Enterprise site how to write original

understand the enterprise site, write the original, you need to understand how search engine to judge the original,


first, after your web spider has crawled over, then the spider found that your web site’s article never existed in his index database, so the cup was considered original. But you can find that is not fair. If your website weight is relatively low, so the weight high website reprint your article, so a relatively high weight of the website to obtain the original probability is bigger than you


understand the spider, and then go to understand their own enterprise site.

, in fact, the enterprise site is more difficult to obtain original, because the enterprise itself because of less, and if it is relatively remote industry, then the industry news is even less. So the content is more difficult to describe. But you don’t have to be discouraged.

original is also very important in the industry website, but how to get them? This is a knowledge point.

1, you can try to write some of your own experience in the industry, this is a good way, and can be widely spread, for you to get more external links.

2, go to some books, shops inside, to look at some of their own experience in the industry. Call me if you have any time. This is the standard original.

3, go to some small websites to find above, because the weight is relatively low, so the search engine may not find so careful. (taking advantage of what I said at the start of the engine.)

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