Paint shop to do 5 profitable

there are a lot of people will start to shift the focus of environmental protection market, at the same time, for many novice entrepreneurs who, now start paint shop is very profitable, for the novice, how can we ensure that the paint stores store profits


1. to look at the paint brand, in particular, the current brand of paint and paint a wide range of market conditions in the previous two years, to do more imported brands, but also belong to the high price of high grade bar. Now, some of the paint quality of domestic are good, there are some joint venture products are good! The choice of opportunity is relatively large! Is to locate the acceptance, the local consumer group of course, try to look farther, consumers now gradually increase the awareness of environmental protection. The combination of new and old brands is also a necessary consideration;

2. choose the product, is the shop location, if it is installed in the paint coating, can also be temporary in the new residential area just built a branch! Store choice should be in the decoration market and lots of paint or paint shop market concentration.

3. then is the normal operating stage, this time is very tough, the need for initiative and patience. Meet the teacher (petty paint manufacturers generally have some gifts, to make good use of) and home improvement company contacts, don’t make a time to put a long line to stabilize a home! Of course, there are a variety of interpersonal relationships to make good use of money together to make


4. just come into the store are likely to be your customers or prospective customers, you must maintain a normal enthusiasm, a seat, winter hot summer cool white boiling water, not to ignore a way of passing

!Type of

5. products can not be more, do not store messy feeling, timely delivery, encounter problems to calmly deal with, because the paint placed too long there is inevitably some problems! You should be familiar with their products, if they can operate better for customer service


now the domestic annual real estate market develops very quickly, at the same time, some green paint is also great, paint products in the market as operators, should see this point, actively into the industry.


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