Henan core wisdom power to help the robot dance Central

with the development of science and technology, a series of new technology in the market continue to come out, the intelligent robot also appeared in front of the public, high-tech technology to build the robot, in the above appearance more beautiful, more diverse functions in the above. Here and small together, on the Henan intelligent robot debut to do a specific understanding.

summer Davos forum, simple and elegant, beautiful robot Allison’s stunning debut, let people believe that the near future, we live or because of the intelligent robot and change.

and wisdom made Henan, let the robot dance Central Plains, which is to speed up the province’s advanced manufacturing province should be the meaning of the building, but also the only way to achieve industrial restructuring and industrial restructuring and upgrading.

With the introduction of the program implementation of

in our province, CITIC Heavy Industries (601608, shares), technosolve technology and a number of robot leader was born, the robot industry formed a situation of tripartite confrontation "pattern in our province, following" the main China manufacturing 2025 Henan platform for action "," dynamic "Central Plains is jianxingjianjin.

construction of advanced manufacturing province the best footnote

CITIC Heavy Industry, many people will naturally think of mining, coal, electricity and other industries heavy machinery and equipment processing and manufacturing. As everyone knows, today’s CITIC Heavy Industry has been deeply branded on the lightweight dexterous robot imprint".

held in the days before the Chinese (Luoyang) International Robot and intelligent equipment exhibition, CITIC Heavy Industries Based on high risk and special working conditions of the special robot robot family concept and industry full debut, and Japan Yaskawa robot world giants compete etc.. The first quarter of this year, CITIC Heavy Special Robot with independent intellectual property rights is not only the domestic selling nearly 500 units, share ranked first in the domestic robot market, more popular international market, Italy, Germany, Russia and other countries of the enterprise and CITIC Heavy Industries signed a purchase and sales contracts.

is not only CITIC Heavy Industries, welding robot in China — the vanguard of Zhengzhou Kehui Polytron Technologies Inc recently with the Japanese OTC "knot", the Japanese OTC company set up in the domestic welding robot technology center located in Henan, Japan OTC- technosolve technology of welding robot technology center in Henan in June 22nd opening, the center is located in Zhengzhou high tech Zone technosolve technology company.

Japan OTC company and Zhengzhou science and technology together to take a small step forward, the future will certainly be a major step in the development of the manufacturing industry in Henan." Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission deputy inspector Yao Yanling said. As the province’s key projects, the general recommendation

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