What documents need to be prepared for a Deli

What are the documents required for

to open a deli? Many newcomers to this problem is not very clear. If you want to do a good job in the preparatory work to do it quickly. Xiaobian finishing related skills, I hope you can help to prepare for success.

Deli opened for documents

1, practitioners health certificate – CDC is very simple

2, food hygiene license – Health Bureau for

3, industrial and commercial business license

4, state and local tax registration certificate –

for individual business name pre registration shall submit the documents and certificates;

for information:

(1) identity certificate of the applicant or applicant commissioned relevant certificates;

processing time: 1 working days

for the cost: 30 yuan

for locations: local Industrial and Commercial Bureau

self-employed tax

Open Deli need to handle documents is mentioned above these, only the file is complete, with the condition that can successfully set up shop. If you still do not understand where you can continue to consult, Xiao Bian will provide more business guidance, can not be missed.

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