Stationmaster to website revision please be careful


recently heard a friend’s website and revision, then heard the news on the site be startled at, because the operators still have a certain visibility and popularity in Shenzhen, at the end of last year just to a version of the past, less than half a year but also how to change it? Necessary? His answer is that this is because the company’s business model has changed, so to change, and this will completely change, even the domain name changed. Actually, I don’t doubt whether their team can change the website. I’m just thinking, is that really necessary,


Yuan Yong knows there is a recruitment website, in 2005 was in the top ten, is one of the best in individual regions, but a website is so large, to 06 years to every change a version of website to fall down a level, now not to say, why? That is because many of the details not revised after consideration, let the site lost user experience, let users can not find the direction, for example, the old members can’t login website, the new system slow or unable to open, individual function module error, users accustomed to the old version and not adapt to the new and so on, these problems may seem can make up for little or immediately after the discovery, but the user is a very serious, but if there is two times three times is often fatal! Especially when the Internet now. The competition is so fierce that users have many choices, and if we don’t give them the best user experience, they choose to vote with their feet.

This website is my friend

often concern, I found that almost all of them also have a new year, I do not know what they are according to the revision, they may also do some research, but I think they each revision once I feel bad, why? Because when I started to be when the login box is the one on the left, next time you change to the right, I was looking for a long time, and then the navigation content also changed, I once was familiar with the whole structure into a new, it makes me very not adapt to. Of course, you can say that after the revision will make me feel more comfortable, the user experience better, more powerful, but have you considered my habit? I have been accustomed to the position and the function you arranged for me to start, have been accustomed to the website color and layout, have been accustomed to use now, you suddenly changed, as if I came to a strange place, it makes me uncomfortable, so sorry, if I can not adapt, then had to choose to "jump".

really need to change it? Really must change it? Please be careful! Do the original article reprint, please keep the link: Yuan Yong marketing planning blog

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