Use other people’s Web sites to make money on SEO and get someone else to do SEO for you

I want to see this topic in most people’s mind is a mess, because this topic sounds suspended, and even some vague, because many webmaster friends to see this subject does not know what is called "others do SEO website to make money", is to teach us the hair of the chain, but the meaning of this sentence it seemed to say to others website SEO, their own money, how is this going on, it is not too contradictory? No! And let others help you do SEO, what is this? Wouldn’t you give people money, they only do it for you, but it sounds like that the people most willing to help you do SEO, it is not free, others are your relatives? No, or no! Well, I am not here to give you the suspense, expose yourself!

When the

in late June to the A5 program to buy a zhidingtie, at the beginning of the effect is not very good, because I was selling packaged source code, A5 forum has a lot of people doing that, I might start a little late, then I started crazy update, even spend to buy some practical the station group software updates to the member, and substantial price cuts, this time there was a little effect. But in order to let more people see, I will be in the laggards, advertising forums and other soft text, advertising, and in the back link, I post in A5.

some people don’t say, "what’s the use of linking that? Can I bring you a few IP?"

OK, I don’t explain. I’ll give you a title to do. I’ll give you 30 IP a day or 10 yuan a day for you. You choose one. You must say, nonsense, it must be 10 yuan, 30 IP can be worth a few cents.

said that we must understand my heart, I’m doing this SEO, but not for their own website SEO, but to A5 Posts increase the chain, a few days ago in the Baidu search for "post station software" I miraculously appear on the first page of Baidu. I post the topic to write very attractive, many A5 webmaster friends often come to see me in the advertisement, the title is "30 yuan! English station group +DEDE + automatic acquisition pseudo original member of +www.55zhan.comVIP +70G permanent resources" and other top Baidu home page is the basic "Yanhuang station genuine system group" and so on, the price of up to several thousand dollars, after seeing some people could not help but click into my post, although I post only a short span of 1 days at home but I got two, earned 60 yuan (I asked each day Counseling is to see my advertisement from where, of which two are from Baidu search to the consultation, and through the post to find my only one), I send my advertisement elsewhere will be behind the link A5 advertising address, let them deal to A5 after! They attracted the weight of A5 this post has increased, the weight of this post increase natural people find my advertising, then click on my site

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