What are the skills to open barbecue shop

barbecue is a lot of people like to eat food, a lot of friends want to open a barbecue shop, but for the production of barbecue is not very understanding. So, how to open a barbecue shop to get started faster? What are the techniques for making a barbecue? Today Xiaobian to introduce several barbecue shop tips.

A, barbecue flavor changing. At present, in strong spicy spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy soft, sweet and spicy, sour and spicy blame, only to break the general barbecue spicy, spicy taste monotonous. General spicy taste good harmony, the strange taste? For example, sweet spicy, which can add some honey, you can also add MSG, oyster sauce, which has a sweet taste, can reduce the degree of hotness. Strange spicy is added to the garlic slices, add three or four slices of garlic pepper can change the spicy taste, out of a very strange spicy. Ali’s mother is divided into hot spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy, spicy degrees of salt and pepper by the proportion of salt, salt and pepper than the degree of reduced.

two, changing the varieties of barbecue. Barbecue can not only beef and mutton…… All parts of the sheep can be roasted. In addition, there are seafood, vegetables and so on. Seafood, fish barbecue has five kinds, such as yellow croaker, tilapia and so on, as well as shellfish of Qingkou, clams and so on, vegetables in eggplant, lotus root, no bake. Variety, no matter what kind of diners can find what they want to eat.

three, different materials have different barbecue sauce. Barbecue seafood, vegetables, do not add cumin, because seafood is mainly to eat fresh, put cumin has covered its flavor, as long as some seafood sauce, add garlic oil can. Garlic is crushed garlic and pure sesame oil and stir. Vegetables inside the eggplant, roasted before the slow roasted, etc. One divides into two., add some salt and monosodium glutamate after burnt skin, sprinkle some pepper on it.

five, also has a "secret sauce barbecue". Do not think that the barbecue is baked on a sprinkle with some chili pepper and cumin and other spices can be, in order to bake something delicious, the secret of the compound seasoning is indispensable. For example, fish oil barbecue material, and the creation ideas of these materials is in accordance with the characteristics of materials, all kinds of sauces and spices to mix collocation trial, seasoning collocation composite, taste more abundant.

barbecue itself and the taste is very attractive, many people will rush to smell, to open a barbecue shop, the products do good, we are not afraid of no customers. In fact, open a barbecue shop is not difficult, as long as the master of the barbecue production skills, master some basic business skills, you can easily open a barbecue shop.


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