta, on the edge of the South’s most populated and diverse city. It’s easy to get to. It’s free. The hiking is awesome. So people will show up, regardless of race or religion. You want to increase minority participation in outdoor sports? Figure out a way to include outdoor recreation in neighborhoods with robust minority populations. Greenways, clean rivers, trails that climbs hills…Kennesaw Mountain’s diversity proves that if people have access to trails, they’ll flock to those trails. And I love the simplicity of that equation.But mostly I’m psyched to be the only white person on Kennesaw Mountain because of the irony at play here. This is a trail system within a Civil War battlefield, on the edge of a town with a history of backwards ass racial maneuvers, and it’s now a beacon of diversity. This mountain and battlefield has stood for a lot of things since the Civil War, some good, some bad. Now it seems to be taking on another beautiful chapter, a sort of de-facto Central Park for the diverse families that now call Atlanta and its suburbs home.[divider]related articles[/divider]last_img read more

El Salvador: Police seize high-caliber weapons

first_imgBy Dialogo August 25, 2014 The arsenals of El Salvador’s Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 gangs feature rifles, carbines, machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns and grenades. Recent gang attacks against patrols and police officers involved military-grade weapons, according to experts from the National Civil Police (PNC). “MS-13 and Barrio 18 have used high-caliber weapons to strafe police patrols,” said Commissioner Evaristo Bartolo Padilla, the PNC deputy director of Special Areas and Operations. “Ninety-five percent [of the firearms seized] at the national level have been recovered from operations against gangs, such as MS-13 and Barrio 18.” One of the most serious incidents occurred on April 4 in Quezaltepeque municipality, in La Libertad department, when members of Barrio 18 called in a fake emergency and ambushed a patrol that was responding to help. The attack killed police officer Freddy García Ramírez and injured three others. Half an hour later, other Barrio 18 members strafed the entrance of a local police station from a moving vehicle. The officers involved in the other attack were assigned to this station. Since these incidents, the PNC has intensified its seizures of weapons and ammunition. On June 6, in response to the drive-by shooting at the Quezaltepeque police station, the PNC arrested six alleged gang members, seizing two M-16 rifles, two AK-47s and three shotguns. On July 10, four Barrio 18 members were arrested near the Las Palmas community in San Salvador with M-16 rifles in their possession. The suspects allegedly were on their way to receive weapons training from other gang members. Investigators have linked them with the attack in Quezaltepeque. All of the suspects were charged with illegal possession and transportation of weapons of war, crimes that carry prison sentences of four to 10 years, according to Article 346 of the Salvadoran Penal Code. “We’re tracking each of the weapons, using their individual characteristics, in order to determine their origins. All of the investigations are ongoing,” said Commissioner Mauricio Ramírez Landaverde, the PNC’s director general. The gangs have weapons that require specific training, said Deputy Commissioner Julio César Flores Castro, head of the Soyapango Police Department. “And the weapons and ammunition were in perfect condition, which indicates that the gang members themselves were carrying out maintenance,” he said. The gangs may be arming themselves with equipment reported as lost by the PNC and El Salvador Armed Forces (FAES) in order to face off against security forces, according to criminologist and counterterrorism specialist José Misael Rivas. “Since 2004, the PNC has lost weapons that were used to defend the community policing groups,” Rivas said. “These are indications that the gangs are measuring the ability of the police to react in the face of an attack. Nowadays it would be hard to find a gang member who doesn’t have at least one handgun and who couldn’t secure grenades in a few months in order to clash with the authorities.” Authorities haven’t disclosed the number of weapons lost by the Salvadoran security forces in recent years. “Most of the weapons are acquired on the domestic black market, which is supplied with stolen or misappropriated weapons,” Ramírez Landaverde said. “For example, there are a lot that belonged to private security companies and others that belonged to the FAES.” The PNC seized 2,331 firearms between January and July this year. Police confiscated 1,903 during the same period last year. Numbers seized from gang members were not specified. “We’ve sent personnel abroad for training in the tracking of weapons and we are coordinating plans with other Central American and Caribbean countries to stop arms trafficking in our country and the region,” Bartolo Padilla said. We want to know more about the things that are happening in El Salvador. Are there plans to take care of the colonies and what has happened with all the delinquents in prison?F: Miami, Florida. Excellent news report, keep it up… THE POLICE IS INCOMPETENT AND THE GANGS ARE OPERATING 24 HOURS A DAY AND THE NATIONAL POLICE BARELY WORKS 8 HOURS AND IN