Website promotion no skills originality and uniqueness is the key

website promotion has been a hot topic, if a website is better and can not get the promotion, it is also a waste station. About the website promotion method is varied, what Baidu promotion, Google promotion, BBS promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion and so on. It’s undeniable that these methods do give your website a certain effect, but relatively speaking, this effect is minimal. There have been many such articles on the web, which teach you that if you do this or that, you can bring more than N of traffic to the site. Is that the case? I have seen many websites mentioned above promotion are done, but the content of the website is unchanged for thousands of years, the site has no unique. Although it can be hard to do in a variety of ways to promote, but the website traffic is still less so poor.

in fact, there is no trick in promoting your website. The only way to speed up your website is to put in a lot of money and advertise everywhere. There’s no way to make your website quickly available. Some people may say " "event hype promotion" can quickly improve site traffic, on the surface is such that a successful event planning can bring to the site in a moment of high traffic, but the traffic is not permanent, unless you can launch a continuous event, there is a a premise is that your head is Everfount speculation planning, otherwise only a high cost please. This is planned, many owners can not afford.

Now many webmaster keen on

called SEO, but you can clearly know is that there are several sites of SEO alone can make the world famous website, no.SEO seems to have so little sense, so if it is really so simple, as long as we are learning SEO, that not all sites can be extended success, but it really is on the success of the SEO website? All of the above promotion methods can be done by everyone. Does that mean that website promotion is very simple, and if you think so, you are wrong.

if you have no money, so clearly tell you that the website promotion is no shortcut, only get the job site, of course the promotion or can be appropriate to do. But the most important way to promote the site itself in fact.

original and unique is the key! It looks easy, but it’s the hardest because it’s hard to learn. This will do well, first website creative conception is novel and unique, enrich the content of the original, as the machinery industry resource site does not stick to the current popular network on a simple trading platform mode, pay more attention to product data collection, this is precisely its unique. If this station becomes a mere formality, it can be concluded that there is no room for development. Product information is complete information is the best original, and now basically all of the product display site is only a product of the appearance of pictures and some simple text introduction, and >

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