The company name can be a surprise move

a casual, so that consumers are surprised to see the name, but also feel very fun, invisible nature for the company to bring more consumers. So, if you want to call the company’s success might surprise.

in today’s fierce market competition environment, the company’s products and services store quality difference is more and more small, the operator name sometimes in suspense, to attract the attention of customers, strengthen the feelings between each other, to achieve the purpose of the game.

information industry upstart Yang Zhiyuan for his company as "yahoo!" Can be described as an example of success. Yahoo is Gulliver’s travels in Gulliver met a group of savage’s name, Yang Zhiyuan and others in the back of the Yahoo with an exclamation point, to emphasize the discovery of wild man when the surprise. When Yang Zhiyuan registered "Yahoo" as its own network name, the visitor quickly increased. This can be said to be largely due to the curiosity of the name "Yahoo!".

France Christina Dior perfume cosmetics company launched the "Poison" on 1985 (poison) perfume trademark, but also to the odd victory. The cause of the development of modern women to become more aggressive and adventurous spirit, in order to show this, they have to challenge men in the psychology and the traditional side new in order to be different, that only men do, they also want to try.

the cosmetics company is aimed at the modern women of this ambivalence "poison perfume" application. According to reports, the perfume listed in France, a large department store in Paris every 50 seconds to sell a bottle, strong reaction.

"odd" in a lot of time for consumers who will become a fatal temptation, because of this, if we want to make the company a better operation, can play the game, on a more attractive company name, let more consumers feel surprised at the same time, also can produce consumption.

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