THE POLICE ROADBLOCKS THERE ARE UP TO 8 POLICEMEN BOTHERING THE HARD-WORKING PEOPLE. THOSE COPS SHOULD BE PROVIDING SECURITY TO THE PEOPLE AND NOT BOTHERING THE PEOPLE THAT WORK. Anastasio Aquino, WHY CAN’T THERE BE A NEW REVOLUTION IN EL SALVADOR, IN THIS CASE, AGAINST THE FMLN?? BECAUSE the organization is controlled neighborhood by neighborhood, colony by colony (WHICH BACK THEN WAS CONTROLLED BY THE FMLN) by the gangs. They know that you go in, you won’t come out. If you live in that territory or not..and if you enlist or NOT…AND IT’S NO COINCIDENCE. Do you think it’s a coincidence too that the government is defending the gang members??? What a better way to prevent an armed insurrection than to DISARM THE HONEST PEOPLE AND BAN CARRYING WEAPONS, aside from HAVING A VERY WELL ORGANIZED ARMY INFILTRATED WITHIN THE PEOPLE (THE GANGS ARE BETTER ORGANIZED THAN THE POLICE). THAT’S WHY I’M NOT VOTING FOR THE LEFT-WING THESE UPCOMING ELECTIONS NOR FOR GANA, WHICH IS THE SAME THING OR THE SMALL PARTIES BECAUSE I LOSE MY VOTE. SO I VOTE AGAINST THE PROMOTERS OF THESE EVILS!!! THE SAME ONES THAT SAY TO FIGHT TRAFFIC ARE THE ONES HANDLING THE WEAPON DEALING IN EL SALVADOR. As long as the corrupted judges aren’t screened, which are most, this country is lost. Because when it’s time to prosecute them, they wrap themselves with the same blanket and even if it’s a serious crime, they apply substitute measures. But with poor humble people they go all out pronouncing grand resolutions with great judicial rhetoric for situations that do not warrant. WOW! The Salvadorian PEOPLE are expecting for the response of our veneered red government, that will protect them. They have already freed us from debts and with their wisdom I’m sure that they are already fixing this messy ordeal; I’m certain that the government of Cuba and Maduro, who surely by now has received some advice from a little bird, for the great government of El Salvador. Fellow countrymen we are saved and in the upcoming elections we will vote read again!!! Good afternoon. There’s no use in seizing the weapons if after a month they have already gotten the same ones or, why not say it, even better weapons. Good luck, El Salvador. A weapon that is seized is a weapon that needs to be destroyed. Otherwise there’s the risk that it will disappear or go missing again and reappears in the hands of gang members. Otherwise, this becomes a vicious cycle that the weapon is in police custody today and tomorrow in the hands of gang members. There’s the possibility that these seized weapons have already been requisitioned by the police and are back on the streets again. How is this possible? Is this real? How is it that they have heavy-duty weapons? I think there’s something fishy here, this isn’t a coincidence. May God helps us because I can’t seem to understand this. What is happening in our country? Who are the people involved in all of this? The authorities need to perform a thorough investigation so this can stop happening. Let’s remember that we are supposedly in times of peace but I think everything is worse now than it was before, because during the times of war these things would happen but among the guerrilla and the army, but now with civilians? Well, what can you do? Yes, it’s clear that the owners of our country, of our colonies, of our homes, of our authorities only have one name here, and that’s the gangs, they are the ones in charge and if they order that someone leaves a house, they have to do it out of fear for their life. But what role can religion play in all this when Father Toño himself is part of all this mafia. Therefore, all I can say is that it’s better than the Salvadorians are migrating to other countries such as the United States. Because this is the only way we can take care of our families who are in our country. May God bless us all because only God knows how this will all end for us in these times of robbery, homicides and corruption while the representatives seek reelection in order to keep living off the people. What a pity, but we ourselves are the ones to blame for it all. Goodbye. Look, that little plaque is not to delete any serial number is to seal a hole that is done on M-16 A1 rifle overtime and with usage and coincidentally is done on the spot where the serial number is. Also, the M-16 rifles used by gang members were modified by hand and come from the Mexican and Colombian black markets and enter El Salvador along with the drugs through the mangroves of Estero, Jaltepeque and Jiquilisco. Anything else you need to know?? The government in my country is trash. The representatives are thieves just like the gangs. All of this mess was planned. It’s a shame because there are a lot of honest people in El Salvador that deserve a better life. It’s too bad for my beautiful people. I think most of citizenship knows that such armament is acquired through the contacts they have within the government. We know that the three powers of the state are involved in all this and the police too; it’s all corrupted in our country and that’s why you can’t control gangs. They are allies of drug trafficking and now those who control drug trafficking in our country are the assembly, the judicial power (District Attorney’s Office and the Courts) and the executive power. (I hope not to turn up dead in the streets one day for saying all this).last_img read more

