Yonghe soybean milk join conditions

Xiaobian heard an argument is: what is the key to the success of the business venture? Is two words: sincere, this is the key to successful marketing. One hundred years Yonghe soybean milk has its own unique brand culture, it advocates that "green health, authentic" hundred years. Yonghe soybean milk to excellent quality, professional service and elegant dining environment, rooted in the hearts of the people.

", based on the global development of Yonghe" fully reflects the hundred years of Yonghe brand core value, shows the hundred years of Yonghe connotation of Chinese traditional food culture material and strong faith, and played a new movement of the innovation and development of Chinese fast food industry. So Yonghe soybean milk join conditions and join fee is what?

join conditions are as follows:

1. provides all-weather chain operation.

2. catering to consumer convenience.

3. offers healthy fast food.

4. provides service quality satisfaction.

5. voluntarily joined the Yonghe soybean milk chain system, recognized and abide by the Yonghe soybean milk group charter and franchise business philosophy.

6. owned business premises, commercial area is usually about 100 – 300 square meters; non owner of the owner of the store, the lease period to meet the company’s requirements.

7. has the legal personality, has the certain economic strength, the prestige is good, the credit is reliable, has certain management experience and the high overall quality.

8. in the city should have a certain scale and level of consumption, business premises must be in the more prosperous urban streets, convenient transportation, with a certain amount of traffic or potential consumption targets.

Yonghe soya bean milk brand is the thing we all know, if you meet the conditions to join us, please leave a message below our website, let us know what you think.

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