Mobell bicycle massive failure but the majority is not the Lite version is still the operator

the evening of December 29th, v-mobile bikes have a large area of the fault problems in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.


, each city’s official micro-blog Mobell bikes have responded to operators, called as soon as possible. According to Sina Technology interview, v-mobile cycling said, has urged and assist operators on the network emergency repair, late before 10 has basically returned to normal.


this morning, December 30th, love fan children in Guangzhou try to use v-mobile bike, bike for several continuous scan code, that is still unable to use. Page display for vehicle fault. Some passers-by in the v-mobile single scan code, is also unable to unlock. read more

Cool source cmsV1 0 beta1 version is scheduled to be released today

      the latest news, cool source software will be released in September 25th cool source cms1.0 test version, the company is currently on the existing functions to do the final test.

      test version using including function for news system and membership system, cool source software development based on.Net2.0+vs2005 system uses a N layer architecture, currently supports MSSQL2000 and MSSQL2005 database.

      cool source software as an excellent CMS system, in addition to the well-known AJAX technology and XML technology and cache technology, but also uses the JSON technology and HTML5 standard. (do not know JSON and HTML5 webmaster can go to Baidu first familiar) read more

The nternet revolution 10 years of media experience how the reborn




in the Internet era, the media is like a chameleon, a dwelling in the light colorful lights under the keen barge fickle, waiting in the wings, any one of the latest technological innovation or spread, are likely to make the change, change the Internet fast 10 years of media experience confirms this good a little.

industry change and role transformation

the last 10 years, digital media from the portal to social media, mobile media platform to complete the form in the media, completely change, change in the results of specific performance: pay more attention to the information communication facility, two-way and autonomy, in short, is the digital media from a professional position, to all users with the most simple, easy to use, easy access to content services. Not long ago, at the Cannes International Festival of creativity (The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity) won sixty-second " " media personality of the year award; Tencent network media business group president, senior executive vice president Liu Shengyi proposed in his speech, the new media as a typical Tencent (network media business includes Tencent video portal, micro-blog, APP, news etc.) target, from the pursuit of technological innovation, change with the power of technology, to make thousands on thousands of ordinary users can equally enjoy the convenience of digital media. read more

Robin Li wrote four years ago to promote the speech Entrepreneurship practical seven strokes

      September 4th news, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently in its blog once again called the seven practical entrepreneurship lecture content. Robin Li said that there were media reports of his speech, but did not record the time and place, so the blog again review the background of the speech.

      "everyone is a little narcissistic," Robin Li admits, often searching for his own name on the Internet blog, and in chronological order, observing the industry’s latest comments about it. read more

One week news review Nora founder Wang Xin was arrested in the red flag to success

1 Baidu SkyDrive for alleged dissemination of pornographic information is part of the account is closed


August 11th news, recently, the media from Beijing City pornography office was informed that the masses reflect part of SkyDrive’s Baidu account exists dissemination of pornographic information problems. By the relevant departments to investigate, identify some of the contents of pornographic Internet publishing information. In August 6th, the Beijing municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps confirmed containing pornographic content Baidu SkyDrive dissemination of audio-visual programs, in violation of the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service, the Baidu Inc issued a rectification notice, SkyDrive asked Baidu to delete the relevant content immediately closed dissemination of pornographic content account, rectification, and submit rectification report. read more

SARFT will popularize the official system TV box crying halo in the living room

SARFT will popularize the official system

regulators to rectify the actions of the TV box tightened step by step. From the State Press and Publication Administration (hereinafter referred to as SARFT) No. 181 to four departments jointly issued the text of No. 229, from the release of Internet TV license, to non USB installed applications and other functions, since 2011, with the rapid development of Internet, regulators on the Internet set-top box has become more and more strict supervision.

December 26th, SARFT science and technology division, Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic information division held "launched smart TV operating system TVOS2.0 conference and TVOS2.0 industrial scale application of" ceremony in Hunan Changsha, according to the "Hunan daily" reported that the official will be forced to promote the popularity of smart TV operating system, TVOS2.0 will dominate the TV arena". read more

Blogcn announced the termination of the blog era is a free service

December 13th, blog service provider Blogcn ( announced the cessation of free blog service. This is another case of the demise of the blog era.

today, Blogcn announced that: after careful assessment, Blogcn will fully start charging service VIP, and from now on to stop free blog service. Please free users before March 31, 2013, self export data backup. Beginning in April 1, 2013, the site will no longer open data export, and no longer retain free user blog data. We will do a server adjustment at the end of March 2013, to ensure a stable service for VIP users." read more

The buzz remediation SP storm will set up bad publicity column


technology news news July 3rd, Ministry of information industry buzz remediation SP storm, MII telecommunication management bureau also began to participate in campaigns, and strictly requiring the timely SP bad behavior to the public, even in the website open column announced on the national SP enterprise bad behavior records.

SP complaint is still a lot of

the Telecommunications Authority official said, in 2007 1-5 month, the Ministry of telecommunications users complaint handling center, Department of the petition office, mail and other channels, the website of the Ministry of the Minister of people receiving on telecommunications complaints, reports and letters and visits more than 14000 people, of which nearly 30% mainly reflect the SP enterprise information services and related problems. read more

Network security startups CloudFlare financing 20 million

Beijing time on July 12th evening news, network security startups CloudFlare said on Tuesday that it has received $20 million in funding in the second round of financing. The company received only $2 million in the first round of financing.

