My comments on this day have come again

            (1) on this blog today, see two comments.

one: I’m your mom, B,

one: Witkey, does it matter to you? When the birth of Witkey Baba did not happen to you?.

for more than a year, I’ve done a lot of site planning. Received many comments or messages, both positive and negative are quite a lot.

(2) I am very happy, so many friends have been paying attention to me, so many friends are encouraging me. All along, there are many friends and my QQ contact me, but also a lot of friends doubt me, plus my QQ.

took the case of Witkey, and it was one of my starting points. I learned to work, understand and humility……

is now a success, because Liu always left me the last word: the network needs to play. At first I couldn’t understand it, for a long, long time. From last week, I understand. A man needs to learn, and he who has an open mind can make progress. Many people would say "humble makes progress", but there is no real perception.

(3) from the major hotels, Ctrip to win in China, and then to teach me with Zhang Hua. If you do not have an open mind, you can not go farther, or non higher. For some time, I gradually feel that the QQ network friends are slowly divided into two. One is the mutual learning mutual exchange of friends, one with suspicion or despise the eyes of friends; the mutual exchange of learning friends, most of the top companies, the other part of the newly graduated or just engaged in this industry not long time friend. My

(4) yesterday, a friend added me QQ, chatted to SEO. Said very well, how can I put a word on the GOOGLE home first. I said he was great. Then I said I cheated on the Internet and said I was doing something fake. I asked him what the word "SEO" was and the word was "SEO"


Geng always reminds me, grasp the key, grasp the key. If there is a direction, the focus is on the mark, there won’t be too much deviation. Always remember the experience of your forefathers and teach you. Optimization is trying to make the site as reasonable as possible, not how it can be done. Today, I don’t talk about technical matters, so I don’t know the word "try".


(5) I like people who criticize me, laugh at me, despise me, countless people. But I know I am a wise man, for only wise men know that there are many more intelligent people in the world than myself. Judge yourself from the criticism, and know yourself by taking the laughter. You only know yourself when someone criticizes you.

(6) what is entity planning? What is network planning? What is website planning? What are the essential areas between them?

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