Shenyang express every day to lose money management and headquarters policy

lives in a Internet plus era, online shopping has become a mainstream mode of consumption society. Each partner is always a month to receive a few times the courier? However, it is reported that the recent daily express Shenyang strike, the specific situation is like? Let us look at the specific.

members of the public online shopping phone accessories on the morning of May 16th to Shenyang, but until 17, every day courier delivery. "I’m calling to find out why the people in Sujiatun say they’ve stopped sending them because they are not being treated well by the headquarters."

Ren some angry, your internal problems, can not affect our people (46.900, 0.16, 0.34%) received express ah, no accessories, my cell phone can not be used." Yesterday, the daily express Sujiatun branch of a franchisee said, because the policy is different, every day in Shenyang express courier more than and 20 points are closed, it is estimated that the backlog of tens of thousands of courier. Subsequently, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter call every day to express the headquarters of Shenyang phone, has prompted the network busy".

buyer complaints: commodity Dishen two days no one sent to

5 9, Mr. Ren in the online purchase of a mobile phone accessories, spent $50, the seller. In the afternoon, the seller shipped from Shanxi, with the express every day.

Ren receiving address in Sujiatun District, logistics information display, 16, 8 am, courier arrived at the center of Shenyang. "My cell phone is broken, waiting for the fitting. Under normal circumstances, the courier can be sent to me at noon, but the day has not come." Mr. Ren to call the Sujiatun branch of the situation, the other said that because the headquarters to their treatment is not good, so they stopped sending."

then, Mr. Ren to the daily express Shenyang headquarters phone, "they said" the issue of 16, the fastest to today, tomorrow ’17, but I call them again. They also said that "the issue of the fastest tomorrow today."." Ren believes that even if there is a problem within the courier company, it should not affect the customer express. I can not repair the phone now, but also by the phone."

franchisee said: money losing business and headquarters policy is not

according to the telephone provided by Mr. Ren, the reporter called the daily express Sujiatun branch of the phone, a female staff member said: we have a conflict with the headquarters of the economy."

then, a man claiming to be a daily express franchisee, said: we do not go to the headquarters to pick up, but we are the headquarters of the ‘closed’, we have been losing money to operate, and the headquarters of the policy is not." Recommended

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