Only unexpected can not do good products good way to carefully find

"now what products sell well?" asked one of the friends at the forum.


"now what products sell well?" online search many people,

indeed, "good products" is the foundation of all marketing, in "network marketing of actual combat password" in the book, ZAC took it as a "network marketing profit three things" of the "first thing", especially emphasized.

everyone wants to have a "good product", but the question is, where exactly can a good product be found?

sure, "good products" ask others is asked not to come out, if I really have a good product, I stupid ah! Will say to you online, I have not muffled fortune? You just wait!

and similar "web site 1 days to do 1 thousand IP, 7 days to do 10 thousand IP, earn thousands of months to tens of thousands, want to learn speed contact QQ*****" overnight wealth information, on the network is overwhelming, you dare believe


ten thousand steps back, there is really some published "good products online" (skills or useful information, but the actual method) due to network information disclosure, immediately these methods becomes known to all the basic knowledge (or basic skills), fierce competition, finally returned to the conventional model to fight competition resources and funds to fight the natural effect greatly weakened. If indiscriminately on the horse, so that "good products" (practical skills), for some Wangzhuan or small and medium enterprises, and may even become "the last straw".

Take SEO

, Baidu K is standing in the rain SEO forum, SEO a lot of people continue to criticize rain SEO, they really justified criticism. But also can not be ignored is the fact that at the time the rain SEO is indeed on the black hat SEO method "N garbage chain", enhance their website search engine rankings, but also pocketed the money with the eyeball.

On the "

SEO" cheat "definition, the Baidu search engine to guide 2" said: "the definition of the basic law, is the behavior of the flood, it will affect the search system, ultimately hurt the user’s search experience".

is based on the behavior of the flood ", in SEO, in SEO years of work, I summarized many effective SEO small skills, he can’t open, once open second days, everyone (including himself) are not used.

therefore, looking for a good product (skills useful method) "have to rely on their own hard to find, in fact, every time this time people have special needs, but if you can focus on vision, intentions to keen to find such opportunities, then use their own very > exhaust all the skills.

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