Reform is innovation or lack of power can Witkey continue to develop

pig is a famous Witkey website, I think this is obvious, from Witkey manager data show that at present the industry’s ninety percent Witkey task reward from the pig, pig Witkey in the visible position of the whole industry. But we don’t think my pig asked, because I write this article today, not Kuawei guest website, but to explain the short board and the development of Witkey website operation at present disadvantage.

because some friends bought Witkey templates some time ago, thinking that they also do a Witkey website to play, during which they also use micro-blog marketing, event marketing, but the effect is not obvious. Although this is related to their overall operational thinking, but from another point of view, perhaps the whole operation of Witkey industry has come to an end. In addition to the recent changes in the pursuit of innovation, it has also highlighted the pale of the industry.

affiliate advertising

all along, the pig has not been used advertising, this I can be sure, because in the early days, the pig, the entire layout is full of tasks and task flow, and recently each page pig has gradually appeared in the Baidu alliance, poly effective advertising, Taobao windows promotion platform, it seems the pig really good use of your traffic.

behind the embarrassment: from July 2012 onwards, the overall amount of bid Witkey industry task can decline, participate in the promotion of the main responsibility for less, the pig natural weak performance in terms of profitability, and the use of advertising alliance can be said to be upset, since there is no enough attention to the customer, then a large flow cannot be wasted right, then use the union advertising traffic aggregation became reform measures of pig, and this move also underscores the pig in a single profit.


began recruiting honest members of

from January 24, 2012 onwards, the pig Witkey formally to grade 3 above Witkey invitation, supervision system recruitment of them volunteers to participate in the manuscript, if found the manuscript exists the phenomenon of operation, you can report if the number must be affirmed, then the winning manuscript will fail, bonuses will be remaining outstanding the manuscript.


behind embarrassment: bidders strong, weak bidders situation I think every Witkey website headache, and decreased with the number of bidding and frequent complaints, Witkey entire industry trend, so the pig westerly, at this time the formal bidding environment, not just to see Witkey the more is for customers to see, it conveys a signal that the pig Witkey environment must be the most fair, there is conducive to brand survival, but behind the implementation of the measures can be seen in the integrity of the environment on Witkey website

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