Why choose the biggest chest tyrant

is a nouveau riche three girls marry, are more appropriate. So, tyrant gave three girls per person $1000, ask them to fill the room. Girl A bought a lot of cotton and filled the room with 1/2. Girl B bought a lot of balloons and filled the room with 3/4. Girl C bought a candle and let the light fill the room. Eventually, the tyrant chose the biggest chest that.   – this story tells us: understanding the real needs of customers is very important.

a sell bowl of the old lug pole along the road, suddenly a bowl fell to the ground broken, but Leonardo did not return to continue to move forward. Passers by see feel very strange, then asked: "why did you break the bowl you do not look at it?" The old man replied, "how can I look back, the bowl is still broken?." What do you get?

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