A newbie share don’t be overly superstitious about self help chains

access to the Internet for more than 10 years, the middle or even with a few small, prompted by a sudden impulse, but due to lack of patience and adhere to the professional, not a few days aside. This was finally determined to do their own things, and consciously to classified information industry knowledge, so the fiddle out of a professional and non professional title classification information network (the network, title is quite provocative, blind crunching, experts please mind don’t blame, hehe). Out of their own non professional identity, so think of yourself as a novice, in the station, especially in the process of promotion, some of their own ideas, I hope to share with you, and common exchanges.

built the station, you need to promote. Although I belong to non professionals, but also know the importance of the chain, so began to seek exchange links everywhere. But because it is a new station, no traffic, no two PR (here the small vent, PR seems to be in a chain of the standard threshold), found ten stations have nine unwilling (lack of confidence, I won’t be looking for natural station and the old station). In this process, a new thing I have never heard before breaks into my vision the self-help chain.

I look at East West look, think this stuff is reliable. High traffic, high PR, and submit links to many sites, especially in Baidu ranked first (so, search engine this thing, after all, is not a person, can not distinguish good or bad). So I decided to "submit my links and get someone else to order."".

after doing self-help chain, I pay great attention to maintenance, at least eight times a day have to order ten times (do not say it? New points into the first row, points into more, but also color display). Each time point after looking at the first row of their links to heart.

but dreams are dreams. Reality is always cruel. Fortunately, I don’t have the habit of superstitious about something, so I pay more attention to monitoring the flow of the website. Join self-help chain, traffic statistics every day I see a few sites, through the background analysis, found that half a month only occasional 1, 2 inbound click from self-help chain (a person suspected of self-help chain owners in the patrol million), even the shadow see flow No.


had questions, I used the webmaster tool to check my friend’s chain. I click on the first link of self-help chain links, so I can stand in the first row (although with the brush, the other link station cannot guarantee has been ranked first, but at least I can guarantee that the station is in the ranks of the link). Then use the webmaster tools to imitate the spider on the chain of friends to check (webmaster tools can go to Baidu, Chinaz and A5 have provided), but the result makes me feel more surprised – the other party does not have my link!


the other page shows my link, but webmaster tools can’t detect it. What happened? Just when I couldn’t think of it, I saw some of the webmaster’s experiences on the Internet

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