CloudFlare round of financing led by the investment company New Enterprise Associates, the company’s previous investors Venrock and Pelion Venture Partners also participated in this round of financing. New Enterprise Associates has also invested in other companies, including Atheros, Fusion-io and Groupon, etc.. read more

Comparison between Admin5 and Chinaz


2 Chinese ridge poly 60% station stationmaster net gradually revised, niche comment.

admin5 content page advertising 7, Chinaz content page ad 4.

admin5 home advertising 12, Chinaz home page advertising 8.

admin5 advertising seems to be more, ready to be advertising corrosion, Admin5 after the revision of advertising a lot more.

a few months on the webmaster network, personal feel that the network is also sub grade.

chinaz is relatively high, not often, but I must use his statistics, the source must also be under the Chinaz of the word of mouth – is committed to providing power to the Chinese website. read more

Online education platform Craftsy is how to achieve an average of 1600 paid users

2010, John Levisay aware – online education market is far from saturated. Thus, the former eBay and ServiceMagic executives leave entrepreneurship, there will be today’s Craftsy, a professor of technology live video platform. Users can learn how to knit a sweater, learn how to make cakes and so on, but most of the courses here are paid, which is Craftsy’s way of profit. In May 2010, Craftsy got their angel funding, last year, the official website.

The so-called " read more

The nternet second half after the past does not love to move forward

"let bygones be straight forward to Wang" is most often say, at different stages have different meaning of this sentence.

Internet second half

third session of the world internet conference just concluded, Wuzhen has returned to normal in the hustle and bustle, the brightest Internet business heavyweights also return to their respective fields, began the next journey. If the node of this Internet Conference as entrepreneurs in a complex, they for the future of the Internet development seems to have formed a consensus that the Internet has come in the second half. read more

There are four major problems in the domestic nternet industry This is a disease

if ten years ago, the Internet industry for most people is still a fresh vocabulary, so today is no longer a a commonplace talk of an old scholar. The Internet industry has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Before the Internet gave me a silent feeling, a little training with the user’s spending habits, not so many gimmicks and speculation, and today, a group of people get together to do one thing, very noisy, impetuous market environment, inevitably there are a lot of problems.

  read more

Comsenz launched 09 series Discuz template plug in plug in core innovation

the latest news, Comsenz (Comsenz) next week (June 15th) launched the "2009 annual community product template plug-in share contest, it’s Discuz! – core mechanism of the new community forum system will be officially announced.

For the first time held the 2009 annual

Comsenz community products share competition aims to share excellent template plugin template plugin, let more powerful author and ordinary author can share the joy of creation, let more Adsense benefit from the template plugin author sharing. According to official sources, the contest entries include Discuz templates, UCenter Home templates, SupeSite templates, Discuz plug-ins, etc.. read more

Foreign websites recommend MatchPuppy social networking sites based on pet dog dating

Beijing on April 25th news, according to foreign media reports, MatchPuppy is a pet dog looking for blind date social networking sites. At present, the service is limited to the New York area, according to the size of the pet dog, age and energy levels to match.

if you are a dog who can enter the website to find partners for their dog, through other dog owners to contact the city with dogs.

MatchPuppy co-founder Michael Chiang said the site was targeted for date for pet dog service, because he felt for his 3 year old Louis (Maltese dog) breeding object is difficult to find. read more

The national government website survey the wrong name leaders will be shut down


June 16, 2011, the Sichuan Autonomous Prefecture of Liangshan Huili County Government website on the home page published an article entitled "the construction of Lixian high standard of rural highway" in the news, with obvious signs of photo synthesis. In the photo, three county leaders were "floating" over a highway, and the images showed that the leaders were "checking the newly built highway". The photo immediately after the publication of the hot friends, spoof, known as suspended". Then the Huili County Government set up micro-blog, confirmed that the photo does PS, and a public apology. read more

ZTE mobile phone defeat is natural or man made

ZTE layoffs, the size of 3000 people, of which the mobile phone sector is 600.

currently, ZTE currently has 60000 employees in the world, and this will lay off about 5%. Among them, the global mobile phone business sector will lay off 600 people, accounting for 10% of the total number of mobile phone sector employees.

China mobile phone business sector layoffs will be more than 20%, will be completed in the first quarter of this year." One executive said truthfully.

in addition, ZTE mobile phone overseas company insiders said that his department was asked in January of this year before the end of 10% layoffs. Some of the staff was also named must be cut, because they had tried to apply for rival HUAWEI, is regarded as "unstable factors.". read more

Guoxin office to investigate and deal with 110 jurisprudence site illegal account was closed 3300

Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Shi Jingnan) 20 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, Guoxin office to carry out the "anti pornography · net net 2014 special action, since January this year, Guoxin office has prosecute pornographic websites 110, close relevant channels, columns 250, closed micro blog and WeChat, blogs, forums and other types of accounts more than 3 thousand and 300, shutting down more than 7 thousand advertising links, delete jurisprudence information of more than 20. read more

Thousand Oaks group jointly Zhaopin business network to break the impasse

day before, are listed in the process of the two companies, Qianxiang interactive group and Zhaopin, jointly launched the first China commtech business network — graticule. Thousand Oaks Group official said the "Securities Daily", different from the traditional business networking sites, Jingwei network will business network with high quality, social search engine based on QA pattern integration, create high efficiency and high quality information privacy and social network, and ultimately trust and intelligence share. read more

The news website face the editor for you write 140 words Twitter as you choose

see a good article on a website, what do you usually do?

yes, a lot of people will take the initiative to share a variety of social tools, micro-blog, WeChat circle of friends, etc.. And, you have to say something to share it, to mention a few feelings, pick a paragraph of the core point of view of the article.

and if you share the "Losangeles times" website article, you don’t have to worry about how to write a summary, or brains pondering how to fill the blank of 140 words in the micro-blog input box, because the new revision of the "Losangeles times" official website made a decision at the start of each: this paper put out a piece of writing, provided in advance by the editor of the 3-4 word share content (format is an unpublished Twitter post), the user can choose any one of their own heart, to share directly to twitter. read more