Where the women’s shop is better

where is the women’s shop better? Many businesses have to consult the problem, in fact, many people have shared their experience, if you want to open the women’s franchise, the location of favorable area has more security, then with small make up a study.

for women, is more important than a good store of clothing, first elected women’s franchise the atmosphere, also feel some high-end clothing, if investors choose a lane, maybe others think these dresses are cheap or no one to buy things, so it will give investors these women greatly reduced, investors on women’s franchise business which is not good, so, women’s franchise location is very important.

so the chain of women’s clothing store in the end where it should be opened today Xiaobian and we talk about the best place to open a shop where we hope to be able to give investors some suggestions.

what the women join best in what place chain stores open? Most women’s franchise stores to shop the election in three areas:

1, central business district (Downtown);

2, traffic arteries and transport hub of Commercial Street (holidays, commuting time stream of people through the place);

3, residential district commercial street and the edge of the commercial center (residential areas and railway stations and other important stations near).

located in three different regions of the women’s clothing store should have different personality orientation:

central business district to join the chain should be high quality, high service orientation;

traffic arteries in the business district to join the chain should be multi species, popular positioning;

residential street women’s clothing franchise chain to be cheap, convenient and thoughtful positioning.

site taboo is: high speed roadside, few residents or slow growth of commercial networks, high-rise buildings. Of course, prime commercial shop often rent expensive, if the lack of funds, and related merchandise stores store sublet.

where is the women’s shop better? These lots of analysis I hope to help you get some enlightenment, investors can go to summarize the successful experience of others, hope can help you successfully set off a new profit advantage, do not miss a good opportunity to get rich.

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