Platform selection is important 30 days 25 articles and 60W readings

introduction: there are many Internet platforms, and when everyone gets together with WeChat, there are other ways to compete in a relatively weak platform, and also can achieve some success. Do not hold tightly to their website, that a little bit of poor traffic, the Internet world is very large, many platforms can create value. For example, the case to be shared today.

long ago heard some expert to get ten million click in the headlines today sent the article to Qiazhiyisuan, this is my blog to fuck a year of arrival data. At that time still hold back one half believe and half doubt attitude, his brother set sail on the green background data screenshot sent to me, this is really a letter:


(data up to July 10, 2014)

green brother less garish operation, find a good platform from the media after he performed. At present, playing today’s headlines less than a month’s time, a total of 25 articles sent, a total of 60W reading amount. How did he do it? What’s the effect? What’s the connection with the WeChat fans?

let’s not say anything else. Let’s take a look at what he’s done in a week. There are only 5 articles, but there are 730 thousand displays and 120 thousand readings. Here’s the picture:


, that’s the real value of mobile Internet, and it’s no wonder that today’s headlines will be hit:




released a popular, exclusive and popular information, not only received a small series of recognition, will get readers, you can see, there are a lot of comments are called small, as shown below, it is important to choose a topic.


you can see the article below, will leave a small series of micro signals (today’s headlines can not leave WeChat two-dimensional code picture, but you can leave the text of the micro signal). People who are interested in micro signals will take the initiative. The advantage is that people who can take the initiative to add micro signals must be accurate users.


this friend is only 7 days old, only one week, and only 5 articles. WeChat users with 300+. On average, each article can attract 60 WeChat fans. Do you think there are any other channels that can be so efficient,


but we should pay attention to, their WeChat account is the geographical restrictions, (Guangzhou, Zengcheng, a friend said: the three areas of Shenzhen for Zengcheng, chowhound, you have.

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