Good Le Fu to join the project and what about whole

has not found not only in the city, even in remote areas of the township, people are more interested in food and beverage, food and beverage industry is now increasingly prominent in rural areas. This is another sign of the development of the food and beverage industry. With the steady and rapid growth of China’s national economy, the income level of urban and rural residents has improved significantly, and the food and beverage market has shown a strong momentum of development. With the rapid pace of modern life and eating habits of innovation, fast food has become a sunrise industry in this century.

now, franchise chain is the main trend of global business development, good Carrefour headquarters, to provide comprehensive services to the franchisee, low investment of high-quality goods directly, without intermediate links of operation, greatly reducing the price of food is higher than the traditional Chinese food profits. Moreover, we have many years of management personnel personally assisted. Not only to teach product production technology, as well as the guidance of the shop process. So how to join?

good luck to join the project? What are the conditions? How to join? See the following details:

good luck to join the conditions:

1, franchisees have engaged in Chinese fast food business and management enthusiasm, confidence and strength;

2, have a considerable understanding and understanding of franchise;

3, with certain management, coordination and social skills;

4, franchisees and their relatives are in good health;

5, join the behavior of those who joined the family recognition and support;

6, with the funds can be set up to join the branch, 80-100 million;

7, the recognition of the headquarters of the business philosophy, recognition and acceptance of the headquarters to join the conditions, subject to management.

good luck to join the flow:

1, investigation and research

2, signed a letter of intent


, shop location

4, Dianzhi evaluation

5, signed

6, trial business

7, the official business

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