The interpretation of the people’s Government of Hebei Province on the development of public record

Hebei entrepreneurs also have their own entrepreneurial incentives, a clear understanding of entrepreneurial incentives, to bring a lot of help. Here the interpretation of the Hebei Provincial People’s Government on the development of public space to promote the creation of innovative public opinion.

, a paper introduced the background of

2014 in September, Premier Li Keqiang’s speech at the opening ceremony of the Davos forum in the summer, put forward to a "public business", "entrepreneur" of the new wave, the formation of "everyone innovation" and "innovation" in the new situation.

2015 in January 4th, Premier Li Keqiang visited the city of Shenzhen create a passenger space, praised the young customers to create a full docking market demand, creating a customer unlimited creativity. Chong passenger movement by the government’s support and encouragement, so that the creation of passengers who are encouraged. In order to achieve the public entrepreneurship, the people of innovation, creating a high hopes.


multi-creation space is to adapt to the network era innovation characteristic and demand, through the market mechanism, professional services and capital construction way of low cost, convenience, all elements, open new business service platform ".

The extension of the concept of business incubator and

The characteristics of

The three is to realize the combination of several

. Combination of talent and teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurship, combined with online and offline, incubation and investment.


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