Who will protect the rights of the owners of a sleepless night in 2009

when the 2 packs of cigarettes on the table were left last, all the problems were solved. The day was bright, and there was another sleepless night in 2009. For the website, I was heartbroken. Yesterday, the future of Kyushu, Beijing, where the computer room closed, resulting in my 2 sites can not open, the data can not be downloaded, so that I once again felt the last winter of the Internet invasion. This time I came here so suddenly, I was a little taken by surprise. The "Beijing Fibrlink" (reports) serious incident, we are a group of innocent victims. 2 legitimate sites on the server in Beijing, one of which is an independent IP space, the early use of fairly satisfactory, I did not expect this time is so serious. Well, I backed up the last data in December 5th, and thankfully, the disconnection didn’t affect my customers, but my own 2 websites were affected. The only thing I worry about is that the site suddenly can not open, hard to do optimization ranking, will disappear?. As a result, I was lucky that the rankings didn’t go down, but they went up. Now, our two websites have ranked one by one. Thanks to Baidu, thank you for not giving me any punishment for this short break in the network, but it gives me a little comfort.

the Internet recent renovation campaign, communication department in charge of the so-called filing, audit, investigation, really for the illegal jurisprudence site governance effect did not see how much more is involved, some legitimate website owners, most hurt or the webmaster, hard business site suddenly one day because of illegal information the national investigation room, registrar by the attack, or the server was shut down the bad luck, this "gates of fire, adverse impacts of the practice is unfair to the webmaster, who can maintain the rights and interests of individual owners? Is the space business, domain name provider or national communications authority


again said the most stringent record now under investigation, the record is a legitimate Web site owners have to do the work, in order to cooperate with the state of Internet pornography on the Internet regulation and convenient management, each of our owners have the responsibility and obligation to actively cooperate with the review of the filing. However, instead of checking the surface of the attention of the record, the work can not be national regulations, delays and neglect, and delay the waste of our webmaster time. Do not say first record information that is very bad, the operation is very time-consuming, said one communications authority for filing of no neglect of duty is not responsible for, will affect the number of lawful website normal filing work. We take the Anhui Provincial Communications Authority, I have a website for the record submitted 2 months, taking early intervention also approved, poor communication bureau last through trial, didn’t let me wait so long time, each landing system to view the record results, it has been to display the audit bureau of communications. I later found the office of the communications administration of Anhui province responsible for filing the office telephone: 0551-5680622, played N times, did not get through, or is playing

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