The investment project selection of the Hot Tea HK Style how

cooking, the term now in the hearts of young people are strange, they are not willing to spend time on this troublesome thing, just want to seek the most convenient to solve the problem of feeding their own consumption, naturally became the inevitable choice. So seize the consumer psychology, start your small catering business, profit is absolutely amazing, as long as you have a stick in the end, we must do a good job of determination. So here for everyone to do a small food and beverage investment projects need to pay attention to some of the problems.

1, do not invest too much (less risk)

2, do not need much experience quickly (learning time is limited)

3, low threshold, easy to operate (so easy to get started)

4, to have a promising trend of the industry (so as to long-term development)

there is a comparison to identify: small investment in food and beverage: open a tea shop, less investment, low risk, back to the fast, high profits.

survey data show that China’s tea market consumer groups of more than 500 million, annual consumption at an explosive rate of 36% a year, with milk tea, milk tea tea industry as the representative of the cover has become the value of China’s great investment project. For the majority of young consumers, white sugar boiling water flat and uninteresting carbonated drinks beverages, tea, beverage taste and superior nutrition and health, has now become the favorite drink of young consumer groups.


Hot Tea, HK Style, fully meet the above requirements, this is a small investment project.


(Hongkong) International Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, headquartered in Hongkong, the company owns 3 Dalian lock brand, 11 years to build more than 10 thousand popular stores, is an experienced marketing planning, product development, integrated operating company catering catering equipment supporting materials.


Hot Tea, HK Style Hot Tea, HK Style to carry forward the culture of responsibility, adhere to the professional, and innovative business philosophy. The captain Hot Tea, HK Style main direction is healthy, delicious, cheap, pure Hong Kong style tea for all ages, the addition of innovative Hong Kong style street snack egg and other specialty products. The company’s flagship Hot Tea, HK Style and lemon tea, this tea formula in Hongkong more than a hundred years of history, from the original with Hong Kong style milk tea bitter, after nearly thirty years of reform and development, has now become a well-balanced pond town store treasure.


Hot Tea, HK Style product variety, affordable, comfortable environment, favored by consumers. The captain Hot Tea, HK Style to join, no experience, flexible investment, free operation, >

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