To effectively improve website efficiency a useful dry matter experience is shared

some websites don’t work well, and most of the words you hear are not understanding Internet thinking, or website operation capability is not good…… Thinking is important, but the website operation ability occupies an important factor, what is the website operation ability? Personally, if not through systematic training, especially the web site, many webmaster is groping for marketing promotion, by the way is fragmentary, intermittent tap. And a high operation ability of webmaster, will select a few in this perplexing website marketing tools, combined organically, used to solve a variety of problems appearing on the site, so that to improve the site’s ranking.

Ma Yun once said: "the dream is to have, if achieved?" for the website? Operation is not poor unforgivable. As an old saying: "life is suffering is a kind of wealth!" website operation is not good, in a certain period of time can be understood, can be forgiven, but if you do not condone this quiet heart to think, find the problem, not only the failure to become wealth, but become a heavy psychological burden. A strong operational capability on the Internet website, only those experiences, methods, and so on all kinds of information resources, and effective processing and utilization, and then turned into a set of their own practical methods, this website, in order to have the efficiency of


well, here comes the question. What can we do to improve the efficiency of our website? The best way is to rethink it. Many webmasters are busy every day, but rarely let themselves calm down, and even think about half an hour without any time. Each of us will always have an illusion of ability, and will always make a false estimate of what he or she will do in certain matters. For example, in the web site outside the chain, in Ganji, 58 city such classified information website, although the high weight, but every day, the release of information is limited, so, what do we do with this website, this time to reflect on:

in such a web site to do the chain, you can do it? If I send the chain every day, how will


classification information sites are national nature, I did in this city a chain, and then to another city to do the chain, can not


are there any competitors here? How did they do it?

why was he so excited when he sent the message, and now he’s numb?


at this time, the role of reflection is reflected. Reflection can help us find our website optimization errors, find those other things, and on the other hand, reflection can link our knowledge and form a system.

website optimization process, the purpose of reflection is to dig into the bottom of the reasons. Once we begin to reflect on such standards, our thinking patterns and methods change qualitatively over a period of time

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