Each site should have its own name

            a look at the title, there may be a lot of people lost the desire to click, think that this is nonsense, which site does not have a name? And click here to read the article, Congratulations, I guarantee you will benefit from it.

          walk in the street, when suddenly someone shouted a man or woman, I believe there will be a lot of people look at the direction of the sound, but apparently hotties is not called their names, but why do they have reaction? Because these two words are used more.

            with the same on the website, because now the network user is too dependent on the engine, the engine for the big station station sent huge traffic, so the owners hope that every word in the user input in the engine is in the "call" themselves, so their words are added to the website of the < title>, but it cannot be used as the name of the site, as when someone shouted hotties in the street, when you go back and find their response just wishful thinking, you will miss what was called out your name, so each a site should have its own name, the one and only.

            hao123; today, no one will be in order not to know the name of a website and hao123, but the traffic is still huge, what is the reason? Not hao123 can bring what they want, but they get used to hao123. I’ve seen a lot of people on hao123 just to use the Baidu search box on it. You said they wouldn’t hit Baidu on hao123? What does this have to do with the name of the website? We see.

              the words written into < title> there is nothing but to let users search engine keywords to find you, bring you flow, but the competition is so fierce, how can you make your engine will appear on the first page? If you say you can, and always can, then I can only say, you cattle X. If not, your website needs to have its own brand, its own unique name.


if there is good webmaster will find that even if the first row of your keywords, after N months, is likely to enter their own web site traffic does not have a very big growth engine to flow or so much. Would you like to have, thousands of new users from the engine over every day, don’t look back? In fact, you may have already accumulated many sincere users, but they go to site the way you are through the search engine, why.

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