Simple generous and convenient contact is the best browsing experience

haven’t written anything about the Internet for a long time. Today, a whim, suddenly feel some words to say, then here to talk about their recent period of experience for the user experience. For the user experience of the Internet, it can be roughly divided into "search experience" and "browsing experience"". Plainly, the user’s browsing experience. Simple point of view, the user can quickly find your site, browse the cool, bad, to see your website pleasing to the eye, this is the most intuitive experience.

search experience, and SEO/SEM have a lot to do with. Which involves, but also a pool of muddy water, including title description, writing, keyword frequency and other eye effects, and more than one can not tell. So here’s the simple, simple tone of the user’s browsing experience.

What is the most important thing for

users to find you through a search engine? Get contact information. Because the search engine filters, users become more targeted. Therefore, conspicuous contact is particularly important for customers. And in this case, website design must appear simple, appropriate. Don’t need too many garish things. As some people add background music, big FLASH, and even video information to the site, how many customers actually listen and see? Of course, the main intention here is not this.

itself has a stand, a simple, pure, static page. The main keywords in the Google rankings are in the top few. Every day to consult the relevant business people more, many people take the trouble to be lazy, then as far as possible on a single screen shows all relevant content and contact information for some common problems in price, mode of payment and users need to ask, especially add the hyperlink: guide customers to buy please click here for details and payment standards… If you have any questions, please check the

at XXX

did not expect users to take the trouble to ask these questions again and again. After several changes, I have to do it at last. Later, I asked a lot of customers, written above clearly, why do not you look at yourself? People replied: "too lazy to look, I still like to ask,"


in fact, such things, according to psychological analysis is normal. If I buy something, do I feel that after consulting, I feel a little more dependable? Just like the martial arts rumor, "be sure and be sure,


then summed up some of the different experiences: the PV value is high, and your turnover rate is not necessarily high. So, the time that the user stays on your website is not enough to prove that your website has a good enough user experience. Because the longer you stay on your site, the less likely you will be to buy. Why do you say so? There are mainly some of the following feelings:

1, check the more relevant information, indicating that there are two possible, first, this person just holding a look at the understanding of the mentality. Second, the man is very critical and must know what he knows before he can build

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