mported milk powder which brand is good


Chinese constantly emphasized on food safety, however, for Chinese milk, I am afraid that most parents are not willing to accept, because of this, it has so many brands of imported milk powder. However, due to the current market of imported milk powder brands are also very much, thus giving consumers the choice has brought trouble. So, imported milk powder which brand is good?

1. Germany loves him

Germany’s leading high-end milk powder brands, the German market share of the first milk powder, but also one of the best sales of milk in europe. Imported milk powder which brand is good? Love him from the United States and Germany milk powder, Germany’s Miller (Milupa) group’s brand, after the acquisition of Miller treasure group danone. Love his beautiful taste light, not only because of its unique Pronutra+ formula, but also to control the layers of control, more trustworthy. Currently he is one of the most popular qualities of love Taobao purchasing.

2. Germany Hei Bao

Germany Hei Bao divided organic and non organic two, in recent years, organic milk has been respected, Hei in Germany and non organic products known to every family, divided into two major categories of organic products. Imported milk powder which brand is good? Hi in recent years has gradually developed into the toiletries. Hei Bao is one of the first manufacturers of baby food, with a family history of a long history, the transfer of organic ideas in the world.

3. France with Rolf

imported milk powder which brand is good? Not many people know French milk, but France as the most milk limited European country, the powder is also more natural to be respected, and as one of France’s most high-end milk bolak, its quality and the source of raw materials, has been many European families word-of-mouth brand, with the most critical all products are organic, bolak, attention to food, so more secure.

4. Holland bullpen

imported milk powder which brand is good? Holland has been the source of milk Chinese respected mother’s heart of the country, as the Holland bullpen milk contains FOS/GOS prebiotics old brand, patent portfolio, probiotics can promote intestinal growth and inhibit harmful bacteria quantity, help enhance the resistance at the same time, prebiotics can soften the stool to reduce constipation chance. Currently in China has been Danone acquisition.

5. New Zealand ricom

imported milk powder which brand is good? Karicare originated in 1896, developed by Dr. TrubyKing, his first development of this product is the driving force to help the hard-working mother, protect the lovely baby". After a century of development, Karicare has now become a new

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