Web form design an optimization proposal on the QQ mailbox registration process


recently studied the design of web forms and gained a lot. We have been dealing with a variety of forms since we came into contact with the Internet. They are everywhere and add a lot of unnecessary worry to us. But with the passage of time, the majority of Internet users is difficult to use but waking form has produced a habit, even if the process is not good experience, will not be issued opposition, continue to study.

, however, with the rise of e-commerce, the importance of the form design and on a level, because a lot of the electricity supplier website has been aware of the form’s experience is not good, you may lose is ready to pay customers.

went through the QQ mailbox registry today, and although the form itself has a lot of advantages and a clean interface, it still picks a lot of bones out of the eggs.


says anything, let’s say something about it, though it’s not that important.


interface is clear and clean, with no interference at all,


tag is justified by right, with a completion rate of

has answers, fill in prompts, instant feedback, instant help, and an immediate check of some input boxes

provides error avoidance mechanism

Ps: in fact, there are many advantages, but the following is more important, the following picture is the overall interface screenshot,


1. friendly

although this is a serious registration process, it would be better to add a little more friendly elements.

, for example:

controls are slightly embellished and not rectangular from top to bottom;

adds a lighter cool background color;


question is replaced by a more well meaning and trustworthy language;

The length of the

2. input box

The length of the

input box should be consistent with the length of the answer, thus avoiding confusion.


user question: will I not register successfully because of the length of my nickname?

3. asks questions that need to be answered immediately? If not, delete,

this is a very important standard check, came to the user interface, the only purpose is to quickly and successfully registered, so the more problems, the more doubts let user generated, the greater the possibility of user quit.


user questions: >

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