How to use WeChat shop operating

WeChat is not only a communication channel for all of us, but also to become a channel for marketing on the current market. As long as we make good use of it, will be able to bring greater development of their business, to earn more profits. However, for the current number of operators, how to use WeChat marketing has become a bigger problem. So, how to use WeChat shop to operate?

a cup of soy milk business can do? Sell 1.5 yuan of soy milk, although it can not earn millions of dollars, but a month can earn a $ten thousand, I think it can be met! Today I share a real case, my cousin joined a similar to the breakfast shop, shop, selling in the morning is Soybean Milk, now the business is also very good!

is grinding Soybean Milk in some people who work in the factory, if you eat breakfast is indispensable, a cup of Soybean Milk + bread is breakfast, this shop is my cousin opened in a printing factory on the edge, the factory has more than 30 thousand people, the shop also many, the competition is not small, because of the flow of people the shop to make money less natural, so how to do one day to sell 1500 Soybean Milk cup? And sell more expensive than others, generally 1 dollars, 1 cups, he sold $1 cup!


shop early after our investigation, read the factory around the selling Soybean Milk, look at the price and the quality of them, that is 1 dollars to sell 1 cups, but also full of! But Soybean Milk is yellow and a little residue, very sweet, then we know that it is made of flour, put down saccharin. See these situations, we feel that there are engaged in the first 10 days before the opening is free to drink.

signs greatly, a two-dimensional code printed on WeChat, WeChat and WeChat Soybean Milk free drink, and send Soybean Milk 1 cup, if the answer to question second days WeChat can also be free to send 1 cups, our problem is the natural Soybean Milk is what color? And so on, it is equal to the popularity of natural soy milk is what it looks like, how do you identify, for the high price to do after the road.

in this way, we use 10 days of time, a 1500 day supply cup Soybean Milk cost about 400-500 yuan, 10 days, spent about 5 thousand, so to the WeChat powder is about 8000 because there are some people who are you deleted, this is not the 5 thousand to 8000 people, it’s worth the cost. Less than 1 yuan a person, you 1 people, 1 cups of Soybean Milk almost earned back, Soybean Milk every day you sell a month if fully prepared to, he a month to buy your 20 cup, you are earning 15 dollars, you are worth?

next how to ensure the conversion rate? Some of the answers to these questions have been addressed, because now everyone is afraid of food safety

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