Talking about how to manage the station station

Chinese desperately too hard, but also can earn money, think of a good click 2 cents, but the price generally higher than foreign CPC China, even as it is also 0.2 dollars, 6.7 times at the same time, western countries represented by the United States, the network has deep into the family, CPA, popular CPS advertising model, it is easy to extend, we may wish to look at home and relax a little, network management becomes more and more severe form, you can try to do some English station here, I do English with little experience, to explore a English station especially do station group model to make money.

one, space and domain name

English station, do not expect the domestic IP, domestic IP in English site quality is very low, the conversion rate is almost zero, since the English station to Europe’s IP to attract, so in the choice of space, try to use the space, the space speed, price IP super cheap. Do English station especially station group, must use independent IP, possibly a station of a IP, if you do more than 200 stations, 1 IP decentralized 4~5 sites, but these stations do not interconnect.

for the domain name, do station group, the domain name registration information is not the same, domain name registration information including all name, mailbox, contact, address, etc., the more the same as possible. Any of the same information will be known by the search engines and will cause domain names to be associated.

two, program selection

English station, as a small webmaster, did not consider the program with the WORDPRESS blog program, easy to use, more particularly a variety of templates, plug-in, all sorts of strange things have, suitable for various forms of the site, of course, we say the garbage station, also did not need to choose we are not familiar with foreign CMS, simple WP is our first choice.

three, site content

this is our headache, many people may say I utterly ignorant of the text of E, see ABC made, really good, but we can use the tools. For example, we do a weight loss keywords of the station, you can go to GOOGLE (do English station cannot depend on BAIDU FREE (ARTICLES) search free articles), it is some free articles, these articles are some experts to write the soft, white truth like A5, CHINAZ the article, these articles and search on the WEIGHT LOSS article, out of a lot, never mind, he didn’t even have to look directly down, COPY, and this is the time to skills, not COPY down directly to your blog, this copy article of no value, we need to do is false how original, pseudo original, here are some simple methods:


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