How much cost to open the Health Museum

a lot of friends are optimistic about the health of this line, indeed, open health museum is very profitable. So, the question is, how much cost to open the health museum? Before opening the health museum, we first have to look at their investment costs enough, therefore, before the shop to understand the cost of the shop is very necessary!

investment analysis

open a 50 square meters of traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy health museum, the rent is 15 thousand yuan / year, 15 thousand renovation, purchase of physiotherapy bed, acupuncture therapy, scraping, cupping, moxibustion and other appliances, a total of 20 thousand yuan, 2 employees skills training costs 10 thousand yuan, a total investment of 60 thousand yuan.

benefits analysis

Another big spending

know how much you need to start Health Museum, we can do the next decision, as can be seen from the above, to open a museum or need a lot of investment in health, but the health museum profits is also great, if you have the ability to invest in the health museum, the income is very considerable.


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