Quanzhou became a springboard for the youth of Taiwan to the mainland

Quanzhou as a relatively close to the investment area of Taiwan, has a unique geographical advantage, very suitable for the development of Taiwan as a young man to the fulcrum and springboard. Quanzhou is also trying to carry forward this advantage, providing a variety of youth entrepreneurship in Taiwan.

recently issued "Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone e-commerce development plan (2016-2025)", the Taiwan youth employment and entrepreneurship to encourage.


at the same time, to the District of Taiwan youth entrepreneurship, according to different types and scale of investment, for two years, in the area of 50 to 100 square meters of office premises full of rent subsidies, rent subsidies for third years 50%. In starting a business in the area of Taiwan youth, hire personnel and labor contracts and pay five insurance, its staff and staff were given every year 100 yuan per month, 80 yuan five insurance subsidies, subsidies for a period of 3 years. Taiwanese businesses also provide incentives to open subsidies. To obtain a business license and tax management for more than 6 months of the Taiwan youth entrepreneurship, by the district government according to normal business tax 1-6 months retained part of the full reward to the enterprise, the maximum amount of not more than 50 thousand yuan reward.

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