Take the name Li Rengui three was finally satisfied

some of the name is the slightest attention, naturally will not care about the names are not appropriate, and some investors are very great importance to the name, can play a good name to pay great efforts, even changing the name several times. The hero is so, Li Rengui three name, finally achieved satisfactory.

"thank you, master Yang gave me this snack shop, my wife and I are very satisfied." Li Rengui’s Restaurant third times hung the sign "Sichuan blessing snacks" for the snack bar named Mr. Yang rushed to the scene for the listing of congratulations to Li Rengui, in the sound of firecrackers and applause, owner Li Rengui and Mr. Yang two hands tightly together.

media reported that the base is located in, a restaurant on the street to "Sichuan snacks" in the name of the news, the general public concern. Li Rengui two do not conform to the provisions of the bill, the majority of users have named the restaurant in.

in many shops in the name of "Fu Sichuan restaurant" the name of what attracted Li Rengui and his wife’s eyes. His wife, Gan Yingxiu, said: "on this election, there is Sichuan ‘Chuan’ word, as well as’ Blessing ‘word, very auspicious." Li Rengui said: "my business is in addition to some snacks, ask the restaurant is not suitable, the shop name is the most beautiful, the most easy to remember, I’ll have it changed to" live Sichuan snack "."

the same day, Li Rengui and his wife made a sign, 16 pm on the sign on the. Li Rengui named Yang also came from the railway bureau. Yang said: to see Li Rengui on the two did not have a suitable name for the restaurant, I would like to help him play a shop name, did not expect to be adopted, congratulations to his business more prosperous."

listing, Li Rengui also deliberately let his wife bought 2000 firecrackers. In the sound of firecrackers and congratulations to the neighbors, Li Rengui hung up the signs. Li Rengui said: today is not the day of the opening, but I deliberately bought firecrackers, thanks to enthusiastic users for the restaurant to take so many beautiful shop name. Setting off firecrackers means a new start. I’ll run the restaurant better."

then, Li Rengui’s wife took out a steaming dumplings served Mr. yang. Li Rengui said: "dumplings on behalf of the reunion, peace, peace, today I would like to entertain you dumplings, and I hope you often come to our shop."

although the name of the shop is very important, but now many operators do not know how this work should be done, because of this, it will give the shop on an inappropriate name. So, if you invest in a snack bar, you will pay attention to the name of the shop?

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