‘He was one of the best’: UGM pays tribute to pharmacology professor who died of COVID-19

first_img“The larger family of UGM are mourning over Iwan’s passing today since he was one of the best pharmacology experts in Indonesia,” said UGM rector Panut Mulyono during the funeral on Tuesday.Panut said that Iwan had always encouraged fellow medical experts to refer to scientific evidence to improve the quality of public health in the country. His concern, Panut added, stemmed from the fact that many people consumed drugs and medication outside of doctors’ recommendations.“This happens because medical professionals in developing countries fail to keep up with the latest pharmacology information. As a result, many pharmaceutical corporations have exploited the situation by giving doctors false information regarding their drugs or medicines,” Panut said, noting that this message had also been conveyed by Iwan during his professorial inauguration on Jan. 7, 2008.“However, God has called him before he could see medical professionals not being deceived by pharmaceutical companies anymore,” he added.Iwan was rushed to the hospital on March 15 and later confirmed as the second COVID-19 case in the province.According to administration data, there are currently five COVID-19 patients in the province while 86 others have been tested. (glh)Topics : Iwan Dwiprahasto, a pharmacology professor at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) medical school, Yogyakarta, passed away at around 12 a.m. on Tuesday after battling with COVID-19 at the Dr. Sardjito General Hospital.Several medical officers wearing protective suits later placed Iwan in his final resting place at the UGM burial ground in Sawit Sari, Yogyakarta, at around 9 a.m. The officers sprayed disinfectant on the soil surrounding his grave when the funeral was over.The university also held a funeral service in honor of the 58-year-old professor’s dedication to medical science development in Indonesia, which was attended by dozens of people wearing masks and also broadcast live via the university’s official Instagram account.last_img read more

Gold Coast waterfront property sells for $1.35 million

first_img70 Santa Cruz Blvd, Clear Island Waters. 70 Santa Cruz Blvd, Clear Island Waters. 70 Santa Cruz Blvd, Clear Island Waters sold prior to its scheduled auction for $1.35 million.Gold Coast buyers paid $1.35 million for this stunning four-bedroom home at Clear Island Waters.The property at 70 Santa Cruz Blvd was set to go to auction but the buyers decided to put in an offer too good to refuse.More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North9 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoRay White Broadbeach agents Sam Guo and Julia Kuo handled the sale.A highlight of the house is it’s outdoor timber deck and thatched cabana overlooking the waterfront. Inside, there are plenty of living areas along with high ceilings and stone and timber finishes.last_img read more

Florida Animal Shelter Celebrates After Every Dog Adopted For the First Time Ever

first_imgNow that Floridians are stuck at home, most want a little company.As a result, many people are turning to man’s best friend.Volunteers at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control say every dog has adopted for the first time ever.The volunteers celebrated in front of empty kennels happy that their furry friends had found good, loving homes where their new master will always be home, at least for the foreseeable future.Every dog in an West Palm Beach animal shelter found a new home after a record number of adoptions. The Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control shelter announced “the amazing milestone” on Tuesday in a Facebook post.last_img read more

