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2014 June, today’s headlines installed capacity has been 200 million, 20 million active users over the day. After financing $100 million, the valuation has reached $500 million, the next round of financing will be valued at more than 1 billion U.S. dollars. "Today’s headlines rapid development, pinning more people’s hope, it is necessary to more long-term plans to arrange things, to be more careful." Zhang Yiming said, "after $100 million, we don’t need anything we come for."".

Zhang Yiming, the founder of today’s headlines this year he declare in no uncertain terms great success achieved. "In this wave of mobile Internet Co, whether it is user size, user stay, product data, or team, revenue growth, very few can compare with us."."

today’s headlines APP installed capacity has been 200 million, 20 million active users over the day, profits rapid growth, insider said, today’s headlines monthly revenue of about 30 million yuan. The statistical results of different comprehensive third party organization, today’s headlines in 2014 has been in the news APP the first three positions (from "speed transit Institute" and "enfodesk" and other agencies report, the main basis for download installed and active users).

at the beginning of June this year, today’s headlines financing $100 million, $500 million valuation. Previously, the name of Zhang Yiming is known for its fresh, I also quite low-key, rarely interviewed by the media, to concentrate on doing the "get exciting products" (see 6 monthly "entrepreneurs" magazine 2014 cover article "the era of mobile predators"), only occasionally "I want to eat the most food in WeChat circle of friends," seven ball "in the beans, fresh energy and seven days without eating or sleeping", "finally in twelve before going home, today to sleep like the news.

after the announcement of the above financing, "today’s headlines" and "the first day" has become the hot words of various media platforms, and triggered a heated discussion in the industry. Zhang and his products have been questioned and attacked by some people: some media have denounced the headlines in the form of editorials, conferences and so on, and even sued them. The national copyright administration also made an investigation into today’s headlines, but it did not have a material impact on the product: it did not constitute infringement.

regardless of the volume of the company, product influence, or user size, cash income and so on, today’s headlines more than half a year ago, valued at $500 million, have had a great growth. Huaxing capital partners, director general manager, TMT industry director Du Yongbo on the "entrepreneurs" said, "if the moment it do a round of financing, the market may be able to give it to the $1 billion level."

"I hope it should be more than that," he said. "I don’t really know what the valuation is. After $100 million, we’ll all say we don’t need it."."

, in Zhang Yiming’s view, was valued at $1 billion, although today is no longer the ultimate goal of a company

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