Shop business needs another way

did not have a few blocks before the store, the business does not have to worry about, but now the times are not the same. With the downward pressure on the economy, the store business as winter weather is generally cold. Occasionally into the store to shop customers, but also in the thin asked about the price, only to decide whether to buy, not the previous forthright gas.

as the saying goes, a point to support the dead, very hungry dead. Today, many retail stores, some shopkeepers in order to gather the popularity of low price sales, or even lose money to make money. In the face of the current economic environment, relying on low-cost promotions, to some extent, will squeeze the operating space of the same retail stores, and ultimately lead to vicious competition, the loss outweighs the gain.

as the pond and the netting, in another way, looking for new business opportunities in the business, may obtain the unexpected harvest.

as an operator, can not be limited to the price war effort, but also should be based on the surrounding environment, the appropriate increase in other business projects, while expanding the operating channels and purchase channels, reduce the cost of purchase. In addition, the operator can use the "Internet plus" mode of operation, enhance the competitiveness of the shop.

traditional way of operation is now more and more do not apply to the times, if still in a rut, it is inevitable that the cause can not be better development, so, another way is undoubtedly a good way. The other way is better than the conventional, as long as the heart of business, bold innovation, in the plight of a breakthrough, will be able to break out of their own piece of heaven and earth.

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