Understand the reasons for the failure of website operation and avoid the risk of network start ups

has over 2012 things that vanishes in a flash, the lunar new year, in the joy of new year has not fully receded when many grassroots Adsense has been on the Internet, has opened a new year’s journey! Our forefathers, if not forgotten, before the start of the Internet business it is necessary to analyze the reasons of the failure before a lot of business the only fully aware of these reasons, can let oneself in the future in the business, avoid these similar risks, the author will give everyone with meager, summed up the reasons for the following five point website operation failed! > one: follow the trend is a stumbling block to success

seems to follow the trend of human nature, and the nature, and in our country who manifests especially full time to return to a year ago, the wave of looting salt also visible before the eyes, the follow the lead of the consequences are extremely terrible, also in the website operation, follow the trend of nature became successful taboo, such as now the group purchase station, local portal station and so on, there are a lot of the trend of the phenomenon, in front of a large number of follow the trend, can succeed only a few, and most of these a few people, has become a ladder, help a few people boarded the pinnacle of success


two: ignore promotion, website construction success is not equal to operation success

wine is also afraid of deep alley, in the world of the Internet, even more so, so after the success of the construction site, the promotion is definitely not, but can really improve the promotion and very few, why? A no time, on the other hand, have what experience and resources, of course there is a lot of the webmaster want to bite a fat, and webmaster naive to think that, after the construction site success is waiting for the money, so in the promotion, almost no what as, while ignoring the promotion, is sentenced to death penalty


three: cheap, fun mentality in the operation of the site


sites are still using the free space and the two level domain name, because it is free, it is easy to site operators don’t put in the mind, but also because it is free, showing a wanpiao attitude in the mind, but the website operation takes the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body. If there is no long-term business, there is no way to compete with others! Even if you carefully operating the website, but because you covet cheap, once these free space and domain name is back, your site will be closed before you work only

cast to the wind!

four: No, hold on,

many webmaster in website operation before, would have said, you must stick to it, make sure the website profit, but when he insisted for months, even half a year later, they found their own websites and building up the site seems to be just two, the only difference is rich in content, so the operation of the site slowly lose confidence, and finally began to give up, some grassroots webmaster began to think of ways to change the words, but the ending is another.

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