Lianyungang China Silk Road nternational Logistics Expo

silk road is famous all over the world, so that more people know that in ancient times, through the Silk Road to transport goods out. The third China Silk Road International Logistics Expo held in Lianyungang industrial exhibition center. The exhibition is sponsored by the China International Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, foreign affairs office, the provincial council, the Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government jointly hosted.

Vice chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee Zhang Huaixi read more

What are the key factors to open clothing store location

open clothing store generally choose those positions? In addition to the super business, many operators like to talk about their own shops arranged in the roadside. Clothing store location should be taken seriously, if you want to make a profit, then you should do more homework, Xiaobian share a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

location to note, in fact many friends all know, is that there must be considerable traffic, such as the Beijing Xidan North Street, passenger Wang, good enough, businesses became a hotly contested spot. That is not enough passenger flow on the line, nor is it. In some regions, such as Beijing’s CBD, a lot of people, but on the scarcity of resources, high rents, and through the local passenger for employees and as a courier company salesman, to provide services for commuters restaurant takeout etc., or they have no time to go around, or do not have enough capacity to pay, resulting in operating in this kind of area businesses operating difficulties. read more

South Korean barbecue buffet investment 50 thousand months back to this small business climax again

Xiao Zhu Korean barbecue buffet restaurant lunch dinner meal hot, 60 square meters of the store, 22 tables, at least 2 wave of customers, the weekend at least 3-4 wave of customers, business amounted to six thousand or seven thousand yuan, up to reach 10 thousand yuan.

project description

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Shanghai medical support combined with open innovation model


years, the cold air once again swept the earth, let people feel the chill, but in Shanghai Changning District Yi Xiandi two home is warm, festive atmosphere in the old man’s face filled with, bring a feeling of happiness to the people, let people feel happy, all the elderly health.

the CPC Changning District Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Chen Zhiqi and the old people pulled a homemade, concerned, told the eager words let old people feel the warmth of the big family of society. Chen Zhiqi said, is Chinese traditional virtue of respecting the old love, always help the common responsibility of the whole society. Changning District took the lead in promoting people’s livelihood + science and technology wisdom pension construction, explore the pension service package system to promote the integration of home, community, institutional pension services development. read more

Laundry to join several common scam

is currently almost any industry there is a scam, especially some joined the cooperative market, if not careful, more gullible, and the same market to join the laundry. Deputy director of the China University of Political Science and Law Research Center, Li Weihua, chairman of the franchise Union International Laundry Chain Co. Ltd. Guo Shiqi through washing industry, especially in-depth study of franchising, laundry chain, join in the field, especially the induction of several washing franchise in the most common and the most important tricks to deceive. read more

Skills skillful use of social media to sell

the Internet is a big stage, you can show myself here, also can display products, their information and service here, and it is possible to obtain consumers and customers from around the world here.

of course, there are some challenges on the Internet sales. Thousands of businesses are trying to promote products and services on the internet. If you choose the wrong channel, not to allow consumers to see your product, or did not let them hear your story, then you leave the opportunity to others. read more

Unilever announced the latest results of personal care products performed well

Chinese market is mainly driven by electricity supplier

Unilever recently announced the first quarter of 2016, total revenue of 12 billion 500 million euros (about RMB 91 billion 270 million) fell by 2%. The constant exchange rate of organic growth (Underlying Sales Growth), which is a pure business growth of 4.7%, to achieve the analysts expected. Emerging markets grew particularly fast, reaching 8.3%.

from the category view, personal items (including shampoo, shower gel, sweat etc.) and family care (laundry, softener and air freshener) increases quickly, sales growth was 5.8% and 7%. Other brands of food including Lipton sales growth rate dropped to 1.9%. read more

Who is eligible to change the pattern of B2B e commerce market

from time to time to see the media coverage of the B2B e-commerce market pattern will be changed, nothing more than a B2B news website claiming to do more than Alibaba, how to rewrite the B2B pattern of the market, behind these empty boring news, actually nothing more than a B2B website for how many dollars of investment risk, feel suddenly have a talk capital, so take a sanwubo transportation fee, please send it to the media pr. This press release to see more, but until now have not released the news website to see any one of the B2B has the ability to change the pattern of competition, and most of these sites in a fracas even after they have lost their interest in chanting, even gradually disappeared. read more

Admin5 Adsense network joint Baidu statistics continue to carry out online lectures

webmaster network on August 18th morning news, by the Admin5 webmaster network joint Baidu statistics online training courses will be held at 19 on August 18th.

According to the

Admin5 station network responsible person, this training course is divided into 4 stages, each stage training plan Monday, mainly using voice communication form, through training activities, let the webmaster have full understanding of statistics and analysis of the webmaster website data, through the first 2 period, in effect, all the webmaster reflect good, said through lectures on Baidu and Baidu optimization system has a more in-depth understanding. read more

Amoy brand rules of the game change the overall strength of the competition or welcome mergers and a

[introduction] the Amoy brand had to face is that the rules of the game are changing: the product price will be hung on the business’s gone for ever, now is the brand proposition, supply chain management, marketing team, the overall strength of the competition.

