Jiangsu in the fourth quarter of the macroeconomic environment boom good momentum of development

in the process of economic development, in order to grasp the situation of economic development in a timely manner, usually quarterly data will be summarized. By the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Information Center jointly launched in 2016 in the fourth quarter of Jiangsu industrial boom survey report released 19. The report shows, the three quarter, the macroeconomic environment of our province economy maintained steady development, value of the economy continued to stay in business critical point; the boom of the overall business conditions compared with the two quarter fell slightly, boom boom interval value is weak. Is expected in the four quarter, the macroeconomic environment, overall business conditions will be cautious to the good momentum of boom.

survey involving 11 cities in the province’s 42 industries. The three quarter, the province’s macroeconomic environment and the level of prosperity in the two quarter. Overall operating conditions compared to a slight decline in the two quarter, from the relative boom interval into a weak boom range. The employment value of industrial enterprises showed a good momentum of development, into the more prosperous areas; the difference in the value of the payment of arrears showed a steady growth in the boom period.

Business profitability

enterprise value maintained at a more boom interval, is stable to the good momentum of development; energy and raw materials supply boom remain in the range of relatively prosperous; energy and raw material purchase price slightly compared to the two quarter, economic value in weak recession range; product sales rate has improved, the three quarter into the value of the economy the relative boom interval.

is expected in the four quarter, the macroeconomic environment of industrial enterprises to maintain steady development, the value of the boom or will be slightly improved, into the weak boom interval. Corporate earnings will continue to be cautious to the good development, business conditions will continue to boom in the relatively high operating range. Employment value of industrial enterprises is expected to rise further in the boom.

industrial enterprises liquidity situation or the value of the actual situation will be slightly improved compared to the three quarter, but the overall situation is still not optimistic, the value of the economy will continue to stay in the recession. Short term loan boom is expected to remain in the recession. Finished goods funds accounted for a slight rebound in the value of the economy compared to the three quarter, but is still expected to remain in the recession range. Thus, the flow of funds or industrial enterprises will continue to face greater pressure.

surveyed industrial enterprises in our province reflect the current upgrade difficulties are: macro economy is facing downward pressure, lack of market demand, the traditional manufacturing industry overcapacity; technology and equipment upgrading, the introduction of high-end talent, product development needs financial support, small and medium enterprises to obtain short-term credit from the traditional financial channels channel well, the circulation of funds greater pressure.

Jiangsu on the road of economic development, actively carry out the transformation of enterprises, the development of a new model of change in thinking, in line with the general trend of market development, the economic development is undoubtedly better and better. Of course, there are some problems, part of the recommended system

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