UW holds on for 2013 indoor conference championship

first_imgThe Wisconsin men\’s track and field team poses for the camera after winning the 2013 Big Ten Indoor Championships\’ team title.[/media-credit]GENEVA, Ohio – It wasn’t decided until the final event, but Wisconsin head coach Ed Nuttycombe was able to breathe a sigh of victorious relief Saturday afternoon at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio.In a meet that saw the top five teams separated by a mere five points, the No. 10 Badgers’ men’s track and field team emerged winner of the team title in the 2013 Big Ten Indoor Track Championships.The indoor title is UW’s first since 2008.“The first thing was that it came down to the last event, d?j? vu all over again,” Nuttycombe said in reference to his team’s close victory in the 2012 Big Ten Outdoor Championship. “The results were the same as far as us winning, the way it went down was a little different.”But, things were a little different in the way UW was able to seal the title.Heading into the final event, the 4×400-meter relay, Wisconsin held a 1.5 point lead over Illinois. Then, the shocker of the meet occurred, as the Illini struggled on their final exchange and their last runner tripped up on the final lap and did not finish the race, sealing the victory for the Badgers.It was a race that left many, including Nuttycombe, speechless, especially because Wisconsin finished only eighth in the final event.“I was stunned,” Nuttycombe said. “I honestly did not know what to say the first few minutes after the race.”Pacing the Badgers winning 90-point team total was the heptathlon combination of All-American junior Japheth Cato and sophomore Zach Ziemek, placing No. 1 and No. 2 at the event. Cato shattered his Big Ten record by posting a 6,090-point performance, while Ziemek trailed by posting his own impressive tally of 5,846, earning him a second team all-Big Ten honor.With the win, Cato becomes the Big Ten’s second ever three-time winner in the heptathlon. The total mark by the Wisconsin junior also ranks as the second best by an American and fourth best in the world so far this year.Cato was powered to the title by wins in the events 60-meter dash, long jump, 60-meter hurdles and pole vault while placing fourth in the high jump.“I came here with the determination of just simply coming here to win,” Cato said. “Halfway through it, right after high jump, I thought ‘Man, I just might go for it, you know?’ I only have a couple of these [heptathlons] my whole entire life so it’s all or nothing.“Go big or go home.”Ziemek’s performance was special as well, as the sophomore finished with his personal-best performance and the No. 5 mark in the NCAA this season, finishing in the exact place in the indoor championships he had strived for.“I really wanted to take second place because Cato is amazing and I know I couldn’t take first,” Ziemek said. “I really wanted to help out the team this year.”Besides the dominating Wisconsin performances in the heptathlon, the Badgers were buoyed by individual championships from junior Danny Block in the shot put – with a throw of 19.4 meters – and Maverick Darling in the 3,000-meter run, who set a meet record with a time of 7:50.97.Sophomore Austin Mudd finished second in the 800-meter run, missing first by just tenths of a second to Penn State’s Brannon Kidder.Canadian Olympic runner and Wisconsin senior Mohammed Ahmed also contributed in a big way by placing second in the 5,000-meter run with Darling placing third behind him.But the contributions in the 5,000-meter run didn’t stop there, as seniors Elliot Krause and Brian Leung also finished sixth and seventh, helping the Badgers rack up 19 points in the event, one which Nuttycombe says “we hang our program and our success in that area.”“We needed at least 17 points out of the 5K,” senior captain Grant Bughman said. “Guys stepped up when they needed to and, at the end of the day, all that mattered was getting that stick around the track. Sometimes that’s all it takes.”The championship was the 26th for the Badgers under Nuttycombe and the program’s 17th since 2000, reaffirming the Badgers’ track and field program as a conference dynasty.“Just like Mav and I talked about the day before with a bunch of the guys when we met, all you have to do is focus on your job, and that’s what everyone did,” Bughman said. “As long as everyone performs when they need to, you might get a little luck to go your way, and we did what we came here to do.”All quotes courtesy of UW Athletics Communicationslast_img read more

