Four must be targeted fun Taobao activities registration

This is not the first time that

activity has been discussed. Most sellers complain that it’s not easy to sign up for an event, but the effect is not obvious. Today, we do not talk about the vernacular, directly explain the practical application of raiders. Sign up for Taobao activities, grab four must!



first: you must find the platform

what platform is a reliable platform, no doubt, we all feel that Taobao’s official activities are the best effect, the credibility is relatively high, ample flow. For example, Juhuasuan, daily specials and other official activities, conditional sellers as long as the registration requirements to submit, baby will generally pass, and the effect is good.

for the station platform? For example, to push the network is currently the only company in multi platform and platform based on active sellers aggregation sites, although sellers easily won numerous activities of resources, but there are so many activities to push home service providers, where a suitable for their own



here push Kazakhstan network, for everyone to make a small proposal, with third party tools to determine the activities of the site traffic. Commonly used webmaster tools, such as webmaster tools, love stations, nets, etc., have integrated query function. Sellers only need to enter the site, you can check the website keywords, traffic information, collection status. As the figure above shows, the daily volume of traffic shows that the seller can determine the traffic status of the site and determine whether to participate in the relevant activities of the site.


must be explicitly requestedWhat

calls a clear aim is to have a purpose to act on. If even the requirements are not clear, how can you ensure that you sign up for the goods will pass the audit? Many sellers often complain, ask for so long, how to see ah… I ask you a question, Taobao official activities not short? Where do you find the patience to watch it? In fact is not written, you finished, naturally do not need a platform to consult customer service activities. If everyone asks customer service again and again, there will be no more customer service. Seriously read the activities requirements, but also responsible for the activities of the least respect!



activities requirements are the whole event notes and registration process prompt content, can help applicants quickly sign up to participate in activities, convenient for yourself, also facilitate customer service fast review. Must be clear requirements, targeted, or a waste of time to sign up, not in vain.

third: commodity selection must be done

many sellers always have a misunderstanding, feel that registration activities are sold out of activities, see if you can sell a little out. This is not the correct way to sign up!

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