said a few words for the program maker

had a bit of a contradiction with the client at night. The reason for my unilateral view, first, the customer’s own requirements are not clear, before production can not speak clearly, and after the completion of the request to add something. Second, customers do not understand the program itself, some requirements are unreasonable.

I this person is still relatively heavy friendship, customers in the early days of production have also sent half can not use the program, and address each other as brothers. As a result, I found a small problem, it began to involve my personality, involved, so that I can not lift in 286, in the ADMIN5 can not lift. So I was infuriated and decided not to provide him with any extra service in any case. I said a word to him that I should do, do a lot, do what I should not do, and never do it, especially for you.

is not what I say after the event, things are flawed, no one can avoid, some small things can be added free of charge, but it is really angry to say such a thing. To say that 286 and ADMIN5 have launched a liar reporting service, I am glad to have no name, but also very much in favor of let you know some of the liar’s face. However, who has heard that 286 and ADMIN5 launched the report bad customer service? Has endured for a long time, people always say that this is a liar, liar, regardless of the size of the problem is what reason, say someone is a liar, I think this information is not 286 and ADMIN5 should strictly audit

?Should the

be reviewed and unaudited in front of the title? That’s sloppy. Each do stand, all like to figure Wang intermediary, because the network intermediary can fully protect their interests. Who will protect the interests of the template maker,


when disputes arise, the solution is always around to do station’s benefits, whenever they have any objection, we cannot avoid these producers to get the money, or is defined as the service is not good, or a liar. Who knows whether it is the customer’s problem or the producer’s problem? We don’t lack a few agency fees. Besides, a lot of the time the producer pays the money, so he can safeguard the interests of the other party. Why should we?


, brother Wang, don’t be angry. This Taobao has almost the same way and has some disadvantages. Keep on talking about me. All the producers, I suggest that don’t appear cabbage price competition, do not appear in the behavior of migrant workers, we combined with other low-cost, boycott, boycott rogue clients, their rights and interests to safeguard our rights and interests, but also to maintain the


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