Quality and cheaper Sundry Goods store business fire

Now the big supermarket under

situation, Sundry Goods shop to "fight" in a way, this is not an easy thing. However, compared with supermarkets, Sundry Goods shop because of the small size, there is a "small boat U-turn" natural advantage, so in the sales price of the commodity is not like those big stores, supermarkets like wild speculations, but to really bring benefits to customers. My slogan is "every day affordable, high quality and low price" in line with the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

so some people think that this is not a loss of it? Small department store, you do not come up with attractive prices, you can rely on? Last year, on the opposite side of my Sundry Goods shop, opened a new supermarket, and our department store shopping, and supermarkets compared to a large gap between the beginning, business has been particularly large impact, really is a wolf". Because of the business downturn, the lover also advised me to change. To tell the truth, to say how many years down the shop to do something else, really reluctant to heart.

I think, for some time to look at it, it is not, think of other ways. Take advantage of free time, I will go to the supermarket shopping, on the one hand to others about the infection management atmosphere, on the one hand want to get some "real", through careful observation I found that sales of large supermarket merchandise, almost everything is the price I have higher sales there.

so, where can I have a little hope of surviving in a small department store? With the same goods, my price is low, but the situation is not a big supermarket sales. I think, although the price is low, but outsiders may not be able to know, that is my propaganda work is not done. After careful analysis, I believe that my small department store is basically living around the working-class, or its ability to consume the main economic benefits.

After some thought,

came to the conclusion that the department store could survive. So, I put the store outside the signs changed, changed to "daily benefits department" and hit the "every day, affordable, high quality and low price" business purpose, at the beginning, the effect is not obvious, but often to the supermarket consumer customers, or come to me to buy affordable goods.

in addition to commodity price is not high, for those who have a few cents change after closing, I have generously left, but this in a large supermarket can not enjoy, there 10 Fen of you not to discuss how. The benefits brought back, now, although I still big supermarket department store on the edge of the open, but my business has gradually improved, many shopping in the supermarket, I see here the price a lot cheaper, are willing to buy goods in here. "Dancing with Wolves" makes me feel the benefits of economic benefits.

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