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on May 9th

Angel City fans found that in April 22nd the new notice in the model, is no longer a small A.

small A and Dan Jiaming husband and wife is the founder of angel city. From the beginning to the Liebo was founded before the acquisition, A has been the city of angels model. Last year, the city of angels had changed a Taiwan model, but because of the opposition of the fans, small A back. read more

Ke Jia companies use blog marketing blog boss blog

why do you want to write a blog about the boss, the purpose of writing blog is divided into internal and external two aspects of boss blogging will focus more on business problems and construction of enterprises and foreign boss’s blog, will focus on enterprise with foreign public relations. The most important is the unique unique boss blogging is the identity of the owner, to face consumers and employees, the content of the blog is often considered to have inside color, also has real-time and reality, by setting up the image of the boss, and then shape the brand or company image. read more

Their way do stand summarize Wangzhuan

today to write this article, is to prepare for the novice friends. Because in the group from time to time to hear friends say how to build a website, it is not difficult to build a website. In their eyes, to own a station is very happy, very proud, if can do for their own profit, it is a happy thing. But some people always feel the station is far away. In fact, it is not as difficult to stand as friends. I hope this article can write it through Wangzhuan, to inspire everyone.

if you will use Dreamweaver to do the station, just need to buy a space and domain name can be, and then do a good job uploading. Now I’m talking about the use of ready-made CMS program to build their own web site, three steps. read more

56 sites due to pornographic videos were investigated Jinshan fast disk was fined

to close down the serious problems have been reported to be severely punished website website Beijing

on 7 May, this reporter today from the national anti pornography office was informed that the recent net net action moves to a new, to focus on monitoring network audio-visual programs. Pornographic network audio-visual programs linked to 174, involving 18 provinces and municipalities of the 56 sites.

it is reported that the 18 provinces are Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Anhui, Fujian, Shaanxi, Beijing, Guangdong, Hebei, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shanghai, Hubei, Guangxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing. Among them, the largest number of pornographic network audio visual programs in Zhejiang, 34. From the monitoring found that the number of links distribution, pornographic network audio-visual programs 86% distributed in the network audio and video websites, also exist in some SkyDrive and forum. read more

Mission treasure network domain name is not treasure or negative tired

recently rumored, Groupon due to the absence of funds, or on the verge of collapse. Sources said that due to the chain of funds strand breaks caused by the situation continued to spread to the negative direction, part of the cooperation of businesses unable to obtain arrears on time, from the group to buy the network will refuse to enter the group. Even rumors, due to not contact the Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei, suspect that he has escaped and fled, all kinds of specious rhetoric. That Ren Chunlei in his micro-blog ridicule, "every day in the micro-blog report to the province, let others brazenly disinformation." Groupon is facing financial difficulties do not distinguish the fact, to seek financing or merger news can be heard without end. No matter where the mission treasure network, but it can change its domain name change treasure for the waste business strategy, it is worth mentioning. read more

Experts explain the new online shopping hot 7 days no reason to return back to


shop is still hanging "not to return" despot clause

reporter found in advanced search, the whole network with new product search criteria to 342 million 470 thousand, baby only 122 million 812 thousand and 400 and add seven days return guarantee conditions. Many shops are still home to hang out disclaimer such as size color does not belong to quality problems will not be returned, seemingly reminder, indeed King terms, restrict conditions of commodity exchange, blatant prejudice the legitimate interests of consumers. read more

The daily topic cut off Alipay WeChat interface of mobile payment behind the competition

station network ( news February 21st, 17 this month, the media reported that Alipay has stopped accepting payment interface scenarios for WeChat, which means that businesses in WeChat to build business platform will not be able to access Alipay to pay.

for Alipay shielding WeChat, industry analysts believe that Alipay is attempting to avoid Alipay become one of WeChat’s payment, as for the impact of Alipay’s move brought is difficult to predict. However, there are also people think there may be a lot of Alipay refused businesses will be switched to WeChat to pay arms, but given the current WeChat payment threshold requirements for businesses (the need to open the WeChat payment interface businesses need to pay 50 thousand yuan deposit), so Alipay’s move will cause a certain impact on small businesses. read more

China’s four largest cattle T industry heavyweights redefined and combined with the nternet

Discuz lovers in April 10th, the Internet era is the era of attention economy, who won the attention of people’s attention, to a large extent, the success of half. Coming out of New Oriental English training star Luo Yonghao is such a model will create a focus of attention. A few years ago, Luo fat high-profile throws mobile phone to do, it was the era of popular millet entrepreneurship; a year ago, Luo Pangzi from the mobile phone system, he opened a hammer IOS road; today, Luo fat once again thrown out in May 20 the first stressed 3000 yuan mobile phone user experience first. A road to Luo Yonghao Taylor, gather a focus, Luo this trick is probably another classic case of Internet sales. read more

Jiayuan or listed overseas experts will promote the dating market purification

in extensive network Beijing on April 18th news China according to the voice of "news" reports, along with the domestic dating show continued hot, dating website recently in the rising popularity, some purple red. To occupy the domestic market banbishan marriage Jiayuan network, intimated to market.

even know that the company has hired PWC to do the audit, to prepare for the listing on the nasdaq. If the search room, Youku, potatoes, Dangdang the current hottest profit sites listed, can also be understood, the modern version of China matchmaker Jiayuan listed – some people cannot read. read more