Stay away from garbage conscience do stand give new Adsense advice

has been mixing on the A5 since he became a station. He has been in love with this place for a long time. Every day when idle, look at the station and then carrying the statistics, a cigarette, A5 and webmasters to share insights do stand experience, learn a few tricks by SEO method. Although the do stand, I’m just a little bird, even the rookie is not, but for some webmaster friends in order to win traffic, even with deception and use unscrupulous divisive tactics, violent stick, he know the truth of the netizens to their website "visit, browse and learn" approach is extremely offensive, I sincerely appeal to those who already do stand friends treat their work seriously, and I also advise those who just set foot on the board of the novice webmaster do stand, cherish the character, away from the garbage, conscience station.

I know that there must be many dumpster sniff at the friends of my outdated principles: I do dumpster what? I also a monthly income of 5000! You are such a good conscience, you make money? A daily traffic of less than 10IP rookie, what time you say here?

yes, I admit it. Who do stand is a hobby? I don’t want to let the station traffic burst your server, a monthly income of eighty million and ten thousand? But to be honest, although junk website can make money, but I don’t envy. In my mind, do not waste station, any difference with the reality of vandalism. Still not by fraud, duress, or even viruses and Trojans came in handy, what is the difference with this vandalism? One night, because of him, when I arrived in Lanzhou city has 3 in the morning, out of the station just want to find a good rest, they came to a few sneaking the old lady, pulling me to death to her shop to live, and declared Russia’s MM, but few of us, otherwise, they have to kidnap me. Do the dumpster, just like the old lady like you said, we have what reason to love you? Pulling death to your shop, see the legs, buns, occasionally an original, but also found a "pseudo original", the heart is not good people quickly call 120


on the Internet so many personal websites, they are stereotyped law-abiding citizen, this is a kind of Utopia, but each site friends if they can stick to conscience, conscience do stand principle, our network environment will be more harmonious, WEB2.0 would be less cheating, thank you for the warm. Even in the network behind, no one knows you are a dog, but a man to speak conscience, sincere treatment, in the real world is like this, in the virtual environment of the network, should also be the moral bottom line of our webmaster. In my mind, netrose such station, CMS is a good example; and the moon is the blog, independent blog example. Even if we don’t like tea professional dedication, no moon, but their spirit is worth learning, also can imitate. No matter how much money the garbage dump makes, I don’t envy it

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