Local portal website just started experience and experience

We all know that

is a local portal, where (the province can be, can be, can also be a county) website, as we all know, many Admin5 users have said, do not do the information website, I agree, is mainly to information, can help visitors find the information he needs, such as rent a house through an intermediary to find the fee. Ha-ha。 Making friends, second-hand, etc.. The main thing is to make it easier for publishers to publish, and browsers to find publishers directly. If there is something more entertaining on the website, such as forums, communities, and so on, questions and answers are also good choices. Mainly network publishers, visitors direct communication. We are spectators, ha ha.

said so much, and really started when the station, the prospective webmaster, seems to be confused. Because now many places in the market portal program, do not know what to use, and which are better. Therefore, we must choose good, I was confused before, the following is my sense of the use of a few places after the door.

1, ocean marine classification information classification information of my company is to buy the genuine program, for a start, I’m going to do with the ocean, not the ocean is not admitted, before doing very well, but with the rise of the portal new places, slowly feel the ocean in many places not mature. The layout is not good-looking, although the ocean in the full change, but how is so perfect. No station static technology, no pseudo static technology.

2 and 163K 163K as we all know, advertising is also very fire, this program is good, pseudo static technology is very powerful, like Baidu love this program, I was a friend to me the cracked version, I’ll upload a modified LOGO content basically is still giving me the procedure, it is a busy few days, not he. By chance, site a day, Baidu included 1200, and emphasize the recruitment of this piece, I did not add any information, you can add so many articles, I do not quite clear what the situation. There is 163K, easy to operate, basically, the background can operate anything, very powerful. But there are disadvantages, not open source. There is no custom tag, and the acquisition function is weak, of course, for the station bigger, then there is no need to collect. But the webmaster, the most distressed is no information, add their own manual words, how tired, we all know. So I finally gave up 163K.

3, net net or good local portal CMS system, the first open source ASP (in fact, I will only ASP), it will be convenient for beginners to use. Such revision is very convenient, I chose the network, and how you try to know, I will not say more, say more, advertising is


is the next operation, the operation we have seen many Admin5 above the enthusiasm of users post, I will not say more, but I have to say, personal thoughts, many owners are concerned, Baidu, G>

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