Shop operators do not believe the so called big business

once a big business, many shopkeepers will relax vigilance, that can make a profit, but accidentally cheated more. Therefore, the shop operation, do not believe those so-called big business". It was a cold day, fingers numb with cold. Because the child getting worse, I to the shop behind the kitchen with open bottle bubble milk powder, a twenty year old boy the motorcycle parked in front of the store, "boss, give me two soft China, I am busy to the reception and look at the situation, thought of good business to.

"I am the opposite of the shop to do things, we are in Cheung min hotel to open a customer conference, the boss asked me to come over to take two soft Chinese cigarettes." The boy said hastily, I quickly went to the smoke box to find the (soft) handed him, sending two boxes of water in the past." He pointed to the store across the street and went out to the motorcycle.

I was going to move the water, suddenly feel not right, this boy, I don’t seem to know, he took the smoke ran, I find who checkout? So I called him and asked him to pay the money, and then I followed. "You don’t believe me? I was in the store, really, as if I would depend on your two cigarettes." I insisted that he pay the money, but his pockets were empty, so I had to take it back.

similar situation, I have encountered several times, are not easily fooled. At the end of the crook, more and more, in order to provide our retail clients counterparts to remind, to prevent damage to property. I think, in the ordinary course of business, we mainly a string taut moment, polish eyes, don’t believe a stranger called big business, for they offer delivery service to keep in mind, we can do the best spot node.

now scam everywhere, what forms are there, if the owners do not want to be cheated, naturally need to remain vigilant. Best to keep the two people in the store, a good service, a person responsible for the property management, business Huobao, or have a rest, do not give the thief a chance; if conditions allow, can be installed in the monitoring probe of their own store, can store the main parts of radiation and each corner, both to deter thieves himself again save the cost of hiring. Of course, there will be in the store to set up an electronic reminder device, a person into the shop, you will hear "Hello, welcome to!" Voice, so that customers can say hello, but also to give yourself a wake up.

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