Men’s basketball falls to Colorado

first_imgAs USC’s leading scorer, senior forward Bennie Boatwright has had to come through time and again for the Trojans — he did so again with 24 points in a losing effort against Colorado. (Josh Dunst/Daily Trojan) Senior guard Shaqquan Aaron was also a crucial facilitator as the Trojans gained a 21-19 lead over Colorado. Aaron had two straight assists, breaking down the defense and passing it out to junior Derryck Thornton for an open 3-pointer in the first instance. On the following possession, Aaron passed the ball to freshman guard Kevin Porter, who excited the crowd with a smooth reverse layup. The Trojans showcased their improved ball movement in the opening possessions of the game. After poor passing and shot selection against Utah, the Trojans appeared to bring a more patient mindset. They also played well on the defensive end, holding Colorado to 3 points in the first few minutes of the game. The Trojans were unable to expand their lead over the Buffaloes due to a scoring slump. However, the team continued to move the ball around and force turnovers. After seven minutes of play, USC was ahead 12-11. The Trojans continued to move the ball well with assisted scoring drives from Rakocevic and Boatwright. However, Colorado took the lead over USC with 5 straight points. The Buffaloes were ahead 44-39 with 13 minutes left in the second half. In the final minutes of the game, both sides traded layups, keeping the game close. However, Colorado pulled ahead late with two free throws, and USC was unable to make the comeback. Aaron put an exclamation point on a strong first half performance with a 3-point play to tie the game at 26-26 with two minutes left. He drove into the Buffaloes defense, drawing contact and finishing the play with a free throw. After a close matchup throughout the game, USC fell to Colorado 69-65 at home due to poor shooting Saturday night. “[This game] came down to the wire, it could have gone either way,” Mathews said. “We need to keep playing and get some road wins.” Both teams were held to 14 points through the first 10 minutes of the game, and their shooting struggles led to increased defensive efforts. Junior forward Nick Rakocevic was a major factor, as he was aggressive on the glass, capturing two offensive rebounds early in the game.center_img Boatwright had a strong night with 24 points, five rebounds and four assists. Additionally, Aaron added 13 points with crucial shots down the stretch. Colorado freshman forward Evan Battey was a strong presence from the inside. He forced physical play from Rakocevic and caused him to sit out with foul trouble. With Rakocevic off the court, Aaron stepped up and hit two big 3-pointers. Colorado continued to press forward offensively, however, and USC was down 58-55 with six minutes left in the game. Boatwright answered this Colorado run with a 2- and 3-pointer in consecutive possessions. The two teams battled to obtain a substantial lead, but neither could pull away. “We had a couple of chances to win it or at least take the lead at the end,” head coach Andy Enfield said. “[The Buffaloes] were able to get to the rim and shoot two right-handed layups.” Senior forward Bennie Boatwright opened the second-half scoring for the Trojans with a mid-range shot. He then intercepted a pass, and junior guard Jonah Mathews finished the play for a 33-31 lead two minutes in. USC will go on the road to face Stanford at 8 p.m. Wednesday. The Trojans look to bounce back from this loss and re-establish themselves in the Pac-12 standings. Colorado shot just 20 percent from the 3-point line, but USC was unable to take advantage due to its inefficient offense. Colorado also dominated on the glass, winning the rebounding battle 38-29. Rakocevic, who has been otherwise  solid this season, had just 8 points and six rebounds. The Trojans tied the close matchup in the final seconds of the first half with another 3-point play. Porter attacked the basket in transition, making the layup and free throw. Overall, the Trojans shot poorly, but individual efforts tied the score at 29-29 by the end of the half.last_img read more

Manager says Tipp football is now a force to be reckoned with.

first_imgThrow-in is at 3.30 on Sunday afternoon in Semple Stadium. Tipp FM will have full live coverage in association with O’Donovan Marquees, Birdhill. His comments come as the Premier gear up for the start of their championship season against Waterford in Semple Stadium this Sunday.Tipperary has collected Minor and Under 21 awards over the last number of years and the aim now is to reap the rewards at senior level.Peter Creedon believes if Tipp find consistency in their play this season, anything is possible.last_img read more

Askott announces esports-first platform extension

first_img Related Articles Soft2Bet continues new market drive with Irokobet launch August 26, 2020 StumbleUpon Kansspelautoriteit enters into MoU with Malta Gaming Authority August 28, 2020 Submit Chetan Pandya, Pragmatic Solutions: Sticking to the circle of competence June 9, 2020 Share Share Operators setting up an esports-first gambling brand can get to market quickly through the new Chameleon platform from Askott Entertainment.By default, the B2B iGaming platform provides fixed odds betting on both esports and sports, pool betting on esports, fantasy esports and proprietary casino games.Chameleon 1.0 is currently only licensed in Curacao, but is in the process of adding a Critical Gaming Supply licence through the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).The company’s goal was to supply a product to the industry that focuses on the needs of the esports-first and millennial audience: gamification, personalisation and live engagement.“We have spent years at Askott building the platform we would want to use ourselves,” explained Askott CTO Jeremy Hutchings. “We have taken the requirements and desires of industry and harnessed it into our platform; the flexibility we can supply can only be matched by the speed to market that we can offer our partners.”Meanwhile, Askott has also confirmed the appointment of Benjamin Bradtke, a co-founder of and former Head of Marketing at Dojo Madness, as its new CCO.Scott Burton, Askott CEO, said: “Ben is a product-driven esports enthusiast with a deep understanding of the gambling space. We are excited to have him leading the commercialization and evolution of the Chameleon Gaming Platform we have spent the last few years building.   “Having already signed our first partner and with more announcements to come, 2019 is going to be a great year for Askott Entertainment.”last_img read more

