Young webmaster road with new friends to share

1998, my first contact with a computer, I know, computer games can play the machine (as if many people are starting from the game).

2000, I will be typing, began to follow the "" learning to do "smoothly, then learn is FrontPage2000," think this thing is easy and interesting (in fact I do love "feel open the page file quickly, and open the Word speed is very slow). But at that time can not access the Internet, but also because of how to let others see their web pages and troubled for a long time, now think of it, I was really "smart"!


in 2001, after the home computer access to the Internet, still do not understand how to publish the website, I did not know how many times the function of the FrontPage publishing website has been researched, and it has no result (because there is no server). At that time think, forget it, learn more advanced Dreamweaver 4, perhaps there is an answer. Just follow smoothly learned Dreamweaver 4, the feeling is great! It was love form function, try to submit the form on the HTML page, use the database did not think anything like that, just want to make a website has the function of message, a message to the content sent to my mailbox can. At that time, always feel that this function is very simple, but the Internet has been looking for a long time, there is no solution. (it was really a server problem that bothered me. I didn’t break the localhost limit.)

2002, applied for a Sina home 100 mailbox, this mailbox is a personal homepage space, and support online upload (when looking for support online upload, because they do not know what it is FTP), so the first site is made (like ispeach network, the specific content of forget).

2003, because the country executes ICP big rectify, the website that does not have record all is shut. My site is here, too. I always thought ICP cards were hard to get, so I went back to localhost.

2004, easy to find things in free space, for the primary school students together formed the "cool Lee family" to build a website, this is my first real static website is formed, and everyone else, from the beginning of the template.

in 2005, contact with the mobile network forum program, then feel very curious, using the mobile network forum, this program can do a post forum program, so the program began to study. Download finished, immediately unzip, open look, [???] (omitted here a question mark), how each file can open the browser? How all file download? I am looking for someone to ask around for a long time, the original is not directly in the local server, open (I was a bit silly.). Then I learned how to do it with IIS for a long time

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