Local forum localization enhance popularity experience sharing


forum is now very popular, I in the DZ plus Jiangxi forum webmaster have hundreds of people, basically each county has more than three forums, this is just a part of it, because the forum to establish a simple, easy to copy after the forum will be more and more, in fact, it is really a forum mood is how much? It is impossible to estimate the profit. I am an ordinary webmaster, I was in Yichun last year after the first half net to create a forum (Yichun forum also set up after a year I felt study, to enhance the popularity of localization forum have a preliminary idea, like some of the available methods now available to do the webmaster forum together study.

, the integration of resources to create


is now the establishment of the grassroots, in fact personal resources are not abundant, but vigorous, the final result is not popular, half-dead forum. Most of the traffic or master in the local news station in Hong Kong Information Forum, suggested here several webmaster interested (basically every county has three or four people, forum) to select the best domain name together to create a more powerful forum, real integration of various resources, the opponent made partner.

two, free advertising attracts attention,

many webmaster can communicate with each other, stop how much profit, we actually have to consider why people would be profitable, as a local forum is very important profit point is local businesses, but also the most difficult, want to call the business from his pocket money on advertising is difficult, but your advertising is free it is not the same, find your contact phone, QQ estimates will continue, although you have to think about now is free, but your advertising objects are attracted to you, now all Yichun forum advertising is free, the effect is also good, such as your forum a little popularity, want to engage in activities, want to be an ad is not a crowd.

three and DM ads help you promote

Now many city

have DM advertising, we have a small town, some businesses are advertising on advertising and the classification of such information, and the issue is not small (we Yichun city in a period of circulation is 10000 copies). The first one can cooperate with them, with all your forum, responsible for online, they are responsible for the line; second strokes and they exchange or purchase their advertising, now DM advertising, price is not high, if the free exchange of better; third share their information, their advertising on the phone number all down then, SMS, remember that advertising is the target user, and your forum advertising is free.

four, QQ group allows you to organize activities increased viscosity


organization is an important forum to enhance the activities under the line form, the place now is a popular QQ group, places to find dozens of QQ group can find many of them casually, the viscosity is very high, as long as you can use your resources to fix him, in the name of some forum organizing activities are.

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