How to prevent the swindler

is grasping a lot of investors want to get rich entrepreneurial psychology, there are a lot of people blindly drill this loophole, specifically by means of cheating defrauding investors’ money, and entrepreneurs tend to go down this road, on guard, the final fall of time and money to double loss, then the swindler how to prevent it?

now the community a variety of tricks means is to emerge in an endless stream, let us dazzling, whether it is or has mature stage in the early days, as long as grasp the following points, at least can prevent the current domestic those low IQ liar.

1, after receiving the price can be recovered, quote, but will not accept the invitation to personally come to discuss the company issued such an invitation has actually exposed the tail.

2, do not worry about their customers do not go there will lose business opportunities, because each other if you really want to purchase, is concerned about your credibility and strength.

3, the main sample can, but must pay the sample fee and courier fee, no gift. This needs to be explained to the customer, because the sincerity of the customer will not cancel the intention, unless the other is a liar.

4, the other to buy gifts, can be heard, but the business is done, please do not eat, now. Real customers will consider long-term cooperation, if it is the first cooperation, even if the initiative will not go, not to mention the customer request.

5, signed a contract and do not relax vigilance, a lot of crooks at this time in advance to rebates, gifts, to be reimbursed, to a variety of costs, etc., always in a variety of names for money. At this time to stay awake, do not give up, do not worry about the performance of the contract, because a little wary of people understand that once encountered this situation, often encountered a liar.

6, a certain amount to the delivery, or to invite customers to the company to pay the inspection of the contract, the terms of the contract must be considered in advance.

7, the two companies never mind the key is to be strangers to each other, the course of events is normal.

8, not luck, there is no free lunch, the real customers care about is your strength, price, quality, reputation and service, only those who love a liar will go on the door.

9, do not believe that only a large single liar, 100 yuan will be cheated. In peace of mind, good anti cheat.

10, do not be impatient for success, your company only to do the ability to order 100 thousand yuan, why do we have to fight for the order of $10 million?

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