Man United 2-1 Marseille: Hernandez fires red devils into quarter-finals

first_imgA Chicharito double was enough to send Manchester United through to the Champions League quarter-finals, after they saw off Marseille 2-1 in an engaging battle at Old Trafford.With an opening that defied Didier Deschamps’ claim that the United side lacked the ‘fantasy’ of old, the hosts burst out of the blocks with Chicharito tapping in a Wayne Rooney cross in the first five minutes.This start flattered to deceive though, with Marseille missing a hatful of guilt-edged chances before Chicharito scored his second tap-in of the evening.A Wes Brown own goal gave the hosts a nervy ending but Sir Alex Ferguson’s side eventually held on to secure a 2-1 aggregate victory following the stalemate at the Stade Velodrome a fortnight ago.The hosts set out their stall early on, both dominant and enterprising in possession, with Rooney showing a handful of decent touches that showed no signs of the striker abandoning his recent fine form.And it took no time at all for this early inspiration to materialise into something a little more substantial. Collecting the ball in the middle of the park, Rooney sprayed a pass out to the left and continued his run into the Marseille area. Ryan Giggs dropped the ball back into Rooney on the left-hand side of the area and as he drilled it across the six–yard box, Chicharito was at hand, with all the time and space in the world, to side foot home. The visitor’s reply was almost as swift as United’s opener. Andre Ayew’s lofted ball caught both Chris Smalling and Wes Brown napping, but with the ball sitting up rather nicely for Andre-Pierre Gignac, the striker opted for precision rather than power, got it all wrong and placed the ball woefully high and wide.This inadequacy of technique was demonstrative of the French side in general, with two glaring individual errors almost allowing Manchester United to double their lead.Firstly Souleymane Diawara miscontrolled to allow Rooney to pick up the ball just in front of the Marseille back four, though after he clipped the ball forward, Hernandez could only guide his header into Steve Mandanda’s hands.Taking his turn, Mandanda then sliced his goal kick straight to Nani 40-yards out from goal. The Portuguese winger fed Rooney on the overlap down the right but his cutback failed to find a red shirt.With the game violently lurching end-to-end, John O’Shea left the field after tweaking his hamstring during a raid down the right. With the defender missing from action, Marseille almost capitalised on their temporary numerical superiority when Taye Taiwo received the ball from a short corner and fed a delicious ball into the United box. With the ball placed perfectly onto his head, Diawara continued what seemed to be the theme of the first half for the visitors, and after distorting his body shape, sent his header well wide with the goal gaping.As Marseille began to threaten, with Bruno Cheyrou testing Edwin Van der Sar from range, deja vu almost struck at the other end. Rooney, relentless in his work up top, found himself in some space on the left and his drilled ball into the box looked like producing a carbon copy of the first goal until Hernandez went down under the challenge of Taiwo, only for the ref to dismiss the goalscorer’s claims of a push.Soon pressing again for the equaliser, Marseille went close after Loic Remy strode onto a limp Smalling clearance yet was unlucky to see his fiercely struck volley take the paint of Van der Sar’s crossbar.As the referee blew for half-time, both teams looked ready to regroup – run ragged by a vibrant first half tempo – with Manchester United evidently the happier to go in at the interval a goal up after a few hairy moments.Without showing the potency the hosts displayed in the first half, Marseille began the second the brightest. Deschamps’ side saw plenty of the ball but failed to breach the United back four as the hosts ran close to snatching a second two times after runs from deep by Chicharito and Giggs were thwarted by an offside call and Mandada’s sharpness at playing sweeper. As the hour mark approached the game showed no sign of dropping its see-sawing nature. Rooney turned majestically inside the box but opted to pass rather than shoot and saw his lay-off blocked, before Remy nonchalantly beat Giggs on the edge of the other box and wastefully sent a cross beyond all targets in the area.Brown then nearly ended up with egg on his face as his wild attempted clearance of a cross from deep failed to connect and the ball skimmed just past Remy, who was lurking at the far post, but in no way anticipated Brown’s air shot.Marseille continued to crank up the pressure but with both teams making a few changes, the game stumbled into a bit of a disjointed lull.However, one sub, the returning Antonio Valencia, took little time to make his impact on the game and at that, effectively end the tie. Ghosting in from the right, the Ecuadorian winger slid an excellent reverse pass into the path of Giggs who fed Chicharito for his second, unmissable tap-in of the evening.The goal took the wind out of Marseille’s sails for all of two minutes. Knowing that only two goals would be enough to send them through, the French side sent men forward in abundance. When they forced a corner it looked as if the host of red shirts would clear the ball with ease, but Brown, under pressure from Gabriel Heinze, proceeded to head the ball over his own line. With only a goal required to complete a remarkable turnaround, Marseille failed to threaten the hosts allowing Manchester United to use their vast experience at this level to kill off the game and ensure their sixth successive Champions League quarter-final appearance.Source: Goal.comlast_img read more